By badgirl - / Tuesday 21 June 2011 21:41 / United States
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"you were a problem child, been grounded your whole life so now you're running wild, playing with them good girls, no that ain't your style, you think you're hot shit an ooh, I love it, I love it" damn now that song is stuck in my head :)

  Veraymix  |  6

If you already had a mugshot, then I really don't see why you're complaining when it seems to be the truth. However for a parent to do something like that is kinda extreme.

  iluvhobos  |  5

You deserved the mugshot coming up, OP, and I'm not surprised your mom would rant about you if you have a mugshot-any mother is disappointed when that happens.

  vicenterules  |  0

Well obviously your a hard person that nobody loves because you don't know what the word "forgiving" and thats exactly why I believe peoples comments on FML are totally ridiculous an uncalled for.

  storylogan  |  0

^ actually! yeah they said they took it off , but you can still find it on there w/ lyrics only . but if you look her up, then you will have something to FML about! (:

By  MrVain21  |  0

get your shit together! u should not be giving your mother so much trouble! life is so much more than that and YOU are sooo much better than that...instead of being a loser try ambition, try self respect. I'm not perfect but it
disrespecting of parents really pisses me off because for putting up with our shit and taking care of us when they could've given us up at birth to a foster home..cleaning our rooms and doing what they ask is the LEAST u can do. please If u r being a problem child...u can change..your mother doesn't deserve that outta u.ur parent/s is all u really got In this world...enjoy her while u have her. please...

  mamamenee  |  0

I agree some mothers are just nuts and nothing you do is good enough... and some are just mental and exaggerate everything to make their shity lives seem less shity or to blame some one else for it.

  Pinkanani  |  12

I agree with number 7. For a mother to talk about how much of a disappointment her daughter is, then there is probably a very good reason. As I stated before, OP's mugshot was probably because of prostitution (yes, it is illegal in very state).

In addition, if OP had gotten her punishment deferred, chances are, her mother would have taken the post down or updated it.

  Kryson53  |  0

the mothers really not making it much easier for OP to change if she writes crappy things online, where everyone can see, and when I say everyone I talking about employers and all that important stuff

  Pinkanani  |  12

It was the only logical sense. If she were under-age, there would not have been a mugshot. Like I said, prostitution is just my guess. As a mother myself, that is probably the only thing I'd say about my daughter that would be negative. I could put up with a lot, but not that!

  Malinkrot  |  3

wtf is with the chick who keeps commenting saying "hey everyone I'm sure this is prostitution!" I think #81 herself got in trouble for prostitution, and now has some twisted goal of making it seem more common. OP probably got arrested for underage drinking or possession of cannibus. there are WAY more crimes that are more common than prostitution, especially in New Hampshire, so its kinda suspicious that some random chick is trying to convince everyone that this is definitely prostitution.

I actually got a possession charge my junior year of college but its been dropped. I still have a mugshot though.

  goblin06  |  0

pinkanani just bc ur a prostitute doesnt mean op is. and op if my mom always said i was a horrible kid id probably screw up on purpose just to put her in her place.

  lpmania  |  0

Geez. Maybe you should have more respect for yourself instead of judging others. Who knows what the mugshot was for... ya seem a little toooo butthurt over this

  cass85  |  8

How does the mother seem mean? I agree, maybe the blog should be on private but that's about all. She probably doesn't have many people who she can vent about this to - the kid herself is fairly defensive, I expect any pother family members find it awkward and you don't want to burden your friends. Venting about it is probably keeping her sane. And yes, like I say, the blog should be on a private setting rather than open to the world but, really? Do you think mothers with difficult children are calm and serene about it and all accepting of any abuse and manipulation given their way and fine about the fact that they could well be supporting the child for the whole of their lives? It isn't their job to support healthy and able children their whole lives.
No, we don't know the reason why OP has a mugshot but I doubt it was for being a totally brilliant good samaritan and it may have been a one off but judging by the OPs acceptance of that event and defensiveness over the mother's fairly understandable reaction, they just don't care.
OP, You want your mother to respect you? You want your mother to "be nice" to you? Stop being a damn problem then. Whatever you did to get the mugshot, don't give up on yourself - you owe it to you and your family to get your damn shit together and stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself.

  Pinkanani  |  12

Cass85, I read it and I agree. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that OP's mugshot was because of prostitution. If that's the case, then yes, OP absolutely deserves it!

  tona01  |  16

why prostitution?
there's a bunch of other crimes OP could have done, ohh that's right prostitution is the most usual crime young people
commit these days

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