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Today, I was yelled at by my mum for not wanting to get a spray tan for my cousin's wedding because if I don't, I will "shine like a beacon of disrespect" among the other attendees. FML
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its okay not to look like a Oompa Loompa :P

Wow, i really can't figure out why that matters.


its okay not to look like a Oompa Loompa :P

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it's oompa-loompa. but I get what you're talking about, LOL.

tomahawk, really? i don't know.. I don't think that's what she meant.

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Well Op is from Wigan so yeah everyone else we be an Oompa Loompa

riceicle1 6

Well Op is from Wigan so yeah everyone else we be an Oompa Loompa

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Go swimming and get a tan that way.

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But you get to sing a bad ass song!

Chances are shes not, but lets say OP is a ginger.. you cant spray tan a ginger that's just cruel!! You make me sick OP's mum!

spray tanning a ginger would be like giving it a second disease

lol who really wants to look like the cast of the jersey shore besides jucieheads and granades

Tell her to stfu and use flawless logic to make her feel dumb. Usually means you won.

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43-I would rather look like an oompa loompa...

108,aren't they basically the same thing?

truetrue, 121. i get them confused all the time if i watch wily wonka after watching jersey shore :P

@54 - swimming? Ha! You've never been to Wigan; if OP went swimming she'd be more likely to come back blue than tanned :P

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usually I don't get too tan underwater

You tan more quickly when you're wet.

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hahaha she was right we've had enough of glittery vampires and stuff

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how'd twilight come from a fml about tanning?

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Edward is white and OP is too. Glitters cool though so OP just needs to throw some on himself.

He never mentioned anything about Twilight. So you should ask yourself that question! lol.

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the OP's username is vampire, that is the root cause of the twilight reference

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it's extremely heartbreaking to know that the term "vampire" instantly makes people think of those half retarded books and movies.... :'(

70 - I'm making a comment to 46 who is the one that brought up Twilight. 46 is commenting on 2. 2 does not have their gender specified in their profile, and their name doesn't specify it either. Therefore, when a gender cannot be verified, it is masculine. Know what you're saying and talking about before you correct me please.

are half of these people retarded of course it's twilight they're the only vampires that sparkle hence the meme "vampires aren't supposed to sparkle"

Idk if I were you, I'd just put "he/she or "she/he". just to be safe. because we shouldn't assume everything is male.. haha

get out in the sun more often lol. although, I'm not sure how it shines in the UK.

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spray tans make ppl look like carrots lol

111 - it never shines here in the UK. Even when the sun is shining, its not really shining. We live under permanently rainy grey skies. :( OK, I'm joking.

up here in Scotland we've had about 3 sunny days this year :) hoping for 4

Wow, i really can't figure out why that matters.

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5 should talk, she's only 13.

It's okay though, she has a blog; who wouldn't want to read about a 13 year old girls' life? *sarcasm*

i would change my bio put the app crashes, and why r u guys spendin time to bag on me? have no life I see

Pretty sure it matters cause its un ethicly right to force someone underage to get a tan or to emotionally abuse someone ( your own daughter for **** sakes ) just because they wont get a tan. Dunno if its illegal there but it is here. ****** up world we live in when a mother hurts her child because of her looks.

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You know your mom was a sorority bitch when she's THAT obsessed with appearance that she's willing to make EVERYONE ELSE degrade to make herself (or whoever) look better.

You r insulting OPs mother.. Thats harmful and u will hurt her feelings if she reads ur comment. U inconsiderate dehydrated camel

Say it loud, you're a pale beacon of disrespect and proud! I don't know how being un-tanned is disrespectful but your mum is funny, OP. From now on anyone who agitates me is a beacon of disrespect. Kudos to you (and #8) for sticking with what you believe to be your best look. A high self-concept is more important than someone else's trendy notion of what looks good.

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That's a little much, eh? I see your point, but "trendy notion of what looks good"? Maybe some people just like being tanned. O_o

same here! I just keep getting paler! I prefer pale on me! some people naturally belong pale, and those of you who aren't naturally born pale and should be tan, I don't prefer spray tans cause it's fake but it's ENTIRELY THEIR CHOICE :P

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Dehydrated camel has just become my new favorite insult!

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8, I highly doubt op's mom will read these.

1215116a 14

Wrong comment and number....sorry I comes the thumbs down.... -.-

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don't worry, I thumbed up to make you feel :D

i agree. in America, people pay to look tanned. but in asia, tanned people pay to look as white as possible.

highly doubt that. Wigan being in the UK and all, where we don't have sororities. more likely she's a scally.

I never quite understood the obsession with tanning. I'm naturally very pale and I love it.

You're probably very pale because you stay inside all day and never get out in the sun, emo bitch.

I love my pale skin :D but for the most part my light sensitive migraines, my slight photophobia and Ginger genes I can't really go out :/ I'm like a vampire >:3

Yeah, no. First of all, I'm not emo. Second of all, I just plain don't tan. I can't use this Summer as an example because it's either been cold or rainy all month, but last year I spent 3 hours walking around Ottawa in 40+ degree weather and didn't even tan a bit. The next day I went canoeing for an hour and used a weaker SPF sunscreen but still no dice. I wanted to see what I looked like tan but I guess it just isn't in the cards for me.

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I'm naturally tan so I don't have a problem with tanning :D but then again I am Latino

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You only look like an oompa-loompa if the person doing it is a dumbass.

TheDrifter 23

You will to the rest of us. Did you think nobody notices the chemical dye orange/bronze color it turns you, even when done properly?

ATLforever7 6

I've only done it once since I'm naturally very pale, and I didn't have an orangey look at all. As long as you go for a color that looks natural, you won't get the oompa-loompa effect. But I can't argue with the fact that a lot of people who get it done overdo it.

people seem to have a stereotype that anyone who does it even once will look like an oompa loompa. it looks fine if you do it once or twice. but after that you're a snooki.

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**** your mom! rock the natural look baby :)

why u saying to '**** her mum' ? She could be 80 for all u know. ************.

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seracy13 was saying that her moms opinion doesn't matter

******* your mom would be gross, perv. hehe

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188- grow up and if my mom said that I would say "you and your tanness show a disrespect of individuality so shove it"

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Finally, someone understands! The OP is a huge jerk for disregarding the theme and being a party-pooper.

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I'm only commenting so this FML will have 200 comments exactly because I like the look of that.

Was it some kind of Jersey Shore themed wedding?

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****** I was about to say that.

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