By Anonymous - 06/06/2009 16:01 - United States

Today, I discovered my boyfriend of 5 months runs a website where men can submit nude or semi nude pictures of their ex's for revenge. FML
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Never break up with him.

JennyyBennyy 0

this could be illegal.


Never break up with him.

AbscenceOfLuck 0

What did you say the website was called? lol

probably not a good idea to break up with him...

quackbuzzwoof 0

that's illegal so once you break up with him you can just tell the cops and he'll be fucked.

Or, why don't you act all crazy until HE breaks up with YOU. That way he won't need revenge.

he'd prolly still take revenge for her acting crazy...

Sounds like hunter moore kinda lol

guyfawke 5

which one of those kind of sites is it? I think there are a few

Well, u know, if no one shared nude pictures, then this wouldnt be a problem

I totally agree KtKD54; just don't send nudes!

I don't think it works like that lol

happygoluckyhh 0

What website? NUBMER 2!! XD

rejectedbeauty 0

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KrazyKatz3 26

That's illegal...

LOL! Don't let him get a hold of any pictures of you haha.

JennyyBennyy 0

this could be illegal.

Purane2forever 0

Im on one of those.. but i put my self because i have a fat who know what.... wink wink ladies

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nobody cares and if youre advertising then its not true (:

ryanr21 0

Hes a mover and a shaker! thats not a bad idea! haha

moonmask 0

I agree w/ #8, that's violation of privacy and probably illegal.

alishous 8

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MaydayParadexx 18

#302, no it's not. You cannot share nude pictures of someone without their consent. And for all we know, the girls on the site could be under 18.