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Today, after lunch with my frail, disabled, 87-year-old father, I reached into my purse for lipstick. I didn't recognize the cute cylinder I pulled out, but thinking it was a flashlight, I pressed the little button, spraying my dad and myself in the face with pepper spray. FML
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what do you mean you didn't recognize it. it was in YOUR purse which would mean YOU put it in there which means YOU should know what it is. I don't understand how you didn't recognize it.

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idiot. how would you no know that wa in there?



Well it is douchey. Dear God, OP. YDI for carrying pepper spray for one. And also, why would a flashlight have a nozzle at the top? If you want it for self-defence, learn some martial arts.

Lol i completely thought it was gonna be something else cylindrical with a button on it that you pulled out your purse infront of your dad.

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soo...the lipstick has a button?

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idiot. how would you no know that wa in there?

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how does pepper spray resemble a flashlight at all and the button to a pepper spray is at the top I smell the bs

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This was one of the few FMLs where I feel truly sorry for OP

Don't you just love how people are correcting 13's post some people have no humour. Example "Your spelling is terrible" "No, I'm a perfekt speler."

No, you fail at typing because you didn't look at your comment before posting. It's not a big deal, but don't blame an inanimate object for something that's under your control. Just itchin to be 1st post is my guess (which you also failed at doing).

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52 you put "you fail at spellings so shut up" you shut up because you failed too.

1: My husband and family have a habit of putting stuff in my purse without my knowledge, either to carry for them or because they think I need it. It's annoying.

It could've been someone else's purse and was the exact same model

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In addition to #3: How could you not tell the difference between a flashlight and pepper spray? FYFather'sLife. I'm guessing his eyes are a lot more vulnerable than yours.

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if I was ur dad ..... slap across the face..... no I'm just playin but I would be mad

She got away with spraying him, you know, because he's old and frail. He cant do anything 'cept curse her under his breath. I feel bad for the dad.

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if I was your dad I'd disown you for bring a dumb ****

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why would you have a flash light in your purse?

I have one in mine. A little one for emergencies. >.<

Why would she not recognize her own pepper spray? And even if she knew she had a flashlight in her purse, she should have been able to recognize it, too.

Oops, meant #92, under #3. Moar coffeez pleez.

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you keep flashlights in your purse? in mid-day?

Most people don't have different purses for different times of the day o_0

I haven't been here in a while, but back in the day, the worst posts were in reply to #1. Generally, the posts towards the bottom just repeated each other, with the occasional glimmer of intelligence. :p

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;O Uhhhhmehgawsh. I luuuuuuuuuuuuve ah your shirt.

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It's not just you, oc. This one's nearly as bad as the thieving sister one.

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is your name Damian by any chance