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OP, as long as "Jr." isn't attached to that, I think you're fine.


gimme fuel gimme fire gimme that which I desire

yep they're definitely fucking

This seems an odd spot to quote Metallica... Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, that would seem a bit more appropriate.

So, what proof do you have they are fucking?

you know why she named the kid after him? because it's his.

how common is his name

there's never a wrong time to quote metallica

Burrning haard loose and cleeaaan

metallics sucks balls

44- Fuck you! Metallica is awesome! You're just mad because you listen to boy bands and fake wanna-be rock bands! BITCH!

hey he says metallics not metallica: he believes metal sucks balls...thats weird, what did metal ever do to you?

26 is right , hubbys been whorein around

I think metallic paint is pretty nice.

don't be a scrote. true metallica fans would never quote anything from Load or ReLoad. we mainly stick with Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning.

Die! by my hand! I creep across the land, killing first born men!

Creeping death

Unless she threw a dice to decide the name it is indeed not. But when you just pick a popular name chances are it is.

wow, that sucks

She spelt it right. DERP

what are you correcting? "everyone" is not mispelled in this FML...

I love when a dumbass tries to be a smart ass.

loser!! that sucks!

No don't think that Dirty Sanchez is a very common name.

Could it be? Hm.

that is too legit

It may just be a coincidence. Maybe she just likes that name

I agree! I mean it completely depends on what the name is! Whether it's a common name or a completely different name that no one has. Everyones baby has a really different. name now, like Knox or Sawyer, or if he has a really different name it could be that she's never heard it before and loved it. Hopefully that's why. : /

huh. that's special.