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Can't help ya, gotta mail to deliver or I'll be out of a job!


Can't help ya, gotta mail to deliver or I'll be out of a job!

..And foreclosure.

idk... he is the mailman, I hear them types make an appearence several times a week

well this can't be an FML cause the dude saw worst so what the hell dude! dust your self off and walk again.

What #4 said. Especially if the weather is shitty, he might have been behind schedule and didn't have time to help. I'm sure he's probably not only seen worse, but probably had worse happen to him with his job. I wouldn't say YDI, but not really FML either. You were already wet and muddy, there's nothing he could have done about that.

Wtf helping someone up only takes a minute so it wouldn't affect his schedule.

mailmen and delivery men typically develop back problems as part of their profession (lifting shit all day and carrying things), and it's quite possible that he could not lift you off the ground. he could just not care about your problems. did you expect him to pull out a towel and a mug of cocoa and hold you until you felt better?

FYL. That doesn't mean he isn't right though.

win for the mail man!

at least he didnt laugh at you

EXACTLY! so suck it up. happens to everyone in icy're fine, right?