By missyoudad. - 31/08/2010 07:54 - Australia

Today, I Googled my father, who I haven't seen in 3 years. The first website link was his obituary. When I confronted my mom about it, she said, "Oh, didn't I tell you?" and walked off. FML
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empty het bank account, when she asks about it, be like oh, I didn't tell you?


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that's horrible...take her car and make it go off a cliff and when the police show up to tell her they found her car just wait until the nice officers leave and say "oh didn't I tell you" and walk off.

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Wow. Some negative comments... Ooooh well:)

yup that hot girl is right, why didnt you contact him before?

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I agree. I haven't seen my dad in 10 years but I'd still wanna know if he died... Sheesh

33-maybe he is a dad that doesn't come by very often. My sister hasn't talked to my dad in years, but he still sends her birthday and Christmas cards every year. If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't know if he was alive or dead. Plus OP didn't say WHEN he died. I think that info would be important, don't you?

That's a good point, UtterCatastrophe, we don't know how long ago the OP's dad died.

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it's pretty messed up that your mom didn't tell you, but it seems like you weren't too close with him anyways.

So? You don't need to be close to your father to mourn his death, he's her dang father, as in the man without his existince she too would to not exist. Idiot.

Totally. Even if I didn't speak to my dad for a decade, I'd still want to be informed if he died. That's just common courtesy...

don't sweat it sis. I'm sure your dad is in a betta place

hahahahahaha that's a great plan! Love it!!!

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aw you poor thing): this is really an FML

typical African american difunctional family

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@ MiSTERmAttt Too bad the poster says they're from Australia.

Hasn't seen you in three years? Probably better off.

Are you out of your ******* mind? It doesn't matter how little contact they had, he was her FATHER, idiot. Of course she'd like to know he died. Use your freaking brain, it's there for a reason.

My dads a bit of an ass, and I haven't seen him in 2.5 years but I'd still want to attend his funeral, know he was dead, etcetera.

One of the saddest fmls I've ever read :(

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That really sucks, put her in an old age home NOW

Fyl... why wouldn't your own mom tell you? Some mom she is.

I agree with #4 put her in a retire* home

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agree with #13 *retirement home :)

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Omg! That's horrible! D: your mom didn't think to tell you that your own father had died?! It should be her in that grave tbh :/

Tf is wrong with you? You should never wish death on anyone, no matter who is it

empty het bank account, when she asks about it, be like oh, I didn't tell you?

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that's actually a good idea [x

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Go contract HIV and "accidentally" cut her with a knife, then "accidentally" cut yourself as well. When she finds out she has HIV and confronts you just say, "oh I didn't tell you?"

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There is a saying that says something like "When preparing for revenge, one must dig two graves" this is a perfect example of that proverb. :)

yeah, wouldn't it be better to give her HIV without giving it to yourself first?

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One would think, but sometimes you have to make self sacrifices when seeking revenge.

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Luckily the mother doesn't know that marijuana cures HIV. OP can smoke some and be okay.

if that's true, then it's a win-win situation!

youre missing the point of the saying, tehpiguy

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That is the sexiest thing I've ever heard ever.

Are you ******* kidding me? Just when I think I've totally read the STUPIDEST comment, I always still seem to be surprised when another one tops THEM ALL!!!!!!! You're there now!!!!!!

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No contact for 3 years? She probably did tell you about it and you didn't notice. It's not like there would have been a sudden emptiness in your life to remind you or anything.

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what the he'll is wrong with your picture?

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As far as I can tell the lighting is a little bright, but not much else, good color contrast I say.

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so you're toungue is shaped like that?

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whoa !! wicked :P haa ohhh, && yeah. your mom iss wack. how could she not told you thatt your father passed awayy. fkked upp.

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