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Today, I spent a lot of money buying a birthday gift for a close friend, only to find out I'm not even invited to the party. FML
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I finally got the first vote ever on an FML

Mathalamus 24

you could show up anyway, give the gift and leave.

Why would you give the gift to the "friend" who doesn't even invite you to their party? I would refund the gift and spend the money on myself! ( I hope op can refund the expensive gift!)

mariri9206 32

Uh, no. OP's friend didn't even bother to invite them to the party so they shouldn't be rewarded with a gift - an expensive gift - especially if OP can't/won't attend the party.

Mathalamus 24

i suggest a nice option, still get downvoted. that isn't very encouraging. maybe there is a pragmatic reason that the OP isn't invited? there's a bunch of those, you know? if it were me, i wouldn't care, and go anyway, only to deliver the gift. its a nice thing to do to a friend.

Why go out of your way to be nice for someone who isn't nice back? I'm not saying op didn't do anything to deserve not being invited, but that still doesn't mean that the person should get a gift

andrmac 25

By showing up anyway you are creating drama. Not exactly a nice thing to do.

Btdtgts 22

mathalamous, I'm with you. I agree bro.

I actually had this happen. I had a girl I was associated with but didn't think of as a friend. I didn't invite her to my birthday party because I wanted a small, intimate group. She showed up with an expensive present, stayed chatting for like 30 minutes, then left. She kept mentioning, "I am just here for a second. I don't want to ruin the party." People then kept asking me why I didn't invite Susy if she brought me a gift, why didn't I ask her to stay? It made me kind of hate her. So no, Op doesn't just show up with the present to make a point. You can give a gift at any point after the party. Obviously, Op was not invited for whatever reason and they should respect that. Don't give an expensive present. Don't crash parties you aren't invited to.

gotta agree with you. plenty of reasons of May not have been invited. sucks but whatever, and to those replying about drama, you could just leave it at the door with a tag and then ring the doorbell and leave. No idea why you got downvoted #2

Mathalamus 24

obviously, i would be a bit more discreet than that. maybe just try to show up, not mention my presence, leave the gift, and leave. quietly. but, yeah, you have a good point, hence the silent approach which i just now invented. :P

I was suprised that #2 would considered doing that "being nice" since I assumed it would end up as your experience.

This is why you continue to get downvoted #23. Because you're solution doesn't make sense. Why would you go to a party you weren't invited to, to give a (possibly) expensive gift to a "good friend" who apparently didn't want you there in the first place? It sounds like you're suggesting a "kill 'em with kindness" strategy, which I can tell you, doesn't work in this day and age. Better to just take the gift back and get the money back for it to spend on yourself. If that friend wants to get mouthy about it, kick 'em to the curb. That's a solution that makes sense, I'd say.

If it's returnable then return it. If it's not then keep it for yourself and enjoy it. I'm really sorry that that happened to you, you seem like a pretty kind pal to have around. Chin up OP. Some people won't appreciate you no matter what you do, so just take it in a stride. You'll meet better people for sure.

mariri9206 32

Good idea, in theory. However, there's no guarantee OP would be asked to stay and, even then, since OP's friend didn't invite them in the first place, it would seem like they were asked to stay because of the gift, not because the friend wants OP there.

I would give her the gift on another day and let her know how much her friendship means to you and that you'd like to hang out more if she wants to. Maybe you're not as close as you think and this will help bridge the gap a bit. Or else she'll remember that she forgot to invite you and feel bad and try and fix the situation. She could've forgotten to invite you, assumed you already knew and were coming, told someone else to tell you and they forgot, or there's the possibility you're not as close as you thought...there are lots of possible situations here and I wouldn't write her off because of this one situation. Give her the gift and see how things go from there before you make any major decisions.

Gratitude's its own reward, Mi—Anonymous.

OP could just return the gift and get themselves a reward ;)

fumanshu 9

You know, I see your comment on pretty much all the FMLs I've read today haha

Take a picture of the gift, send it to said friend with an overly sappy sunset background with little peaks of rain for effect. Say this could've been yours, but you don't love me anymore. Proceed to either return the gift or keep it for yourself. 101 of the "screw you too" route.

Well hopefully it's something you like and you can keep it and spoil yourself!:)

born_hustla 26

Return the gift and pretend you didn't even know it was their birthday.

mariri9206 32

Definitely keep it for yourself or return it.