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By  heirofhope  |  38

I'm sorry OP, cheaters are the worst. She's no good, leave her sorry butt and go get yourself a real girl who will actually love you. Chin up, you deserve better!

  ImmortalSyn  |  17

I don't know if you can call this cheating. The Op only said he thought they were together. The girl obviously didn't see it that way and the FML is more about him being wrong than her blowing a guy.

  shemademedoit  |  20

I agree with #54, also add that "find yourself a real girl" isn't as easy as it sounds. its not that we look in the wrong place no. Its not our fault 96% of some of the females I've dated are exactly as the ops chick. the more time pass the harder it is to even find a decent womanm

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

#55- Yeah, the "girl he was SEEING". This is probably just me, but there's a big difference between being boyfriend/girlfriend and just seeing each other. The latter implies that there is no exclusiveness to what they have going on, so the girl has every right to see other people during this time without it being "wrong" by most people's standards. If they were in an exclusive relationship, okay, I can see the problem. But, since it sounds like they're not, 1- she might have just been bringing up a recent experience to reaffirm that she is still not interested in exclusiveness, and 2- "just seeing each other" is a little too soon for an "I love you", in my opinion.

  Elban  |  20

So this type of thing is a deal breaker now? Maybe she didn't love the other guy either and just enjoys what she does. I mean if he didn't ask before the other guy...

  MrSassypants  |  32

#33 yeah, I mean as long as she doesn't love the other guy, it's okay to blow other dude's dicks because she enjoys it. Just like it's okay to steal money, as long as you only do it because you enjoy stealing, and not because you want the money......

oh wait, that's not okay, that's fucking stupid.

  smokecloud_  |  37

I would like to know the status of the relationship before passing full judgement. Were they exclusive? Were they casually dating? Casually hooking up? And what time frame are we looking at? I've been "seeing" a guy for five months now, and finally told him last week that I don't want to see anyone else and don't want him to see anyone else. You have to be clear about these things. The dating world can be so ambiguous.

  Sammeydw  |  22

#34 I'd watch what you say / type.
You may not have meant it, but your post came off as insulting people with special needs.
Many people with special needs are as intelligent, feeling, and emotions the same as 'normal' people.
We just express our thoughts+feelings differently, and need help to get through the day.


#63 Yeah, it seems like the kind of app/website where people would be (except on the worst of FMLs) making a lot of jokes, but almost any joke people make gets downvoted.

  ZofieHelen  |  12

#48 how on earth did that come across as offensive to people with special needs? She called him stupid. Tbh if anything I would think connecting the word 'Stupid' with 'Special school' and automatically thinking of disabled/special needs kids is more offensive.

  Elban  |  20

Was kinda the point of the post. It's all pretty vague and she could be some random person at work or something that he's decided he's in love with. She could already be dating said other guy. She's not a possession. With only at best half the info it's amazing how many people make up the other half and it's gospel.. and I'm the stupid one

By  The_Big_Boss  |  20

There is NO way that she can justify this. Don't let her tell you bullshit about it being alcohol or something. If you're a self respecting man you will quit talking to her