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Today, I found out that I was one point away from passing a state science exam. FML
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Why do you have a sideways picture of a girl with fake pink hair? Because it's your picture, therefore your decision. :) Just like his picture is his decision. Not tryin' to be mean, just pointing out the obvious.


man, I just took the state regents... I might be worse off than you.

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technical stuff ftw I'm glad I don't have that stuff quite yet

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damnn that sucks..:( no jokes from me.that is truly an fml. fyl, sir. fyl. xD

Can someone explain what on earth state tests are? I voted YDI anyway for not studying hard enough.

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I hate the FCAT I am so glad I never had to deal with the science part of the exam sorry OP FYL.

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18 - They're required, basic knowledge tests that start as early as elementary school and go all the way up to high school. Basically the OP is a complete dipshit to have failed one.

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OP totally deserved it...If they failed then they obviously didn't study hard enough.

56- I second that seeing as though the majority of them are curved too. YDI

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that sucks but fyl for bein dumb

science is easy...I study for finals/state tests not for regular ones tho.

I just took the regents too... easy as pie op- state tests r usually curved so maybe u shouldn't studied harder

*shouldve dang that auto correct thing xD

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It's A Ma'am, Not A Sir. Lmao.

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In Texas, they are called TAKS and you take them every year. From 3rd grade to 11th grade, and if you pass them as a junior you don't need to take them as a senior. If you fail you don't pass and you retake them till you pass.

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In Florida it's a test called the FCAT. they are mostly easy, but I will admit the science one is the most difficult to pass. They aren't curved. They get scored 1-5 depending on how many points you got. Minimum passing score is a 3 or 50%. They are set up so that 50% you should have learned that year, 25% you should have learned the year before, and 25% you shouldn't know. They are multiple choice and everyone get a different test so you can't cheat.

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How do you fail a state test? You usually only have to get like 60% correct....

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Trupe, have you taken a state test?

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just to add south Carolina it's PASS testing.(:

it has happened to me , just try your hardest next time and take your time

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in Kentucky it's called the KCCT test and you take the 3-11th grade but in 9th grade you don't take it either. but we have an exit exam to graduate that covers 9-12 grade.

State tests are ridiculously easy. You deserve it or not using school time to learn.

some state tests are hard I'm from Texas and I had to take the science TAKS this year and it was hard but science isn't my thing to begin with

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I'm from Texas too, 149. TAKS is ridiculously easy. if you put forth effort to actually learn in school, that means not taking blow off classes like math models, then you do fine. If you hated school and thought it was pointless and didn't try to become smarter, you should expect to not do well. Either way, it's entirely you're choice.

We can't put all the blame on OP. I'm in all AP classes, study constantly, yet I'm horrible in trigonometry. However, I excel in global history. Certain subjects just don't come to people. I have a regents in trig, but I don't feel I will do well.

YDI for being an idiot. I have never in my life studied for the Dakota STEP (South Dakota) and I've been in the advanced level on every portion of the tests. seriously. some of the special kids can get that even..

172- Not every person is given your talent :DD may you be blessed and realize that you really need to stop bragging on our pretty innocent Internet.

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YTDI. they are very easy no matter what state you're in. You don't even have to be a super genius nor study that hard. If you put the effort to do the homework, take notes, and pay attention in class, you wouldn't be in such a mess.

164- I'm from Texas and I completely agree with you

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i think its cool how many people are from texas (: . & yeah theres a lot of people where i live that are in summer school cause they failed the taks and then failed the taks retakes . BUT ANYWAY, it could always suck more (: .! u could hav actually gotton a perfect score but the computer got ur test mixed up or something (: . that'd suck mega giraffe abortions (: .

Test like that usually have a bigger gap between the pass and non pass so they can take out those who got it by luck. FYL Op.

Just adding, in Tennessee it is TCAPS. And the suck like a mother.

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178, your comment makes me want to punch you in the face. The new york regents suck large hairy monkey nuts. I don't take my science one til next week, but so far I've taken global history and algebra (though, that one was a retake to get a higher score) and during my global regents, I had a legit panic attack, because I had to do 50 multiple choice questions, and write 2 essays, all in 3, **** you :) have a nice day!

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Tcap in Tennessee 1-8 easy as ****

212-I'm from ny too and trust me, you'll do well on the science regents. It's easy as hell

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119 - yeah I just took my last one in April. Lowest I've made on any state test is 550/600. But I live in Mississippi so our state test don't take much to pass. Maybe it's harder in other states

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Texas FTW. And the TAKS is just TOO easy.

