By curly_eyelashes - 24/02/2013 14:30 - Canada - Windsor

Today, I realized that the "eyelash curling brush" that my best friend found in my old bathroom drawer was actually a stick used for cleaning food out of my sister's braces. I used that thing for years. FML
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The plaque and food particles probably gave your eyelashes extra body! Nice repurposing, OP!

Brace yourselves, eye see a lot of puns coming...


The plaque and food particles probably gave your eyelashes extra body! Nice repurposing, OP!

One man's plaque is another man's nutrients

Remember to post it on Pinterest!

mangoboy1 19

Oh that's nasty*cleveland brown voice

I don't see how no one saw this. Some ppl are clean freaks. It's not improbable that they cleaned their braces cleaner after every use. But seriously. You kinda deserved it. If you share a bathroom you should have known that it wasn't yours.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Damn..didn't you notice the chunks of chewed up food sticking to your eye lashes?

CantusVulpis 12

Oh god this comment made me nauseous.

I'm sure that OP's sister would clean off all the food and plaque after she used the stick so it didn't get stuck again next time she used it.

Well, did it work for all those years?

Sorry random comment.. You look like Debbie Harry!

crackmore278 13

Never noticed how messed up and dirty it was for an eye curling brush? I mean, there was no way you couldn't have noticed how messed up it got by only using it for your eyelashes.

It hopefully got washed over the years, wouldn't you think? Haha

Yea i wash my brush off after i finish the top of my mouth, then after i finish the bottom. But i thow it out after a while, and if it was the same brush for years, your sister is pretty gross.

OP here. I visit this site literally everyday so I finally decided to make an account and as I was surfing through the randoms page, I found my old FML! LOL My explanation for this mishap is that those stupid braces cleaning brushes look similar to mascara wands and my friend and I were under the age of 10 at the time that we used this "eyelash curling brush" and we were clearly inexperienced with makeup. When I found out that brush was actually my sister's old braces cleaner, I was pretty disgusted. I don't think I ever told my friend about it either lol

Brace yourselves, eye see a lot of puns coming...

Nah, Sunday is a day of rest.

I'm at a floss, you cleaned the board of puns.

..." and on the seventh day, God looked down and said, 'ah screw it, I'm going back to sleep!'"

100 Lashes to the blasphemer!

Well done Pleo, my mind is officially blown


Not in America. There are spelling differences in the British, American, and Australian English. That is one of them.

This is a joke from another fml post #12

Thank you for getting it 15 and 11.

You are an "illiterate idiot"

59- that was rather harsh and unnecessary.

That one also flew over your head.

shiarrael 13

It's spelled both ways. And "realised" looks dumb anyway. :P

Well, there are two different cultures at work here - you can't simply call one type of spelling dumb because, using that logic, I can go around saying words like color, gray, and spelled look dumb too yet I do not because there's rude, ignorant, and extremely arrogant.

69- just because you don't spell it that way doesn't mean it is dumb. You're just being rude.

Hey it might not have helped with love at first sight but at least it must've helped with love at first smell!


Lionesse 15

I wonder sometimes if people run their comment through their mind a few times just to make sure it makes sense and has relevance to the topic but.... I guess not.


ColbyGB 13

That's nasty..

tjolivas 9

You must be a special kind of stupid... Ever seen a real eyelash curler? Yeah, they all look like that. A stick wouldn't do a damn thing...

And an eyelash curler is not the same thing as an eyelash curling brush. An eyelash curler is made of metal and works sort of the same way a pair of scissors does, but instead of cutting it squeezes. Orthodontists often give their patients brushes that resemble the brushes that come with mascara tubes. I can see how someone could mistake on for the other, although I don't know why OP simply wouldn't use the brush that came with the mascara.

pheebs314 17

The sticks for cleaning out braces look a lot like mascara brushes. I could see how someone could think it was for eye lashes, but I wouldn't put something that close to my eyes that I didn't buy myself. Where did OP think it came from?

RedPillSucks 31

The mascara brushes are curved, aren't they? The braces cleaners are not

not all of them, it depends on the mascara.