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By Anonymous - 12/08/2009 20:12 - Denmark

Today, I got stung by a bee. On my eyelid. I'm allergic so it's swollen up so much, I can't even open my eye. Tomorrow is the first day of a new prestigious school. I either have to go to school wearing an eye-patch or walk around looking like a monster. FML
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Shock98 0

wear an eye-patch. they'll think you're super badass.

Pirates are automatic win. Trust me.


cuntfused 3

bees suck :(

no1askdu 5

thay also blow...but op maybe u can start a new trent with the whole eyepatch thingy.¿

lolzRaptor 1

Yeah, eyepatches can make people look bad-ass, just say that you were in a heated sniper duel and the both of you shot at the same time and you managed to shoot the opposing sniper in the forehead, killing him instantly and his bullet grazed your eye as you tried to avoid the bullet. :)

tpag3r 0

#21 there is no being able to comment after that.... it was simply epic

dimkims 0

i agree, eye patches are awesome.

bees do suck. OP: Your eyelid didn't swell because you're allergic. It swelled because that's what happens when you get stung there. I know because it happened to me, and I am NOT allergic. Unless you had to use a hypodermic needle/go to the hospital for more than your eye not opening, you're not allergic. Go with the eyepatch. Pirates are cool.

irishdancer 0

I know right?!?! PIMP OUT YOUR EYEPATCH!!!!

HahaYDI 0

Tell everyone at your school that you are a pirate!!


Arrrrg Matey! xD

When you find your desk/locker say "tharr she blows!"

#21 wins! rofl

Just tell them you're Snake Plissken

Yeah go with the eyepatch if you can't find anything to stop the swelling. It'll make you look like a pirate! Everyone will definitely remember you!

Maksimillian 0

And after that tell the hot girls you're in search of their booty!

dolfan1993 0

Hahaha, that's great-the booty comment. The bee sting-not so much

Nothing says badass like fully justified pirate gear.

i know what i'd do man! wear the eyepatch, chicks will dig that shit.

go with the eye patch and start bringing sexy back

Agreed. Though it's not for sure that the OP was a boy in the first place. It's just "Anonymous." Even if you're not a boy, my vote is still for pulling an Elle Driver and being a badass.

or snake from MGS3

lol 21 thats a pretty great story

I suggest the eyepatch, that way you can run around yelling "ARGH, ARGH!" to be a pirate in pain :)

hell yeah go pirate style just dont over do it

Wear those big, all-around shades and tell people you're photosensitive.

Dee100 0

awe that sucks!

Just wear a patch and a green beret and say it was a war injury.

That really sucks. =(

I signed in just to give this a thumbs up.

CDS09 0

agreed, its probably the most badass thing you would be allowed to wear at a prestigious school

birds_fml 7

It's not really "badass", but walking around with an eyepatch isn't really weird. Everyone just assumes you hurt your eye, and won't think much of it. They WOULD be freaked out by your swollen eye though. If I see someone in an eyepatch, I assume they scratched their cornea or something. I bet no one will even ask about it. Also, get some antihistamines, that should take the swelling down a bit.

icedrake523 2

and Solid Snake

Kiwi_Splash 0


Shock98 0

wear an eye-patch. they'll think you're super badass.

Pirates are awesome

Lol, same thing happened to me as a child, but thankfully I was not, and am not, allergic to bee stings. FYL though, shit sucks.

Pirates are automatic win. Trust me.

FatElie 0

I prefer ninjas...

Why can't you just skip the first day or 2. I'm sure if you, or your parents call the school and explain the situation i'm sure they would understand

cuntfused 3

I don't think so. Getting stung by a bee isn't a good excuse to miss school, especially if this person isn't hospitalized or has a doctor's note saying they cannot go to school for x amount of days.

cuntfused, if he were genuinely allergic, he WOULD be hospitalised. Anaphylaxis is not to be taken lightly.

bluedoll 1

I don't think OP is ALLERGIC per se. Everyone is "allergic" to the degree that they swell up around the sting (just like ant, mosquito, spider, etc bites) so it seems like OP is having a very normal reaction. I'd go with the eye patch--and a black one at that. Growl a lot...

HOLY SHIT somebody spelled and used "per se" properly!

I'd totally wear an eye patch. It'll make for an interesting story, if nothing else. :)

Yes. What this person said. You have to use the patch. Everyone will love you! EDIT: Goddamn, this was supposed to be a reply to #3.