By ywouldudomelikethat - United States - Renton
  Today, I found out my ex started a Tumblr where she posts one photo a day. Each photo being a pic I texted her over the course of our relationship. My office, the bars I like to go to, favorite restaurants, my mom's place, my place, my penis, etc. FML
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  AyeJay101  |  25

Logic is... A job is your livelihood, and some jobs don't like their stuff being posted online so if it's his office then he may be fired for it. Screwing you over more than some picture of your junk online that 99.9% if not greater can even tell that's your junk.

  epicx22  |  22

Or OP can just get the police involved, since the ex girlfriend violated his privacy. She wants to be spiteful and post his penis pictures online? Then he should be spiteful and get her arrested. Hopefully he has enough proof to show that the page belongs to her.

  ThatHorse  |  15

It's still called revenge porn in the US but it's technically legal here. By that I mean it's illegal but the vast majority of people who enforce those laws don't understand how the internet works and thus just assume it's nothing to get worked up about and tell you to just forget about it and move on with your life.

  GeorgiaBea  |  28

It is illegal in the US, and to say that the legal system ignores it is patently false. It is a federal crime to post photos, or videos of someone else's private parts or engaging in sex acts without there consent. It has taken a while for our laws to catch up to technology but they are their and they are enforced.


Tumblr staff is notoriously shitty about handling harassment reports. This is probably a case where they'd metaphorically shrug and make some vague comment about "freedom of speech"

By  swanheart  |  35

She sounds like a bit of a bunny boiler. Does anything that she posts specifically identify you? I mean - does it have your name or address or photo on, or is it just photos of places (and body parts) that you recognise but that a stranger wouldn't? Either way that's really messed up. Sorry op

By  koganti  |  18

she is mad at you like : "If she had a gun with two bullets and she was in a room with hitler, bin laden and you, she would shoot you twice".

  catherinecas  |  30

If they were in a long distance relationship or they just felt particularly good looking that day.
I think the real question is why do people consider posting pictures of others a normal thing to do?

By  Demon_Adrian  |  1

Go to a lawyer. He will write an chease-and-desist letter immediately to stop that.
Also save as a pdf file what she had posted and sue her in a civil court.
A friend of mine had similar trouble with an ex and got about 2000 Euro compensation.

  DarkLink9001  |  15

I can't tell whether you meant cease and desist or cheese and desist, and honestly, I don't know which is better. I certainly wouldn't want a cheese and desist, so I doubt OP's crazy ex would either.