By patch91 - 05/04/2011 02:03

Today, I got in a car accident on the way to work. I received an abusive phone call from my boss saying he shouldn't have to cover my lazy ass. I was driving to cover his shift because he was too drunk to show up to work. FML
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Free pass to show up to work drunk tomorrow..

Can you quit that job?


Aww I'm sorry OP /:

I'm sorry, I'm a c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker :D

op deserved it for not having the balls to stand up for themselves. If your boss is a prick then call them on it.

That doesn't sound very smart insanesna, you can't call your boss a prick. You'll get fired D:

Hmm, aren't you meant to be insured traveling to and from work by your work? Not sure how it fits in with the FML, but curious. :)

50, only when riding unicorns powered by dream clouds and puppy dog sneezes. Trust me, I'm a supreme court judge in Candyland.

51, that's clears up my judgement. Thank you for that. lol

50, not in all countries. here (i don't know where you are) I BELIEVE it's only certain trades as their sites change, i.e carpenters, plumbers etc. i am covered to some degree as I'm on the road allot, but not for damages to my car! hope that helps dude...

somebody's got the case of the Mondays!

I wonder if Monday workplace violence increased after that movie was released

but... it's Tuesday...

Can you quit that job?

Unfortunately not, they are contracted for life.

there's one way out of this. he can end his obligation, but only if he quits...LIKE A BOSS. |the kid|

Free pass to show up to work drunk tomorrow..

i say go to work drunk and cock slap your boss.

What if he enjoys it? Maybe he likes the cock.

instant promotion

OP you should record your phone calls. FYL.

dude, OP missed out on a chance to take his boss's job. never cover for a drunky-patunky.

Haha, what?? I'm going to add "drunky-patunky" to my vocab from now on!

Drunky-patunky? What the hell is that?

why do people slam doors at 2 in the morning. Antarctica sucks right now

antartica always sucks

And you're commenting this to let everyone know that that was the time and reason you were on FML? O_o Were you under the impression anyone would care? :o

Back in my day we would have still made it in and done our job and looked good doing it. Even if that means our horseless carriage was hit by a train and it made us walk 20 miles in the snow... barefoot, help a woman give birth half way to work, with 3 mountain lions chasing us the whole way.

hahaha and up hill the whole way!

that's nothing. i woke up at one in the morning every day to drain the lake before i even got breakfast, which was hot gravel. then i had to refill the lake with my own tears, and walk uphill, barefoot, over broken glass in -200 degree weather, so i could get to school, where i was beaten all day long by arnold schwarzenegger dressed as a nun.

I used to NEVER sleep and consistently had climb up and down mt. Everest While holding 100 homeless people on my back, while my feet were on fire, and lived on whatever weeds or flower I could find off the mountain as food and my sweat as drink. :D

42 47 you both are nothing. I sat through an entire episode of 'The View' sober and the remote control was gone... I didn't know whether to vomit or cry or find a long enough piece of rope.

i just casually munch on freshly killed camel meat on my way to work. don't worry -- i killed it humanely. |the kid|

Wow 48. I'm a woman and even I couldn't sit through The View. *bows down*

16, why did you use a horseless carriage when there were trains?

I listened to Rebecca black. and survived.