By Anonymous / Thursday 14 August 2014 03:02 / New Zealand
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  superjewguy  |  19

each generation have ignorant morons, however, it seems each generation becomes more worse than the previous one, especially in the way we vocalize it. elderly people had "rumors", parents had "phones" this generation...........FACEBOOK AND REALITY TV.


Good point, 68. Not sure why people ignore that. It must be more fun to complain about "losing faith in humanity" and damning us all for our incessant smartphone usage than to recognize the high points of "this generation".


It's not just this generation. When will people realize people were always stupid and inconsiderate in any decade or generation? You all just need a reason to complain about the modern world, so you just assume stupidity is a new thing in the world today.

  Nordrag  |  25

These days nothing. Not that I have personal experience, but I'm willing to bet teens have always been and always will be exactly as shitty as they are. Granted of course that not all people are the same so some are definitely better than others.


Today, we finally moved into our new home, which my husband and I got mostly so our kids could have fun in the spacious backyard. The moment they stepped into the backyard, they were terrorized by the neighbor's dogs, and now refuse to go outside. FML

By cassie611 - / Thursday 13 March 2014 18:26 / United States - Houston

Today, I saw my sister after three days away. When I went to get in the car with her, she told me I had to sit in the back, because her teddy rides in front now. She was serious. I've already been replaced by a stuffed bear. FML

By SabriLittleRed - / Wednesday 1 January 2014 18:18 / United States - San Francisco
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