By Anonymous - 06/06/2009 16:01 - United States

Today, I discovered my boyfriend of 5 months runs a website where men can submit nude or semi nude pictures of their ex's for revenge. FML
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AbscenceOfLuck 0

What did you say the website was called? lol

probably not a good idea to break up with him...

quackbuzzwoof 0

that's illegal so once you break up with him you can just tell the cops and he'll be ******.

Or, why don't you act all crazy until HE breaks up with YOU. That way he won't need revenge.

he'd prolly still take revenge for her acting crazy...

guyfawke 5

which one of those kind of sites is it? I think there are a few

Well, u know, if no one shared nude pictures, then this wouldnt be a problem

I totally agree KtKD54; just don't send nudes!

happygoluckyhh 0

What website? NUBMER 2!! XD

rejectedbeauty 0

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KrazyKatz3 26

LOL! Don't let him get a hold of any pictures of you haha.

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Purane2forever 0

Im on one of those.. but i put my self because i have a fat who know what.... wink wink ladies

dezzybaby 0

nobody cares and if youre advertising then its not true (:

ryanr21 0

Hes a mover and a shaker! thats not a bad idea! haha

moonmask 0

I agree w/ #8, that's violation of privacy and probably illegal.

alishous 8

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MaydayParadexx 18

#302, no it's not. You cannot share nude pictures of someone without their consent. And for all we know, the girls on the site could be under 18.