By ikickgingers - 19/10/2011 16:49 - United States

Today, I found out my boss and some employees on my floor have bets placed on who can get the best picture of my ass. I found out when one of the pictures was accidentally sent to me. FML
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Take a picture of your own ass submit and win the bet

Well atleast you probaby have a good one?


Well atleast you probaby have a good one?

Sell it to them for money, or threaten to sue.

Sexual harassment!!!!!!

They should pay you royalties for those pics

You could probably win that bet.

Sexual Harassment Panda is not happy about this.

use it against them and blackmail them. fight fire with fire.

Your boss and co-workers are assholes! (see what I did there?)

don't lie, you know your flattered!

Yes i saw it... OP why feel insulted, you have a great ass, worthy of many many pictures describing it's beauty apparently. Feel proud and slightly creeped out. Remember with a great ass comes a curse. You will live with legions of men staring at it, or at least until you're 65-67

She can still have a great ass from sixty-five up. Maybe she'll be a MILF or a GILF.

57- not how the phrase is used...

Picz or didn't happen!

Remember Harass is one word not two!

Me Gusta= I like. That's for all the whiteys

Thumbs down just because you have a pi of Lil Wayne

That's sexual her ass ment

Sexual her-ass- sent ..... Hehe

Take a picture of your own ass submit and win the bet

^ This. But only if $$$ is involved in the bet. Like selling porn, but directly to your coworkers (assuming that selling porn to your coworkers isn't a standard affair).

Yeah and then use the money to buy yourself an assorted collection of men's sweatpants. They are the assman's worst nightmare.

Or google a random pic of one and submit that. Lol

Or google a random pic of one and submit that. Lol

Lol win

40- Judging by how they have apparent experience in the art of looking at her ass, I think they could probably tell it wasn't her.

Or she could take a picture of her ass and send it to us. I would very much enjoy that.

Picture or it didn't happen.

Have you run out of ass pics to look at on the internet 84?

-114, yes, I have, I went through all 636,738,838 pages when I searched "yummy ass" on google pictures. I need more to keep my ass fetish happy

Your picture is the cookie monster, and you used money while describing ass. Perfection.

She should take a picture of her and photoshop a dick onto it and show it to them

154- I'll have to get my top men to confirm that that will do something positive for op before I believe that it will.

154- that's just... No... Why would a girl need a dick... And her Co-workers thinking she has a dick? She would never hear the end of it...

...wait 158 are you really like 7 yes old...?

*WARNING* Pedophile Detected(171)

She might not hava real dick but itd take some balls to do that 154...

honestly the best comment I've seen on FML yet'

Lol but hey at least you know you've got a nice butt

Or maybe she has such a big butt, they all want to mock her. But sure; let's think happy thoughts. Somewhat creepy, but happy.

Post a picture of your arse in your profile so we can be the judges, pls.

Oh boners, you clever rascal!

I like this guy.

I'd report them for sexual harassment. That or i would just start wearing looser pants to work.

Or start stuffing them with lumpy toilet paper.

It'd be hilarious if HR started this bet..

Report it that is wrong! On so many levels

Lol. This is like that one episode of Frasier.

because we all watch Frasier....

Good! I was worried some of you might not know what I meant.

Frasier is a good show guys

Either do #3's suggestion or take the photos to HR.

Cheer up, you got a nice ass!

Lmao, sorry I found it funny, I wonder who won =X