By Potforapeso - 01/10/2014 02:30 - United States - Red Bank

Today, I found out my son was selling pot for pesos. We live in New Jersey and have never planned on going to Mexico. FML
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Maybe he's secretly in charge of a cartel :P

I'd be another thing if he sold them for Euros, those are a higher currency than pesos (:


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#51 the point is that the kid has no use for pesos; they're worthless in his country unless he exchanges them, which he'd have to pay for

I hope he is at least getting the rates correct. 10 pesos for a gram would be a massive loss.

Maybe he's secretly in charge of a cartel :P

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Even then, I still think they'll take $US over $MXP...


This definitely should have been first comment. Lol

I'd be another thing if he sold them for Euros, those are a higher currency than pesos (:

That's the point. Instead of selling it for pesos, which has a lower currency, he'd make more if he sold it for a higher currency like Euros

how does that work?! unless you mean psychologically, it would only mean he'd charge less euros for the pot which equal the same amount of money

#53 But euros are more widely used throughout the world and it costs money to get money exchanged. That is if you can find a place that exchanges pesos for euros where OP is.

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Yes, but I believe the point 53 was trying to make is that the type of currency does not matter if you adjust your price to take that into consideration. If I'm charging 5,000 pesos per gram, and you are charging 50 Euros per gram, I'm still making more money than you after the exchange is handled, and we are both making more than the guy selling it for street value American cash.

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57 why would he trade pesos for euros?

this is the second dumbest conversation ive ever read

I really, really want to know the first...

83, I feel bad for you... not only because I completely agree, but also because there is so much worse and at some point you're gonna have to see that :) see xkcd 1166 for a cute little window into the world of internet conversations!

@53 That's not how you use psychologically...

When I first read this I thought OP was mad the kid didn't sell the pot for the local currency...

It was a joke. People take this site very seriously. Of course I don't think OP is upset with the kind of currency. I should probably refrain from using sarcasm.

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that was my first thought, too. Lol. who knows, obviously ppl sell pot, who's to say op doesn't?? :)

@27 - I do. I know OP personally, we're paraglidesail buddies and his name starts with a letter.

everyone's name starts with a letter....I don't get this comment, LOL

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Please don't ever refrain form using sarcasm. It's like a rare gem on this site lately. And all of us with fully functioning brains and an actual sense of humor enjoy it tremendously.

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You should have added {sarcasm} for thé mourrons to understand you...

Have a talk with him and see what's going through his mind.

"What are you doing?! That's the wrong type of cash!!"

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I don't think anything is going through his mind.

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He might be planning ahead for when the heat catches up to him :3

Maybe the kid doesn't know the difference between a dollar and a peso.

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.Or maybe his supplier is Mexican, and accepts pesos for his payments...Or maybe he was charging 5,000 pesos per gram, exchanging it at a bank, and actually making quite a bit more than he would if he was only accepting American cash...

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maybe he just likes shiney coins?

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Maybe it's his way off telling you he's moving to Mexico. Or your son is just a dumbass.

I'm leaning towards the later. Either that or he knows something the rest of us don't. I mean I know the dollar is going downhill, but the peso isn't exactly a secure investment choice.

I wondered if Op's son was selling the pot only to make enough money to move to Mexico. Just because "they" weren't planning on going to Mexico doesn't mean his son wasn't.

Whatever the plan was, I dare say, it was "half-baked".