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Today, I was in class just taking notes and minding my own business. The teacher has already called my parents twice complaining about me. As we are taking 3 pages of notes she grabs mine and rips them up, saying that she is sick and tired of me drawing. I was drawing the graphs on the board. FML
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Man your teacher sounds like a bitch.. I had a teacher rip my work up too.. then I took her on a guilt trip and she gave me an A.


Man your teacher sounds like a bitch.. I had a teacher rip my work up too.. then I took her on a guilt trip and she gave me an A.

I would have ripped that teacher's FACE off.. BITCH! I hate my math teacher.. I'd be pissed if she ripped up my shit, pissed enough to go to juvie and get suspended for assault. No other teacher, though. Just her. >;l

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I feel ya #17, I have some bitchass teachers that get on my nerves too.

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Even if you were drawling in class (which I'm not saying you were), that was an extremely unprofessional way to handle that situation. You need to grab a few witnesses and have her ass called into the admin's office.

i once had to redo a test because i had a bitch TOC that claimed i cheated because i handed the test in smiling...

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yea I've had a math teacher like that, I was having an asthma attack in class and she started yelling in my face, I shoved her away but I got in trouble!!! I had to go to the hospital it got so much worse. I feel you OP. :/

I think I had her too. What school are you at? hah.

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Once you let yourself get a bad reputation it takes forever to shake it off. Learn that lesson and just try harder to win her round. Oh, and tell her to look at the notes she tore up.

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What right does the teacher have to rip up her notes?

Wow, thanks Beave! The next time somebody ***** on me, instead of fighting back, I'll follow your 1950's era advice.

Yeah seriously, even if (s)he was drawing on their paper, ripping it up is destruction of property-what if it was an art project, for example?

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then the teacher would say "YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING ANOTHER CLASSES HOMEWORK IN HERE *bitch nag mean teacher rant*"

you know nothing about the reason why she is mad at the OP

yeah srsly why do they get the people who are worst with kids to teach?

Sounds exactly like my old science teacher. /= I'm sorry OP! I can't even come up with something witty and cruel... Yet.

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Wow, what a bitch. Even though you're not drawing, I never did get why teachers don't like doodling :< It's better than staring aimlessly in space...

My language arts teacher says we're allowed to draw in class as long as it's not some abstract thing that's taking all of our attention so we aren't listening to her. She's nice :x

@43, it's because drawing engages the right side of the brain, but writing notes engages the left side of the brain. A person is more likely to remember something if they can engage both sides of the brain. Wow, I'm a geek.....

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I got in trouble once for "not paying attention" because I was *gasp* taking notes. This wasn't long after the teacher suggested we take notes.

Were they graphs like this?

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Stop taking notes. Seriously. Just sit there with your arms crossed, and if she asks why you're not taking notes, tell her it's because you're no longer allowed to "doodle" in class, and apparently she thinks that taking notes is doodling. I promise, flunking a class in high school is NOT A BIG DEAL in the greater scheme of things. Once you're out of high school and in the real world, you'll realize just how unimportant your grades in HS were.

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I'm not joking when I say I agree with this; it's a lot better to do stuff like this sometimes. You'll always have notes to take, but maybe you can fix this teacher a little and make it better for everyone who has to deal with her.

I agree 100%. I quit showing up senior year after the APs. I still graduated. The college that had already accepted me didn't change its mind. My two least favorite teachers could not stand the fact that an 18 year old could not be compelled legally or otherwise to bend to their will. **** with the school system as much as you can and still graduate, you'll be amazed at the shit you can pull. Just don't overdo it and become one of those kids gets to leave jail for a day to tell next year's senior class why senior pranks are a bad idea.