By mathgenius - 08/10/2013 19:17 - Norway - Kolltveit

Today, I passed my math test with flying colors. My dad thought I had cheated, so he emailed the school and told them that I had. They lowered my grade. FML
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olpally 32

What a jerk! Contest that grade with the school administration and teacher! That's bullshit.


Does your father have any reasoning skills?

It's possible your dad was so convinced that you cheated because of certain reasons, and inspite of whatever anyone here might say, he probably wanted you to learn not to cheat the hard way. So he probably had your best interests at heart. But still, it was very stupid to do something like this without credible info.

I dunno I remember my old man did something similar. I pretty much failed math in elementary/middle school because it was boring. Then in 7th grade I discovered algebra and for some reason really liked it. Anyway I aced the first test and my pops couldn't believe it so he told the teacher he thought I might be cheating because I had never done well at math before. In the end I just worked my ass off and got 100s on every test after that. He was a little suspicious but ended up realizing I had just never cared enough about lower level math to apply myself. Saying asshat dad is dumb the situation is probably similar. OP just prove him wrong by retaking the test on your own time with the instructor.

Regardless of the circumstance, he shouldn't do this sort of thing without evidence. I think it's less about whether or not the dad cared about OP, and more about the dad's attempt to prove himself right once and for all (which is bad). THE DAD IS WRONG.

\ 28

OP's dad must've been hellishly unpopular in his younger years

revan546 24

I'm surprised all they did was lower the grade. At my college if you're suspected of cheating it's usually a minimum failure of the course, sometimes kicked out of the school.

without due course? Insert prank calls

85: OP might be in High School or even middle school.

olpally 32

What a jerk! Contest that grade with the school administration and teacher! That's bullshit.

I'm surprised they'd do such a thing without evidence or a personal confession.

caohm 18

just do it over again in front of the teacher and let her or him see for them self

Or tell your dad to mind his own damn business.

Yes 49 that is exactly what we need! Parents taking no interest in their children's lives! You sir should write a book.

Or just have them contact the dad for the "explanation"...

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Rainhawk94 27

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Thats terrible that your own dad would do that. I say go talk to your principle about it because you don't deserve that. Expecially if it means getting into a good college later on.

Let's hope the principal has good principles.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Oh Bill Murray, you are one funny son of a bitch. Everything you say makes me laugh.

^^Wow. Could you teach me some of that sarcasm?

\ 28

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Well his middle name isn't REALLY ******* ya know but damn BILL MURRY!!!

What's the point of this comment? People need to be more constructive with their responses.

People also need to be more specific to whom they are referring to.

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hcollins1 18

Yea, that will really show dad how smart OP really is!

Is this girl serious? Yeah he might as well start being stupid because his dad decided to be an idiot. That will sure teach him! He should so do that. I love sarcasm.

Why should he lower his standards to please his retarded father, in my opinion OP should get high grades just to prove his dad wrong

woah woah woah guys. I didn't mean lower the standards, I was joking. a joke. I'm not saying that he should try to be stupid. just trying to be funny, sorry won't happen again. :/

whoa, even if you had cheated that's a bit harsh. Fair enough if you'd cheated repeatedly, but surely a grounding would've been a far fairer punishment than potentially wrecking your school career. But doing this without even verifying that you had cheated- by asking to look at the test, for example- is an absolute dick move. Sorry, OP.

Cheating is a serious thing in school. If OP had in fact cheated the dad was right to contact the school, even if it was OPs first time. But the dad jumped to conclusions and potentially wrecked OPs school career. Pretty idiotic of him to do that without confronting OP

I find that ridiculous. Yet again someone says something so everyone is like "it must be true because he said it!" Dear god people. If anything, since your father said you cheated, I'm pretty sure they should've figured that it'd be best to confront you before just going off of his accusations. Your father wasn't there. Maybe you can do a retake? I'm not sure what would be a good solution since they don't believe you... The only way I can see you proving it OP is if you retook it with someone watching you. Hopefully things work out! :) and congrats on passing the test without cheating.

Well said and I like the point of his dad jumping to conclusions. He had to have some reason to think of cheating or else he would have been happy. But call the school that is just wrong. The whole world Is full of cheater and liars and we honest people are always the fall guy for them. If you didn't cheat then you know it and prove to yourself and that's all that matters good luck