By 14YearOld - 25/11/2011 17:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out my parents have a list of everything I have ever Googled. FML
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Oh god. Next time, remember to clear your history. Some people look up crazy shit.

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Oh god. Next time, remember to clear your history. Some people look up crazy shit.

Won't help if his parents use a logging web proxy like squid.

Are you among those crazies? Jus wondering.....

We all have google searches we aren't proud of. I myself went through one hell of an Asian period. Don't feel bad.

Asian persuasion O.o When I was 14 my parents did the same thing and said each website out loud to me and my 3 brothers to find out who's was who's. Let's just say I was into anime back then..

A few months ago, I found out that you can get a full list - my first entries were in 2006 ( omg) and I immediately deactivated this kind of tracking altough I think they log it anyway.

a lot of people Just get that urge for hentai that's just weird when you're finished its okay

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Just don't delete too much! It will seem suspicious if it looks like you haven't been on the Internet for a couple months straight!

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I felt both uncomfortable and oddly interested by this stream seeing as I'm Asian. Is anime really that shameful to have watched??

You are awesome

163 - See for yourself! Simply Google "Hot Hentai tentacle vids" and you can answer your own question.

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Even if you delete your history, there’s a way to still track it. Your modem still has everything you’ve searched, even after deleting history. You just have to know where to look unfortunately.

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The Internet has turned into an online fap book.

Don't use Yahoo, use Bing.

So, do they understand the fact it's not your fault you can't survive without your midget ****?

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Maybe try google Crome or a proxy? Idk.. Just guessing...

You should have known that searching Asian ass **** would come back to haunt you

You weren't masturbating, you were researching biology

MyPupRox 2

That's not that bad. Maybe your blonde vixen can teach them as much as she's taught you.

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What have you been Gooleing?...

xoconnie 8

oh shit.....

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Not yahoo, just a proxy. Try startpage, I used that at school once to go on YouTube and FML.

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Just open an incognito page on google chrome, and if you use Internet explorer then a private page, it doesn't save your web page or search history

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Time to go incognito...

49 am I the only one that got the Daniel Tosh reference?

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That's what you want all of them to think.......Jk.

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Changing search engines, using proxies, etc won't help if it's the ISP providing the list.

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That's why you don't google virgin boy assholes.

Another Ex-fml reference. But maybe he does.

Maybe they use his tags to find the good stuff for themselves. They may not be very computer savvy.

I see what you did there!

Google goatse, that will stop them from looking..

I'm scared to look it up

MrSexyPants 14

Don't look it up.

You can never truly lose your virginity till you see goatse. Rofl

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I'm going to barf.

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I googled it. While I was eating. You can imagine how it turned out.

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I hate you. I just looked it up, I don't think I will ever be able to erase that picture from my memory ¤_¤

What is it. Im too scared to look it up. :/

This is such an old meme. lol. BTW, goaste means goat sex, but it has nothing to do with goats =s

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86- @aimferd you don't wanna see .. It's nasty. Try googling

That is disgusting but ive seen worse.

Uhhh... Where have you been looking?

The_Troller 14

How much do you wanna bet 61's moderated comment had a link to it?

or 2girls1cup or meatspin :)

Meatspin is nothing compared to goatse, tg1c, lemonparty, or blue waffle....what other horrors of the Internet am I missing?

I just went to urban dictionary XD it explains it all without the blinding image.

146 - I could name some really horrific ones but they aren't sexual . Just plain discusting and shocking. I'm not going to because I don't want to destroy some peoples sleep patterns.

143, missing a lot. There is a site with all these horrors. If you have food, don't go to it :). Lolshock dot com

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Pain Olympics?

OMG!!! I've seen a lot of shit in my life, but I didn't even know that was humanly possible! Thank you for teaching me something new! Everyday is a day of learning at the school of FML!

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Lemonparty :P

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I thought blue waffles was bad....

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Look these up too: Tubgirl Lemon party Scroll below Mr. Hands 1 guy 1 jar

FML for that horrible image. I don't get grossed easily but that was nasty.... Stupid curious self lol

THANK GOD FOR URBAN DICTIONARY. I can now know what it is WITHOUT the pictures...

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That is really weird..

Learn to delete the history next time.

Or maybe just rely on your spank bank for a while. I'm sure you have some images stored up there for a rainy day.

Keep a history of what they have googled, just hope they don't watch **** together...

This is beyond embarassing if you're into weird fetish things....

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Midget ****? How is that weird?

The_Troller 14

What about tentacle p0rn? Is that weird enough for you?

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I'm personally into hot grills and nude grills.

That would not be good for me

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Me either

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That comment goes well with your picture, 10

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What have you been googling!?

your too young to know :)

Porn, of course!

I'll tell you when you're older

Quick and easy high explosives from common household products

I find it ironic that you say she's too young to know when OP is about her age.


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Thats why you 'use' google on your iPod.