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That sucks, OP. Why won't you take revenge and go on a family holiday with your ex mother-in-law?

31 I see these FMLs ALL the time. My guess is she cheated on him and left him with the kids, or cleared out his bank account, etc.... Something along those lines. Family isn't going to disown you and pick up the ex because you forgot to bring a dish to a party or something.


That sucks, OP. Why won't you take revenge and go on a family holiday with your ex mother-in-law?

Spending the holidays with your in laws just doesn't seem fun. as for op, sorry your family is being a major dick.

That could actually work, as I bet the in laws are pissed that the ex husband isn't attending their holiday festivities..

42, depends on the in laws. if I do actually marry my bf one day then I will adore my in laws lol.

Not sure if spending the holidays with your former in-laws is a good idea. Unless you're the ex, of course.

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Your comment is so badly said that I can't tell if it had a point or not. Either way, there's also the possibility that OP was the cause of the divorce (e.g. they cheated or something), and they deserve it. That would explain why the parents wanted to be with the ex for thanksgiving.

There are unsaid rules on FML, one of them being if you choose not to speak proper English in coherent sentences, try and make sense at least.

Indeed, the mods should enfore that rule more often because I spend too much time trying to decode whatever these people are trying to say. Soon I will find a txt to english translator on the internet and copy and paste. And actually it is a rule, look at the commenters policy, it strictly forbids any text language

Yeah big dog turds to them! LOL

This is horrible. Try to talk some sense into your mother, but if that can't be done just forget about them. Keep you're head up. That's really really messed up

Maybe thats what her parents (not only one...) tried to do at some point and then they just gave up. Why should they ruin their holidays if they dont agree with her? Shes not a kid; you usually get what you deserve.... Considering everything i highly doubt she didnt bring it in her own. To have not one but both parents against you, for them to choose an ex husband (sometimes spouses become part of the family you know....) and explicitly tell you not to come is something i find hard to accept that the op is without fault

I'm sorry, but family is family. and when someone divorces their spouse, they are no longer family. it doesn't matter what happened. and for them to choose the ex over their child is terrible, no matter what.

utter BS. family is what you have once you get rid of all the shit. A fucking stray dog can be more of a family than an abusive drug addict father. Having same genes means nothing if the relationship itself is a torture.

My parents divorced when I was younger and my mom always went family events on my dads side. They are now back married and happy. May not be normal but it was normal for my family.

my brother is a liar and a drug addicted that we have tried to help for years but constantly just uses us. eventually you just stop trying to help cause you know there isnt anything you can do but try to live your life... but we used to still talk to his exwife and try to invite her over since she is the mother of my neice.

That's fucked up! Why would they do that?

Probably because OP did something fucked up

I agree with #2 and I also want to know what happened.

There's a reply button for that, and as far as I know, it should work on every platform.

Need more details on this one. OP could be a totally dramatic, hateful, horrible person who always kind of ruins the holidays and they are tired of it. I've seen this first hand. Or it could be something else... Maybe they just enjoy the ex-husband's company more, and don't want it to be awkward with her there. In which case I'd assume that OP isn't very close to their parents anyway. I don't know. Like I said, we need more details to really know whether she deserved this...

My aunty is a bitch at every family gathering, but we don't just not invite her, that's just rude, not to mention mean.

That's still THEIR child no matter if she's a bitch or not. Maybe the ex is having a harder time then she is still that wasn't cool and they shouldn't do that. I'd go anyway though.

some times "family" gets disowned..but I dont think it should happen if theyre just bitchy. it has taken 27 years for my mother to finally realize that she cant help my brother through all of his issues (I cant even go into all the horrific details...lets just say my childhood was filled with fights and abuse from my brother). eventually you do disown family for your well being and happiness. she will talk to him if he messages her but he doesnt receive help from us anymore but his exwife is welcome any time. you cant help those who dont help themselves. I really want to know if something like that happened or if her parents are just being bitchy.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but perhaps your mom likes your ex more than you for a reason. Blood is not always thicker than water, and mother/daughter relationships are often tumultuous, so she might be looking for a breath of fresh air. Either way, it was spiteful of her not to invite you- especially if he's going.

Somethings missing. You fucked him over somehow I bet.

That sucks. Family first, in my opinion.

Family first.... If she was the cause of the divorce then im guessing family doesnt mean much to her.