By Anonymous - 25/12/2009 08:14 - Canada

Today, I found out my ex got invited to our Christmas Party. I also found out that she got much more presents and money from my family than I did. FML
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That's just wrong on so many levels.... :(

WTF is he ur cousin? who gives chrismas presents to exs?

Wheres are these so called cousins now?

wtf your mum and dad need to get there life together who the hell givs presents to ex's and who the **** givs more presents and money to ex's ******* hell

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I don't know, if my brother and his wife split up, we would still give her presents. Sh's that awesome. But we certainly wouldn't invite her to our chrismas party, so, yeah, FYL.

I thought for a minute you were my girlfriend, she has the same problme her ex-boyfriend got invited to their xmas dinner Ill be there too. AWKWARD

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Apparently they don't want you in the family unless your with her. Take the hint (the hint is: arson)