By Uh oh....
Today, I was awakened by a small scary dark figure approaching me while making creepy noises. I screamed, kicked it away, and buried my face under my pillow. Later, after braving up, I turned on the lights. It was my sick 3-year-old niece, now dazed and coughing blood. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

You know, most people would have turned the light on first. And most people also remember when they're in a house with other people, even when they've fallen asleep in the meantime. So I'm sort of wondering why your first instinct wasn't "It's probably (niece's name)", and instead you went with "Ah! Chucky! Fucking die!", then kicked the poor kid. This isn't an FML for you, or even a YDI. I just feel really bad for your niece.

By  KnightToucan  |  18

Not to defend the actions and all of OP, but has it occured to any of you that upon waking up from a deep sleep, and your brain hasn't gotten a chance to truly comprehend being awake, it's dark, and you see something unrecognizable with abnormal noises coming for you, you're not going to at least get a slight panic rush? No, OP shouldn't have kicked the kid, but not everyone is instantly awake and focused upon waking from any kind of sleep.

  Alister  |  4

Yeah, I would’ve done the same thing. My initial first reaction whenever something sneaks up on me is kick. My brain just does it independent of actual thought.