By nodad - 11/10/2011 04:52 - United States

Today, I found out my dad stole money from me when he was arrested for buying Oxycodone from an undercover cop. FML
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I hope for your sake you don't follow in his foot steps. Fyl op :/

ReynshineCutting 10

He's not a dick. He has an addiction and needs help. Since it most likely started after being prescribed some for an injury, it's not his fault and he needs therapy. Don't be mad OP. Offer to help him with it.


I hope for your sake you don't follow in his foot steps. Fyl op :/

hannahcorrine 0

Is he an addict, or did he need it for the aftereffects of surgery?

ImFrackinBored 13

Well isnt he great?

Only the near-retarded ones get caught buying drugs ;)

Malinkrot 3

withdrawal is a bitch. and the sad thing is, many people don't intentionally become opiate addicts. they get prescribed painkillers after surgery or an injury, become addicted, and then the doctor cuts them off because of all the strict laws about painkillers. so then the person is withdrawing and the opiate has messed with the chemicals in their brain, telling them, "you NEED to get more!" thats how people end up going to the methadone clinic all their life or turning to heroin

I wonder if OP is Dr. Rocksos kid

17 I was thinking of Eddie dean throughout your whole comment (if you don't know who that is you don't read enough Stephen king)

U r very close to my birthday mine was 27/11/87

I LoVED under the dome - great book!!

wazdog 4

Could've been worse. Could've been an undercover transvestite.

13FTW 9

But then he wouldn't have gone to jail? He just would've woken up with a funny feeling is his bum.

D37H100 5

28, eh ether way he's having that feeling lol

Good attempt..

Yikes! Hope he gets in rehab soon!! Sorry your dad is a dirtbag OP :(

SkardeyKat 3

Just because someone has an addiction problem doesn't automatically make them a dirtbag. It is pretty low that he stole money from op, hopefully op's dad will use this opportunity to get the help he needs.

nick347b 6

You were raise by a moron.

Bmocc 3


So were you, apparently.

Because they left off a "d"? Simple typographical error that many people accidentally commit... Especially while using cell phones. Way to be jerks.

If a word isn't spelled correctly the comment is automatically thumbed down and grammar Nazis attack with full force. Everyone should know this by now! :P

Times like this where a facepalm can only go so much..

DropBearHunter 8

Its where an ovarian delight does the rest.

Madden12 6

When you leave money lying around like that, you're basically an enabler OP. Times like these when people ask themselves - where are the paren.. I mean where are the KIDS? If you can't be raised by them, don't have parents!

He bought it from a cop? Then that means the cop should et arrested to for being a bad undercover cop and selling that and... oh. Well nevermind.

You are retarded correct? And undercover cop dumb shit! He tricked him into buying the drug Jesus christ k fear for humanity

Senior29 8

aah, families... ;)

DropBearHunter 8

What is wrong with good ol weed? Oh, and FYL for having a junkie dad.

Sweet Mary Jane:) Kids, lets go back to the good 'ol days and start TOKING!

Wow! Stealing to buy drugs? I've heard of kids stealing from their parents but haven't really the other way around. I hope your dad's not addicted.

When someone's stealing money from their own kid to buy drugs, I would say it's a fairly safe bet they're addicted.