By Insomniac - 28/07/2012 09:56 - United States - Wasilla

Today, after rolling my car on the highway, I witnessed several people stop and get out of their cars to take pictures. No one asked if I was okay, and I was the one who had to call 911 for myself. FML
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Is there such thing as a bad Samaritan?

I assume you're okay because you posted but people should seriously help first. It's ridiculous that they would take pics. I assume any of them in the same position would want someone to come to their aid.


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So, are you okay ?

FMLandurstoo 9

Well we know she's alive!

pinkandbluepsych 3

Funny how Princess Diana had died for the same reason: car crash, no one called for help, just took pictures. Luckily you're okay!

Obviously she has at least one finger left to type this out as well. I'm guessing if she was grievously wounded her immediate thought wouldn't be to post her story on FML.

Also not all of these happened right before the post, she could have just gotten a full body cast off or something (exaggeration) and posted it a month later when she could

1, at least you care. It is a rare trait to find a stranger to care for the well being of another stranger. Today, I saw a gentleman's papers flew out of his hands and into a large street. I was about to hop out of the vehicle to help the guy collect them but a jogger got there and helped. Luckily, everyone stopped, both ways on the street, for the runner and guy to get his papers. It reminded me there are still good people in the world, or at least San Diego :-).

UrCapsLockOn 12

So, are you okay ?

No she's dead and wrote this fml with her last bit of life left

Is there such thing as a bad Samaritan?

Actually, in bible times, Samaritans were known to be a ruthless people. That's what made the good Samaritan special.

Actually, yes. Ladies and Gentlemen, Buzz Killington here! In the story of the Good Samaritan, the development of the Samaritan helping the injured man on the road is a surprise because most Samaritan's HATED the Jews, and would have kicked the half-dead Jew like the previous passers-by did. Samaritans were known for being wicked, and there were more than plenty bad Samaritans. Buzz Killington: out

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Greenie- Between your comment and Doc's explanation of the word "stupider", FML has been very educational this morning. Yay for learning! ;)

perdix 29

Yes, it's how the Seinfeld gang ended up in jail at the end of the series.

People these days...

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@ Perdix : Lol ( laughing out loud ) that's exactly what I was thinking.

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This was a response to perdix' comment

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I rolled an SUV once and a ton of people stopped to help. So there's some out there, but obviously they're no where near OP. Which makes me sad...I would've helped ya!

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115- i'm getting the feeling you're a captain obvious

123 - I agre. But its a good thing he cleared up the meaning of lol!

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I had to make it clear before I got bombed with comments because I didn't spell it out all the way, since there are anal people around here about the way people type now a days. Oh and another thing I'm a she not a he.

Not anymore, just witnesses and documenters...

Yeah, alot of people are like that. Once, on the way back to California from Alabama, Just during a 3 hour period of this trip, I was the first responder of two real bad accidents where (in one case a car, in the other a van) had rolled multiple times. I don't know If I was actually the first person to drive by and see them there or if someone else just ignored them, I've seen it before. Worse when it's a whole group doing the same thing and you seem to be the only one who notices.

ciumegu 6

The world we live in today...

Yeahh... boys taking pictures of themselves in the mirror without wearing a shirt, because just coming out of the closet is too hard for them... :( it's so sad man.

ciumegu 6

I know you gotta hate cuz you a fat slob but don't take it out in me does that picture make you wish you looked like that?

VooDooCarrie91 19

I think there's a good reason you covered your face with your phone!!

Watch out folks! We have ourselves a Certified Badass Motherfucker over here!

35- Oh really? I'd bet you're so obsessed with your body because either A- that's the only thing you've got in your life to be proud of, or B- it took you years to get that way and you feel like you accomplished something. In that case congrats, because people can get that way in a matter of months. Get over yourself, bum. Oh, and read the instructions on that burn medicine carefully, you'll need it.

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Accidentally thumbed it up. :(

Lol yeah I'm fat. I don't care? I don't want a body like that because I personally think it looks ugly and it usually comes with an ugly head and a huge attitude; you're proving that point yourself. My girlfriend likes my body and I don't need yours, thank you. (:

35: Correct grammar would've made you look like slightly less a piece of human filth, FYI.

We all know that all the douche bags take pictures shirtless and put them on the Internet. Cough cough. Not impressive.

It's sad how people who are so full of themselves think that when people hate them, it's because they are jealous. Get over yourself and find that when people hate you, 9 times out of 10, it's because you're a shitty person

I'm with 26, what a world.

Bonzer 2

63- Don't worry! I thumbed it down so now its even! :D

#4 Bitch, I will beat you with your purse... rofl.

