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By  Leviathene  |  34

If that's the ONLY reason he's still with you, you have nothing to lose. Take care of yourself and your needs. He doesn't rate a second thought. As for the poster, don't give it to him. If its worth anything, sell it.

By  Charlie Given  |  23

If he doesn't know that you know this give him the evil x-mas gift 😈 first put the poster in a poster tube wrap thoroughly in duct tape then place in a box slightly bigger than the tube fill box with used tampons and pads then wrap that box in duct tape place that box in a bigger box fill box with shit wrap again with duct tape then place that box in a bigger box and fill it with one of those really nasty fermented fish that they always talked about in the challenges on the internet then go leave that present for him on his bed but don't be there when he opens it then let him know that you know and that it is hidden in the box for him to open then you can tell him Merry fuck you Christmas 😇