By redisnotmycolor - 16/11/2009 01:46 - United States

Today, while putting on makeup, I got a face full of bloody scratches instead of an even skin tone. Turns out my makeup sponge was full of bits of glass. My little brother forgot to tell me he shattered a mirror beside my makeup box. FML
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I would recommend seeing a doctor if you haven't already. In case you have tiny shards in your cheeks now.


What a pleasent surprise! *before you thumbs-down this comment, I'm being sarcastic :)*

thebigtwinkie 28

obviously, red is not her colour=))))

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Yep, FAKE. So you used a makeup sponge that hard that it scratched you? Oh and when it hurt (because glass scratching your face should hurt) you just kept on going? YDI for being that stupid then.

ACTUALLY, if they were very thin scratches, she might not have felt anything. You've never nicked yourself with a razor, have you? Unless I do so in a very sensitive area, I never feel it and so don't notice until I see blood. And also, I've seen a lot of people really rub that stuff in. I personally only ever use a little eyeliner and mascara, and can't understand WHY people rub it in like that, but some definitely do.

Have you ever put on make up? I hate it, but as an actor, I have to use it on stage. And yes, we press hard when putting on foundation.

I would recommend seeing a doctor if you haven't already. In case you have tiny shards in your cheeks now.

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so is that 7 years of bad luck...and you have to re-do your makeup?

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Perhaps the bad luck is WHY OP has to redo the makeup.

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That only works if YOU were the one to break the mirror

Fake. How would you not notice scratching your own face? =

Sounds way to fake... He broke a mirror for crying out loud, you would so see the pieces!!! Please people when you put stuff on here please be truthful! Its more fun and it doesnt make the rest of us think you a reject that needs to make up rubbish!

Flutist 3

He could have shattered it and cleaned up the big pieces but not noticed it in her make up case. But I wonder, wouldn't you have noticed that you were bleeding. Most people look in the mirror. So unless you tried to speed through make up, then I think you would only have it on part of your face. Even then, it will heal. Unless it scars you forever or your skin falls off, then its not that big of an FML>

Tiny bits of glass or glass dust would be impossible to notice and clean up. Ever wonder why fiberglass insulation is so itchy and irritating and can give you a rash when you touch it? Yea, that would be because it's made of woven glass, and tiny TINY little spikes and shards can stick out and dig into your skin. Same principle here...the glass bits were so small they weren't visible, but they were still sharp enough to cut like razor blades. Mirror breaks, scattering glass dust all over the place. Glass dust gets onto and into makeup sponge. Girl uses sponge on face. Face gets carved up. Plausible enough for ya?

And flutist, it's possible for it not to bleed for a while, until she moves a facial muscle. If the cuts were made by thin, microscopic pieces of glass, they might not have started bleeding right away, until the skin was pushed away from the paper cuts. You might not see or feel them right away, but when you take a shower later and your skin softens up, they hurt like hell.

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I just want to know why you would CONTINUE to put the makeup on after the first few scratches occurred.