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By  lollipops321  |  0

yes i think there might be more to the story, and the boss is in love with him. but congrats on quiting! im sure you wanted to, it was probably a crappy dead end job.

oh and 8thh. beast ive never been this high lmfao.

  ananamoose  |  0

you know i had the impulse to say "lmao. never heard that before" because this would be true i have never heard of someone riding a baloney poney, it's a creative term for the male reproductive organ, and kudos fischju, I agree with everyone before but I need to say my own saying.

haha quality bright young sir, that was a quality remark, that brought laughter to my life

let's see if it catches on...

  STVader  |  0

no 41, the reason it wont was because you FUCKING BROKE THE CHAIN that was started on accident by a double post and evolved into something beautiful.

And I wanted to break it, but I also wanted to extend it, and it was a delicious dilemma until you took the beauty away.


By  Luckster  |  0

Opposite of what my ex-boss did.....after a quit, every time I returned to the store for shopping, she'd give me the devil's glare of death and would avoid talking to me at all. Apparently after I left, the store went to hell in terms of tidiness, and I was the only one who kept the place clean. Because of the store looking like shit, it didn't rank #1 in the district. She blamed it on me. I quit because she was an insane lunatic, obsessed with making the store #1 in the district, which prevented me from actually doing my work since she kept demanding that I memorize all of the questions on the customer service survey form that people can fill out online. I still have no idea why I had to memorize something that the customer fills out, and not myself.