By Azcrazy - 03/08/2009 17:16 - United States

Today, I quit my job after two years. Now I have my crazy boss sitting out in front of my house, telling me she wants to work things out. She's been there all day. FML
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She sounds more like a crazy ex than a crazy boss.


Wow psycho much? You should ask for a huge raise or something. (1st)

Yeah, idk what you were making before, but double your previous salary should probably do it.

You had to declare that you were first didn't you? *Thumbs down*

guess what bud, YOUR FIRST! HIGH FIVE

He also commented on subject, unlike you. *thumbs down* That sounds like something that would happen to me. Call the cops or something.

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This seems like something Michael Scott would do.

She sounds more like a crazy ex than a crazy boss.

Crazy bosses - sometimes they act like girlfriends.

Yeah, but on the plus side, they'd do anything to get u bakk ;)

my thoughts exactly! I could have not said it better myself.

Laugh Out Loud. How crazy could an ex employer be? She obviously was doing something wrong if you quit, and she didn't notice. FYL

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yes i think there might be more to the story, and the boss is in love with him. but congrats on quiting! im sure you wanted to, it was probably a crappy dead end job. oh and 8thh. beast ive never been this high lmfao.

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perhaps i shouldn't have read this fml on the way to give my two weeks notice lol

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She wants to ride your baloney pony

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lmao. ive never heard that before.

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lmao. ive never heard that before.

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lmao. ive never heard that before.

lmao. ive never heard that before.

you know i had the impulse to say "lmao. never heard that before" because this would be true i have never heard of someone riding a baloney poney, it's a creative term for the male reproductive organ, and kudos fischju, I agree with everyone before but I need to say my own saying. haha quality bright young sir, that was a quality remark, that brought laughter to my life let's see if it catches on...

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its won't 41. because you're clearly a loser. nobody talks like that go live 50 years ago

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no 41, the reason it wont was because you ******* BROKE THE CHAIN that was started on accident by a double post and evolved into something beautiful. And I wanted to break it, but I also wanted to extend it, and it was a delicious dilemma until you took the beauty away. *cries*

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Opposite of what my ex-boss did.....after a quit, every time I returned to the store for shopping, she'd give me the devil's glare of death and would avoid talking to me at all. Apparently after I left, the store went to hell in terms of tidiness, and I was the only one who kept the place clean. Because of the store looking like shit, it didn't rank #1 in the district. She blamed it on me. I quit because she was an insane lunatic, obsessed with making the store #1 in the district, which prevented me from actually doing my work since she kept demanding that I memorize all of the questions on the customer service survey form that people can fill out online. I still have no idea why I had to memorize something that the customer fills out, and not myself.