By momoffour - 05/12/2010 09:30 - United States

Today, I found out that my husband's secretary named her new baby boy after my husband. Everyone at the office thinks it's funny. My husband says it's a coincidence. FML
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OP, as long as "Jr." isn't attached to that, I think you're fine.


gimme fuel gimme fire gimme that which I desire

yep they're definitely *******

This seems an odd spot to quote Metallica... Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, that would seem a bit more appropriate.

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So, what proof do you have they are *******?

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you know why she named the kid after him? because it's his.

how common is his name

there's never a wrong time to quote metallica


Burrning haard loose and cleeaaan

metallics sucks balls

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44- Fuck you! Metallica is awesome! You're just mad because you listen to boy bands and fake wanna-be rock bands! BITCH!

hey he says metallics not metallica: he believes metal sucks balls...thats weird, what did metal ever do to you?

26 is right , hubbys been whorein around

I think metallic paint is pretty nice.

don't be a scrote. true metallica fans would never quote anything from Load or ReLoad. we mainly stick with Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning.

Die! by my hand! I creep across the land, killing first born men!

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mikep911 1

And I see red

Creeping death

Unless she threw a dice to decide the name it is indeed not. But when you just pick a popular name chances are it is.

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wow, that sucks

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She spelt it right. DERP

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what are you correcting? "everyone" is not mispelled in this FML...

I love when a dumbass tries to be a smart ass.

loser!! that sucks!


No don't think that Dirty Sanchez is a very common name.

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totally is.

Could it be? Hm.

that is too legit

It may just be a coincidence. Maybe she just likes that name

I agree! I mean it completely depends on what the name is! Whether it's a common name or a completely different name that no one has. Everyones baby has a really different. name now, like Knox or Sawyer, or if he has a really different name it could be that she's never heard it before and loved it. Hopefully that's why. : /

huh. that's special.