By Mr. Shawzy - 15/01/2009 11:43 - Canada

Today, after taking a shower, I decided to weigh myself. Curious, I peered down. I couldn't see the scale. I am fat. FML
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Bart: Um, Dad? Homer: Huh? Bart: Towel rack...


one of my favorites honestly it waz a pleasure to read this cause now i know im skinnier than someone else HAHAHA

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I have a periscope you could borrow...

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FYL because that sucks but YDI for letting it happen.

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ahh me too, i feel for you, but i bet your fine

judging by your picture you don't seem to have that problem anymore

Haha you dumb fatass... It isn't that hard to figure out if your fat

Bart: Um, Dad? Homer: Huh? Bart: Towel rack...

dad....its say that its not toxic! XD sorry i had too, i think im gonna go watch thé Simpson

Hit the gym, it'll be hard work, but you owe it to yourself and your family to get in shape.