By damnbananas - 24/01/2011 20:38 - United States

Today, while at school, I slipped on a wet patch in the hall and fell over, smacking my head against the floor. I laid there for a good five minutes in agonizing pain while people literally walked over me. Not a single person bothered to help me up or ask if I was okay. FML
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What a world 0_o it reminds me of the story of this homeless man who protected a woman from getting mugged, got stabbed and was let dying on the floor by the woman and all the passers-by .....

Welcome to high school! Where nobody cares about you or your feelings.


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WHOA 2 people got first, how is this possible? This is truely a breakthrough in the world of FML.

Well, quit QQing on the floor and get up. Nobody needs to reassure your health.

They probably just thought op was on crack

guess now you know where u stand in the school social hierachy! lol loser....

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no they probably thought she was high and tripped DUH it is California XD

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YDI. The fact you were on the ground for 5 minutes shows you are an attention *****. Just get up and walk to the nurse. If you really couldn't get up, then if you were able to see people walking over you, you should be able to ask them to help you up.

If she was fine she should have gotten up and not watched the people who didn't want to help. It's not like she was immobile.

no.. most people are rude these days. All most people care about is themselves... If I saw someone just helplessly lying on the ground... I would help. Its just rude not to.

This is why janitors should make sure that either there is a wet floor sign there, or that the spot is completely dry, to avoid these kinds of situations. Or you should just watch where you're going.

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don't feel like your unwanted. that happens to everyone everywhere

Okay seriously, nobody threw OP to the ground and she did not get her skull cracked or trampled..She's a klutz who slipped on water and didn't even get a scratch on her. She really is just a pussy who is too dependent on other people with their own problems.

What a world 0_o it reminds me of the story of this homeless man who protected a woman from getting mugged, got stabbed and was let dying on the floor by the woman and all the passers-by .....

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i heard about this!^^ what a sad world we live in -_-

It's called bystander effect: a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.

I read about that on although it is so hard for me to understand it, this is actually a pretty common thing. People just write it off and think someone else will help them. I agree with the above comment.. What a world.

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I don't even think he was homeless...not that it makes a difference. what kind of world do we live in where we actually begin to create fancy psychological names for these kind of actions. if u had watched the video, it was in the middle of the night, and some people actually stopped to see what was wrong and then walked away!!

As you say : they walked away ... and didn't call for an ambulance or any rescue. This is whats hard to believe. There was even a man who filmed the victim lying on the floor with his phone, before walking away like the others.

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They probably thought you were some out-of-work actor doing some weird performance art trying to get some attention and tips.

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Maybe you're an emo kid, and people just thought you were trying to whine and get attention as usual. The emo girl who cried wolf.

Don't be so insulting an stereotypical. Some day you might need help from an 'emo kid'.

What usually helps in situations like that is to stop being a candy-ass pansy and to stand up.

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hahaha! suck it up. just stand up and stop being a whiny little bitch.

Let someone throw you to the ground, crack your head, and trample you for five minutes, then tell OP to suck it up and not be a whiney little bitch.

I've been thrown down, my skull has been fractured and I've been trampled. OP quit being such a whiny bitch.

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I think you need a 2nd run-through. : D and a prompted steamroller on your legs. we shall test the bystander effect on you. : D Somebody.....GET THE STEAMROLLER

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dumb bitch comes to mind somebody should walk all over ur face n i bet ur winy bitch ever month when ur dirty vag bleeds :)

#91, Easy to say stuff on fml that probably isn't true...

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