All you tweenies who thought those tests are hard are fine examples of the indictment of the education system. We have those tests in Canada too, and it takes quite the idiot to fail.

^^^Lol, this guy comparing Canadian tests to the United State's tests. Get out.

who cares about canada! what do they even contribute besides maple syrup!? that kid said he got 3 HOURS for 50 q's and two essays!!!?? holy crap I hope you got at least an hour nap in there.

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here in Ireland , only 3rd year and 6th year students take state exams and they are really hard,but also really hard to fail, you have to get under 40% to fail...

you can't really study for the fcat. teachers explain that you should use the information in the question. so for that matter you can't study..?

234 I agree...212 ur just a retard im in ny and im always done with those tests in less than an hour and half(after 1:30hours they let u out) ...I don't think any kid stays there all 3 hours

Well I'm 4 years late to this FML thread but anyways in Massachusetts, it's called MCAS.

why do you have a picture of one of those bowflex commercials lmao :P

Why do you have a sideways picture of a girl with fake pink hair? Because it's your picture, therefore your decision. :) Just like his picture is his decision. Not tryin' to be mean, just pointing out the obvious.

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32- You have a very.... interesting... picture.

It's not a comercial; it's actually him.

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I can vouch for him. That is actually Marinus. O_o

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Stop flooding the comments. Send a PM. GAWD.

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the thing is, more than have of that shit they teach you in school you will never use in life. but that does not mean your shouldn't learn it.

half* haha I obviously didn't study up on my spelling ;)

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I studied hard for my state test but some of the questions I truely didn't know.

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How do you study for a standardized test?

2-I agree & 54- illmatic = Nas' debut album = pure where's my cookies mofo?! lol

And anyway, they have to have the cutoff between pass and fail somewhere.

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that's a shame I would be so mad

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at least she didn't fail...

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If I am not mistaken, she said she was one point from passing. So she did, in fact, fail. Unless that was supposed to be a joke on your part.

to be exact, she got a D... but it's still not passing, so I still consider it failing lol... y do they even have the "D" grade anyway?

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o my bad I thought she said she was one point from NOT passing

98- At my school, D is passing now. Also standardized state tests aren't graded by letter, they're usually set so that you need a 50% or 60% to pass

163, that's interesting. Where I go to school, a C is the passing grade. I wonder why it's like that where you live. :) Side Note: This comment is sincere and is not intended as an insult or to be read sarcastically.

FYL, why did you have to take a state science exam today?

I just had a massive diarrhea I mean this was an epic one

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It's called taking tests for fun during the summer. Duh. Look it up.

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They probably took it a while ago to get their score back today.

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because some people still have school.. like me, we just finished takig our math, social studies, and enlgish final.. still have science and french:p

this late in the summer??? I would have just ditched then.

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Actually she probably just got the results today, in Florida it takes months for the test results.

I dont start exams till two weeks from now

91 - What are you talking about, "this late in summer"? Summer hasn't even begun yet.

167- it began about a month ago officially... and I agree with him most schools are out and OP prolly took the test a month ago just sayin

it's not summer yet... summer doesn't start until June 21st. also some states/school's haven't let out yet some don't end classes till the end of June not every one gets out in May

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Oh my god. That sucks pretty bad. Do you have to retake it? don't. lol. but depending on the grade OP is in I think they get held back? not sire though

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Damn maybe you didn't studied hard enough sorry :(

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So close..........................yet so far away.

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they're* seriously are you retarded?

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Hey if you really want to be such a smart ass you should capitalize your sentences . Just saying :P

Some Grammar Nazis just try too hard.

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You should at least know how to spell first before you criticize others.

She spelled everything right. Her syntax is just incorrect. So how about you learn your terms before you criticize others. Yeah?

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also If this on a iPod it sometimes autocorrects the wrong saying so she couldved said study and it auto corrected to studied and see didn't catch on time

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animal lover you look like Angelina Jolie

lol your profile pic goes so well with the comment

I never got less than 90% on one of those tests, and I never gave anything more than 10% effort. if you listen in class you have it made. I never even did my homework. tl;dr studying is a bullshit excuse and a waste.

Not necessarily, not everyone grasps material as well as you. It does help to listen in class, but some people, like myself, need extra studying to be able to do well on tests.

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