It was supportive, I swear

By oopsydaisy - 01/10/2014 02:20 - United States

Today, my co-worker told me that my other co-worker is in the process of getting a divorce. I got really excited because his marriage is very toxic. He overheard me say, "He deserves that divorce!" I meant it in a good way, but I don't think he took it that way. FML
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JMichael 25

just explain your reasoning behind the comment

Be more careful next time. F your joblife.


JMichael 25

just explain your reasoning behind the comment

he's probably going to think they're lying and trying to cover up what they really meant.

Somehow, explaining yourself always seems to make the situation worse

WaxenSecrets 5

I'm with you, #1. Maybe he'll assume you're lying but that's on him. It's not your responsibility to make that decision for him. Stand by your word and maintain your integrity. Sure, hindsight tells us that it would have been best to say nothing at all, but it's too late for that now.

its better to explain your statement than not...

ouch, explain to him that you meant it in a good way (:

Not so sure that would go too well. Like what #7 said OP would probably get called a liar.

Or just consider it a lesson learned. It's never a good idea to voice your opinion over personal matters, especially things like someone's marriage. Professionalism is important at work, and you'll be preventing yourself from getting into sticky situations like this.

PoisonOrchid 21

Agreed #33. OP should have showed some restraint and professionalism. And maybe some tact as well. The marriage may be toxic, but that doesn't me the co-worker isn't upset about it and might not want to hear "congratulations" as a response.

sometimes its a subconcious thing and you have no restraint over your words and you say the first thing thats on your mind...of course regretting it later

Be more careful next time. F your joblife.

IllegalName 8

explain what you really ment and then take him out for a good time

Ouch, bit of verbal diarrhoea there... Glad he's getting out of that bad relationship though. I'm sure you meant him well!

The term verbal diarrhea is used when someone talks too much and/or rambles. OP just said something that could easily be taken the wrong way.

it's also used when someone says something they shouldn't have said or didn't mean to say

On topics like that at times it's better just to keep your mouth shut

WinterBlue42 22

Even though you meant well, that is why it is generally a bad idea to gossip in the workplace. :x FYL though.

I'm sure he's just very stressed and in a bad mood. That's a very personal thing to go though and I bet he doesn't appreciate people around work talking about it, even though you meant well.

i can think of plently of ways i could have worded that better, but i myself have done similar and am not critisising because it happens to the best of us, its too late now i guess. atleast with technology i have time to think about my typed response before i send it