By Lasko - 12/08/2009 19:37 - United States

Today, I found out that just because you collapse from dehydration on the sidewalk, it doesn't mean people are going to stop driving to see if you're okay, even if they saw you fall. FML
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Well someone helped you, because you got online. Now I hope nothing serious happened, and your all right.


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Well someone helped you, because you got online. Now I hope nothing serious happened, and your all right.

obviously he's alright if he's bitching on FML. stupid, though. obviously, most people have things to be doing, people to be seeing, none of which include helping a stranger who fell on the sidewalk.

stupid thingy replied to the wrong person...sorry >_

#13, even if your going to meet up for lunch with your friends, if you stop to help someone who collapsed, they arent going to be bad if your five minutes late for helping someone in danger.

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#13 Well, I have fainted because of the same reason, and I was sick for about a month.

i agree its completely ****** up not to atleast TRY to help someone that you see collapse

Yeah totally agree. Drinking water is one of the LESS difficult challenges we face on a day to day basis...

let me get this straight: it took u to fall before u realized this conclusion? i could have told u that for free well before it happened. at least this way u wouldnt be in shock when no one came to ur rescue.

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People on the sidewalk maybe should have done something...but driving. I don't think that many people noticed, and if they did, they probably thought you just tripped or something. I mean, would you really just pull over because somebody tripped? Dehydration really isn't just plain obvious from a distance.

YDI for getting dehydrated in a city that, I expect, has water.

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@13 wouldnt YOU want ppl 2 help u if u fainted.. or would u want them 2 be like "eh ive got people 2 see; things 2 i wont help this person" im pretty sure u'd want the 1st choice. -_- #13 u should try 2 live a life from a different prescriptive and learn 2 help ppl and dont get so wrapped up in ur useless, dumb shit. cuz in the end, it wont matter how much money u have, or the nice cars uve bought..what really matters is that uve made an impact on ppl...i feel bad 4 u #13... i really do.

This, and the fact that you can be sued by somebody that you tried to help.

man you must be an asshole i would stop and help even if i was about to meet the president

it doesn't matter being a good person is wht matters

lots of people of died because of heart attacks and stuff and nobody helps them

I feel really bad for you too. Would have been a beautiful message if it didn't crawl out of Mississippi mud.

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well don't you know... never talk to strangers!! haha but FYL


#5 thats a bit harsh? im not american or anything but wth

It's a troll ¬¬ I remember when they used to be discrete :/

Well start remembering, b*tch, cuz thats the way the cookie crumbles, and if you are so preoccupied in your own world, that you can't remember you loving grandma, who did nothing but love you and feed you cookies, and sing soothing songs when you were riding your bike to fast and fell over the log your brother threw in front of your tire, well than i have to say, there is pity and longing in my heart that you will someday see how it is to not know the pain of someone forgetting you... It's a pain that drives people insane, there brains can't take the strain from the drivers who always switch lanes because they are lame and wasted while driving home. Those people also forgot about their grandmothers and now they were forgotten, and are in as much pain as ever, so please don't forget. For your sake, i want to help you out remember... remember...(in deep mufasa voice, as simba is running to the cloud to try and talk to him but he won't turn around for some reason, he just keeps leaving his son like it's no big deal... punk)



#5 stop commenting on posts, this site is better off without you.

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"Oh look...someone fell down...hmm that's nice." Lol. Sucky. But it's not like you were dying or anything. I'm glad you're well enough to write this down. If you were seriously hurt and no one helped...that'd be sad.

They didn't know the person wasn't seriously hurt when they walked by.

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Thats the problem these days...not alot of people do anything good for others. Yeah you're fine but that doesnt change that nobody really helped you. One more..YDI for not being hydrated, drink water!

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Today, I found out that just because you give someone water, you can't expect them to drink it. I thought everyone knew that. FML. Btw, I'm just kidding. It is really hot these days.

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People are just so optimistic, they know you're going to be okay!