Well I'll be the only one who doesn't bitch on ciumegu for the picture. I would like to be in shape and have a well built body. Does that make me a douche or a "certified bad-ass ************"? I don't think so. I find it more healthy to be in good shape than being fat (if you're ok like that I won't bother you, it's your choice). But the way dathan bitched on him was disrespectful and completely deserving of the title of "fat slob". If you wanna bitch on someone, bitch on the attitude, not the looks cuz you never know what's under the coat. OP, it would seem like humanity's lapsing is at a never before seen high. Know nonetheless that some good souls still roam the earth (although you have to look a little harder than you would have a few years back). Would seem like you fell in the middle of a bunch of egocentric slimeballs.

Sigh. I was 'bitching' on the attitude. I never said anything about his looks except that I personally don't like it. I just said that his picture and his second comment really made him look like a dick. I mean, being in shape is fine ofcourse, but why do you need to take a picture of it and use it as profile picture. I think that's dumb and arrogant.

Yes, showing the world that you actually care about your body is really arrogant, amirite? Just because being fat is starting to become the norm, it doesn't mean fit people are suddenly supposed to be hiding their bodies.

Dathan you said nothing about his attitude. You supposed that he was a dick because he was in shape and proud of it. Now that's a stereotype. Also, if you start bitching about other peoples appearance, it's most likely because you're NOT fine with being fat. Stop deluding yourself. If you were fine with how you look, you wouldn't have called him out for being fit. Now stop crying for attention and go work some fat off and you'll start seeing yourself in a much better way. Now sorry everyone for going so close to the taboo of "you mustn't tell people they're fat", but I think this called for a little down to earth talk.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

wow people. you really didn't say anything about his attitude until he tried to defend himself after YOU insulted him. he likes to take care of his body and you dont? so what? get over it and stop being jealous.

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The world we live in today...

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Yeah, a world where conceited douches post the same stupid comment twice.

Now there's two places for ppl to diss u

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68- Don't be an asshole. It was obviously an accidental double post.

68- Wow. Way to overreact. You don't even know this guy, and you're making comments like that? Wow, I really hope you have friends.

No offense but I probably wouldn't call it either

What the hell is wrong with you?!

flutter4 7

Why wouldn't you call?

You would have just taken pictures and then left, knowing you may have just left somebody for dead?

Emmywemmy - No offence, but why are you a heartless twat?

rayahbug 3

You, sir or ma'am are a heartless creep.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#6, you wouldn't call, so I'm guessing that means if you got into a car accident and were dying, you wouldn't want anyone to call the emergency number to save your life.

Reporting an accident is a civic duty and the courteous thing to do.

You're a douchebag. No offense.

alright 6, but remember whats going to happen when you get into a car crash now- nobody will call, and they'll just leave you there to die. would you like that? well, unless you hate your life, then I assume you wouldn't. Your a complete asshole.

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Well then you're a dick.

I agree with 6, I would most likely rob you in your most helpless state. ( sarcasm)

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I take it #6 is stimulated by snuff?

I'm sorry, would you have rather taken a photo and posted it on Facebook?

maybe because he realises that when you see an accident happen, it doesn't mean that you're about to help. A lot of people freeze and feel like they're 'not there'. I always think it's funny when people say 'when I see someone in despair, I'll always help'. As if they can predict the way their body and mind will respond. Of course it will be the right thing to do but, psychologically seen, you're most likely the 99% that freezes.

6 -- can I have your address? I have a gift. It comes in the form of eight knuckles.

6) And that's why people like you should get a foot shoved up their ass.

LittleAngel12 5

Why would you not call. When I was eleven I called when somebody got in a crash and are just an ass if u don't realize how stupid your comment was

So, did they get good pictures?

Redoxx_fml 22

What a bunch of vaginas

I think we use dicks more often

connerwonner 7

Redoxx is trying to be a hipster

I assume you're okay because you posted but people should seriously help first. It's ridiculous that they would take pics. I assume any of them in the same position would want someone to come to their aid.

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They took the pictures so they can be the first to say they uploaded it first and every other one is a repost.

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One of my friends had her car worked on, and the mechanic didn't properly latch her hood. While she was driving down the highway, her hood flew up and smashed her windshield. She called her dad to come get her and drive her to the hospital. Which makes me wonder, why didn't cops show up? And then you realize it's because no one called them. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be sitting on the side of the road watching cars pass me when I need help.

So true!!! I agree! Someone should really help!

wtf? who in the hell does that these days? well obviously you're alive if you could post such an event on fml, but hey FYL cuz that blows

What if she posted the fml as soon as she crashed then called 911 after but didn't make it :0?

B3Y0ND 3

120- Who would EVER, in a life or death situation, think about posting a story on FML before calling 911?