By Anonymous - 30/10/2011 06:32 - Canada

Today, I went to my husband's work to give him lunch. His assistant told me his "wife" was in his office. FML
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JSylvestre 6

I'd start raising hell right there and storm into that office.


Damn_Hippster 11

Maybe his assistant meant girlfriend. Seriously though just leave the cheating bastard!

flockz 19

what makes this worse is that OP's name is "mcjewman".....

The assistant shouldn't have said anything in the first place, imo.

yadisingh 5

You're right. It's like a marriage within a marriage :o

Marcella1016 31

Sounds like he needs a new assistant.

43: Polygamy isn't bad, cheating is. There's a difference.

Haha... Ok #72 into a little polygamy there? In my eyes, polygamy is cheating. If you can't be with just one girl then don't get married. If I were to marry several men, I'd be a **** with issues, but a man with several wives is deeply religious? Please explain to me why he's not a super perv who gets off on being with a different woman every night.

I have a friend who has two boyfriends. All three of them care for each other very much. They live together, sleep together, and are building a family together, and are three of the happiest men I've ever met. I am very happy with my girlfriend, and I personally am monogamous, but see nothing wrong with polygamy or polyamory as long as no one gets hurt.

I was just pulling a Mr. macky from south parj

As long as all parties involved are okay with it who gives a flying ****?

Well.... It's not legal in the US for one....and it's disgusting, and there is no excuse for doing that..

Well you find it dusgusting, because of the social rules, if we weren't taught that polygamy is bad, we would find it completely normal. A lot of studies show that humans weren't made to stay with one partner unlike some penguins for example. Marriage was created as a way of making connections and securing economical or/and political "peace". If we go filosofical, it is possible to love more than one person, so why not be with both.

How were you in two places at the same time!?

RedJester23 6

I honestly don't know why you all are bashing the OP's husband. It's not like you know he's cheating. The first thing that went through my mind was that the assistant lied to the OP because her boss might be busy. If you've ever had to call tech support, you'd understand. "Sorry, my supervisor isn't here", or "My supervisor is currently busy." BULLSHIT. I wouldn't worry about it, my guess is that she is just lying to everyone who comes in trying to gain audience with her boss because he told her to. If he has an assistant, he can probably say "I'll be busy for the rest of the day, don't let anyone in my office."

87, people have different definitions of what a marriage is, you opinion isn't the only "righteous" path. If all parties involved in the polygamous marriage consent and are not being harmed or taken advantage of, never mind your pretty little head about it.

Maybe the secretary said that because she was fed up with him masterbating and thought you storming I would scare him enough to stop

113--you, sir, are an idiot. Have you ever heard of google? You've got to check your spelling before posting, less you come off as an idiot. First, you managed to spell disgusting wrong. smh. And it was ever in the post you were replying to. And you spelled philosophical wrong. Good gosh, you weren't even in the ballpark on that one. So dumb.

#158, while I appreciate you pointing out that #113 is truly an pretending to be smart, you seem to have made quite a few mistakes.there yourself, buddy. 1. "lesT you come off", not "less you come off.." 2. "and it was eveN..." Not "ever". 3. "Google" (proper noun) 4. Don't begin sentences w/"And"

"truly an imbecile.." It cut out the word for some reason.

JSylvestre 6

I'd start raising hell right there and storm into that office.

Hahaha I would do that ^ and take him for every dime he's got.

^ We'll save those for his other wife. Assuming she doesn't know he was a wife I feel just as bad for her as I do OP

28- **** pennies go after that mother ****** for his quarters!

brettlovesgirls 4

Why would she tell her husband that his wife was in his office? Also that is most definitely grounds for divorce. You act like the husband would have to commit a murder for the wife to get out of the marriage.

SORRY ass? Even with a divorce he has a back up so ya. Probably not that sorry...

Hitler happened before. Want another one?

RedJester23 6

Why would you divorce him? Because one person might have lied to you because her boss is busy? I think that the assistant simply lied to everyone that walked in, including you, asking to see her boss. The lie could have been anything, like "He's out at the moment" or "He's in with someone." Could have been purely coincidental that the assistant used "he's in with his wife." You would believe a secretary that you've never met before (I'm only assuming this because the assistant would have probably recognized you if she knew you), over your husband that you've known for X amount of time? I'm baffled that the first thing you bitches would do is "divorce his sorry ass" rather than actually find out for yourself what is happening.

But if your talking to his assistant... Oh... Sorry OP but your husband broke the law. Divorce time me thinks. By the way before someone says it's not against the law to be a bigimast you must live in Utah or Thailand because most of the western world has laws against poligamy (multiple marriages).

sarahDarc 3

or he could be cheating, and to play it off to the folks around, said the other woman was his wife.

it's not like OP's husband is really married to 2 women..

I believe that is why she quoted wife. It's most likely just some affair and told the assistant that it was his wife to make it less suspicious. And calm down with the shit. Unless you are trolling, you're just looking for people to argue with you.

Ignore this comment, seems about 500 people beat me to it...

16 - You are quite intelligent. Or at least more so than the first two that have replied. I say this because you have discovered the real reason I made that comment. Now that you have called me out as a troll I must take my leave.

Having an affair is still illegal in most areas as well. Hell, many states still have laws against sodomy.

Boygenius50 8

I feel like 4/23 wasn't actually trolling, they actually just ****** up and then tried to cover it up by posing as a troll. But hey, whatever makes you feel good. . .

30 -Maybe I intentionally ****** up so then people can comment about it. I usually go away when I get called out. However you have brought me back. And trust me, there are many ways one can troll. Now... Feed Me Seymour

Marcella1016 31

Pretty fail attempt at trolling, IMHO.

cradle6 13

She punched the assistant, slammed open the door and slapped a bitch.... OBVIOUSLY.

private1111 0

24-I lovee ur mask idea thing. Just really needed to say that in order to live my life on.

Divorce his sorry ass and get half his stuff. Cheaters deserve nothing less.

I would just march into his office anyways to see what he and his "wife" are up to.

flockz 19

mmmm lunch sounds good right now what did you bring?

natashax21 5

God, I hope she brought bacon....I don't even care if it's spiked. I just can't stop thinking of that bacon castle from the other FML.