By Kate - 23/12/2012 08:24 - United States - Kansas City

Today, my boyfriend is seriously mad at me for telling his cat what he got it for Christmas. FML
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Sinamoi 18

Months of planning, ruined. Ruined!!


insertnameherr 11

even if she did, she ruined the surprise for the cat! it only gets a couple gifts a year.

Never trust a cat, while dogs are simple cats are sly... He might slash your presents..

monstersocks 5

It was a pinky swear. Trust me that stuff is official.

If you break a pinky promise, I'll break your pinky, promise! :)

He sounds like a real keeper. You deserve better.

He got mad at her for no apparently reasoning. This whole thing is a joke you got to be kittening me.

Yes, because the answer to every argument is to break the relationship. I'm sure we can assume yours haven't lasted very long. I don't know why there's always someone who says this -.-"

Wow don't be an asshole to me that was totally uncalled for.

If he's "seriously" angry with his girlfriend over this it probably means he's clinically insane, because he apparently believes that cats can understand human language, which, needless to say, is insane. I know I wouldn't want to date a crazy person. Been there, done that. It's not fun, and highly destructive for the life of the person dating the crazy person. She might be able to help her boyfriend by getting him psychological treatment, buy chances are the relationship won't survive anyway.

Lol there's a difference between being an asshole and sarcasm.

Your comment sucked what do you expect of us?

LuckBeNimble 19

a lot of people love their pets and treat them like people. they're not crazy, a little too overzealous maybe, but not crazy. being that they're together, she probably knew how much he loved his cat and that's probably why he got mad. it's nothing an apology and a respecting of pet-owner boundaries in the future won't fix, you ass-douche. OP's relationship will be fine. (:

pittyfinny 4

You look like a dousche in your prof. Pic

I would agree if I thought that the cat understood OP

It is said that OP's boyfriend's cat was trained by Cat Norris, Chuck's kitten. The legend also says that only those two cats are able to understand human language. Because of that, they are secretly waging war to determine who is the best cat. I can sympathize with OP if she didn't know that but it was a cheap shot to ruin the surprise for the cat!

Can't say I blame him for his reaction, owning a cat is usually linked to craziness.

Why would you do that?! Were you so excited that you just HAD to tell your cat what you got it? It's not going to understand you anyway, so I don't see why you did it... There's no point really

enormouselephant 15

Are you kitten me? It was probably just a joke...

I talk to my cats all the time. It doesn't mean I believe that they understand me. They like when I talk to them.

Sinamoi 18

Months of planning, ruined. Ruined!!

all I can think of is the family guy skit with the swedish baker saying "oooh nooo, you ruined the suprise" in a way can not mimic over text

Well now I just look like... a cat with that previous comment of mine. Nice one editing your comment in time Pradip.

My edited comment is calling to get thumbed down, but my original comment was shouting to get thumbed down.

Nobody ever likes your comments....does it hurt?

I think comment 30 up there has a record number of thumbs up for pradip.