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  pink_mx_braap  |  0

that's horrible...take her car and make it go off a cliff and when the police show up to tell her they found her car just wait until the nice officers leave and say "oh didn't I tell you" and walk off.


33-maybe he is a dad that doesn't come by very often. My sister hasn't talked to my dad in years, but he still sends her birthday and Christmas cards every year. If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't know if he was alive or dead. Plus OP didn't say WHEN he died. I think that info would be important, don't you?

  Houndourpup  |  0

So? You don't need to be close to your father to mourn his death, he's her dang father, as in the man without his existince she too would to not exist. Idiot.

  xNephilim  |  18

Are you out of your fucking mind? It doesn't matter how little contact they had, he was her FATHER, idiot. Of course she'd like to know he died. Use your freaking brain, it's there for a reason.

By  FFML_314  |  11

Go contract HIV and "accidentally" cut her with a knife, then "accidentally" cut yourself as well. When she finds out she has HIV and confronts you just say, "oh I didn't tell you?"

  babe7260  |  30

Are you fucking kidding me? Just when I think I've totally read the STUPIDEST comment, I always still seem to be surprised when another one tops THEM ALL!!!!!!! You're there now!!!!!!

By  killabee  |  0

No contact for 3 years? She probably did tell you about it and you didn't notice. It's not like there would have been a sudden emptiness in your life to remind you or anything.