By princess - 07/12/2015 14:12 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my 3 year old daughter's Halloween costume finally got delivered. FML
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Hope she planned to dress up like santa then.


Hope she planned to dress up like santa then.

I don't think so, toddlers grow really fast.

Oops. I was trying to reply to the other top comment. My bad.

Whenever someone says happy Hanukkah. It reminds me of Ross trying to teach Ben about Hanukkah. Totally unrelated but good ol days

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Monica: Okay, Ben, why don't you come open some more presents? And Santa, the armadillo and I will have a little talk in the kitchen. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say.

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Why is the being downvoted? it's ******* haunukka right now

Late trick or treating hopefully they'll feel pity and give her some Christmas decorations you can donate it because it will be very likely that it won't fit anymore. There, I fixed your comment! :D

So people dislike #4 but like #5 even though their both the same. Logical much?

that's because one of them is a faceless man and the other is a chick.

Yay haha since I'm a woman i got liked too bad it's not like that in real life shit nobody likes this ugly chick???

It was an emoji not question mark but whatever XD

I'd be surprised if it fits next month! This is a 3 year old we're talking about.

I could fit, I was able to wear the same costume for 2 years.

I feel your pain OP. Id be receiving mine now too if I didnt cancel my order. My almost 2 year old and I were going to be a sailor and Rosie the Riveter but our costumes kept "running out" of stock and the date kept getting pushed back and back even though we ordered ahead of time. Last minute I cancelled the order and got him an "in stock 2 day delivery" fisherman and I threw on my boyfriends work clothes (construction worker). Ordering costumes online sucks. Hope you found something cute anyway OP.

Ordering online is so temperamental. Sometimes your stuff arrives super early and other times you wait months. Hope it fits next year OP

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Maybe the seller was from China. It can take months to get it delivered

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I'd ask for a refund if you haven't already. That's horrible service.