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Today, I had a wonderful dream where I got married to the perfect guy, then had the best sex of my life on a beautiful honeymoon. The only problem is that my "husband" was the snowman from Frozen, and that I got sad when I realized it was just a dream. FML
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cjwayy 22

Do you want to **** a snowman?

username53001 7


that right there, is some wild imagination

im already wet just thinking about it ;)

It's ok, if **** Olaf and I'm a straight guy lol he's a badass

Your dream is obviously telling you to seek out a nice, slightly oblivious pale man with photosensitivity.

cryssycakesx3 22

Love how these comments literally have nothing to do with my first comment. When I'm trying to be an attention seeker in the comments, I at least make sure it has something slightly to do with the comment I'm responding to. Or don't reply if you can't think of anything.

I guess he didn't love you enough to leave you behind :/

incoherentrmblr 21

That must've been a warm dream...

cjwayy 22

Do you want to **** a snowman?

Olaf will do whatever snow does in Summer all over her.

Redoxx_fml 22

Do you wanna build a snowdick?

sterling1113 15

It doesn't have to be a snowman...

Do you wanna f*** a snowman? Come on, let's have a three way! I never f*** you anymore Please close the door Make your clothes go away We used to be f*** buddies And now we're not I wish you would tell me why! Do you wanna f*** a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman...

kewpiesuicide 29

I spit my pizza out when I read that 2 lol. Hilarious!

I said that right before I even clicked the comments. Needless to say, you get thumbs up!

cadillacgal79 32

61-You made me choke on my chicken from reading that! XD

After you got all warm and you cuddled, Did he get so hot he turned into a .... Happy snowman?

Hey, Olaf is pretty cute. I'd marry him in a heartbeat if I didn't think our children would turn out to be slushies.

Haha just laughed so hard at the slushie remark. :D

Cz you are so hot and he is cold. I get it :)

I thought that movie was overrated.

DaMann360 19

Well maybe you should go jump off a cliff

DaMann360 19

Or shut the **** up. Your choice

Why are people thumbing this down? I agree. We're allowed to have our opinions, right?

I think it's being down voted because it's fairly irrelevant

I guess snow is coming early this year.

So you were really enjoying his ice sickle?