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By signupsheetfail - 12/08/2009 19:02 - Canada

Today, I was doing target practice with my new paintball pistol. One of the bullets missed, and hit my new neighbor's house. I went up to the door to apologize, not realizing I was still holding the paintball gun. My ex-soldier neighbor thought I was robbing him and put me in a chokehold. FML
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FYL since your neighbor can't seem to tell the difference between a real gun and a paintball gun.

First of all OP is a dumbass for shooting paintballs in a backyard, also for calling them bullets. And second it is a natural reaction to assume he has a real pistol because it's a paintball pistol, not a full size marker. Most of the time they have clips to feed the balls in and usually are black. From a distance you can easily mistake it for a real gun. Especially when you're a trained killer and instinct kicks in. You're not going to wait for him to point the gun at your face and shoot you.


You moron. Why would you take the gun with you?!

NOT REALIZING I was still holding the paintball gun. My ex-soldier neighbor thought I was robbing him and put me in a choke hold. FM uhh does that answer your question #1? he didn't know he was still holding on to it

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oh jesus christ the real damn problem here is that its legal to put firearms in the hands of people who clearly don't know how to use them! why the hell are you firing your gun in the direction of your neighbors house? what if someone had been outside and you shot someone's eye out? and don't say oh, its just a paintball gun because they can be deadly as well. I'm glad your neighbor kicked your ass because clearly it needed to happen.

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I would approve if people like you died.

A paintball gun is NOT a firearm, #25. Although, yes, potentially it could be deadly... like if you hit somebody over the head with it really, really hard. Or fire directly up their nostrils a few times...

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yea 25, instead they should look at everybody as they buy a paintball gun and and try to determine from the look in their eyes if they know how to use one. Also a paintball pistol is weak crap, you couldn't kill someone if you rammed it down their throat and let her rip.

Adrenaline is a bitch, and ex-soldiers are humans too. His neighbor was dealing with a potential life or death situation, not having a nice calm conversation with his local gun dealer or masturbating on gun ****. AND like other people said they do make pretty convincing replicas nowadays. Airsoft, paintball, pellet guns, whatever. OP should consider himself lucky he's still in shape enough to write this FML.

Looks like your neighbor jumped the gun. Doesn't paint a pretty picture to me. But I'd say fyl, because there's nothig to apologize about unless your broke something. Paintballs are made of dye, fishoil, and sugar, easily washed off with a wee bit of water and rag,

A paintball gun, also called a 'marker', is not a firearm - it shoots relatively harmless balls of washable paint at much lower speed than a gun - and they're intended to be shot at people. You use much more dangerous things on a daily basis - the only way you can really injure someone with it is to shoot them in the eye. Not that it's okay to just shoot them around near houses, but this has nothing to do with actual firearms. I've used both and I treat them completely different.

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+1 same. I'm a semi-pro paintballer as well as a NRA-certified firearms instructor, so I have some experience with both ;) And I agree that without a pre-existing medical condition, the eyes are about the only way a paintball marker could be truly life-threatening. I've taken 3- and 6-round bursts from electronic markers to the windpipe on more than one occasion at ranges of only a foot or two, and aside from some painful welts and sore swallowing for a few days, they were harmless. But it was irresponsible, reckless, and probably illegal in his community to fire paintballs inside city limits.

a paintball isnt deadly... unless you beat someone with it you cant die from the paint >.>

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So your complaint is that idiots can get paintball markers? what stops an idiot from buying a gun? It's not difficult at all to get a FOID card and buy a pistol.

He forgot, he said he forgot, who's the moron now? You.

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Well I'm kind of sorry when I say this, but if he was old he could of assumed something else. Plus its a bit of self deffence. I'm not putting anything up because well its just an accident really.

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lol it's a good idea to leave weapons behind when going, well when going just about anywhere

ydi, i agree with #1. atleast he didn't tackle you and break your nose? lol

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They can't tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real one? And if you were robbing them, why would you knock on the door? FYL. And yeah it would have been a good idea to put it down first, lol.

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Paintball Guns look nothing like a real gun in any way shape or form. I've played for 5 years and haven't seen anything that looks remotely like a real gun. Most are colors like blue or red and have a tank and a hopper. Nothing like a real gun.

a tippmann txp look it up. it's as real as a paintpistol gets

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He's refering to a pistol, not a speedball marker (gun) or of the like. On the other hand, i do agree with you, without getting into Rap4, paintball pistols don't look like real ones. Airsoft is a different story, but i really don't want to start an airsoft vs. paintball argument, so lets not get into that.

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well i would do the same thing.

probably just a natural reaction to the sight of a gun whether its a water, paintball or real gun it makes no difference.

Actually I wouldn't react that way to a water gun, since they're normally transparent and coloured lol But yeah, I can understand either way. Plus, nothing's saying he knocked on the door; maybe the man was in the frontyard when it happened? Also, "ex-soldier" is vague: the man could have been elderly or he could be an ex-soldier for a reason other than retirement (Section 8, anyone?), so there are some more possible reasons for the reaction, too. I say FYL OP, because while you DID hit his house and you unwittingly approached with a gun, you WERE going to be a man and own up to what you did, and you got thanked with a chokehold. That reads more of an FYL than a YDI in my book.

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if he was outside he would have known it was a paintball gun... just saying. he went up to the door.

I was under the impression that the OP was in his back yard. Therefore, if the man was in the front yard, or off to the side of the house, he wouldn't have known he had been using the paintball gun when he approached the door.

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Why were you aiming at something that close to someone's house? YDI for not putting something behind your target to block poorly aimed shots. Also, be glad that your neighbor didn't break your neck instead of choking you.

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Dumb ass, if he could get him with a chokehold with the gun, what do you think he can do if he was really robbing him?

Paintball pistols generally don't depending on the brand. I've seen some pretty convincing ones. And I personally own a replica AK-47 paintball marker. Without the hopper and air tank attached it could definitely be mistaken for the real thing from a distance. When somebody is holding what looks to be a handgun near you then you really don't really have the time to contemplate whether it's real or not. You just react.

FYL since your neighbor can't seem to tell the difference between a real gun and a paintball gun.

On short notice they can look quite similar.

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There are paintball pistols that look exactly like a real pistol, just with an orange tip(sometimes), paintball holder, and gas tank. If the neighbor saw a real looking pistol as soon as he opened the door, there's a good chance he would've overlooked the gas tank and any other attachments on it. So he probably got startled and attacked OP. Even if OP just has a regular looking paintball pistol, it could still look like a crazy gun. Maybe the neighbor isn't very familiar with paintball, in which case he wouldn't've known it was a paintball gun. Orr none of theses scenarios are right. Paintballs still hurt if someone is unarmored, so someone could still possibly be robbed with one.