By Anonymous - 19/10/2011 18:19 - United States

Today, my fiancé has been jumping out of closets and from around corners with a video camera, trying to catch me naked. He says he wants to post a video online so his old high school friends can "rate" me. I'm now afraid to get intimate, shower, or even change my clothes in my own home. FML
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Don't have sex for like a month, that'll fix it.


enonymous 8

I do this to my girlfriend every day. I do one of those time accelerated videos to show the aging process... Just remember girls... It's for science so whip em out

Ah yes... Science. Let's make a documentary and have it narrated by James Earl Jones. "And then... There were breasts."

In case anyone is wondering, when 21 said girlfriend, he means "rape victims that I subdue and keep around the house."

Video tape his wee wee and post it online for your friends to rate

somerandomdude19 2

I guess this means you're not an amber cole yet...

haha that would be so funny and would show him

enonymous 8

29 - it's not rape if they don't have a rape whistle duhh

I'm sure he'll shape up once he realizes you're afraid to get intimate.

60- you have it all wrong. Rule of thumb- it's not rape if you yell surprise

Leave amber Cole alone... :(*starts crying*

*epic music plays*

One of many immature FMLs I've seen come from Minnesota :D

LePwnapple 0

Can't say she didn't deserve this...

paynee 0

-60 it's not rape if they like it

Or if they are ballgagged. Sever their ability to say no...

JacqJacqAttack 0

hes guy tho. wat do yhu expect lmao

Dating whores is fun.. Unless you fall in love with them, then you're screwed! And all of you have it wrong, It's not a rape, unless she moans like a retarded pig robot, "oiiink, ooink, oiiinnnnk." that proves she doesn't like it, or sucks at moaning.

132- Really? I except a lot more from you and OP's fiancé. He should stop being a douche and trying to be a porn director... While you should spell better.

jake1632 9

well think, if he takes you to his high school reunion youll be the most popular couple!

WeAreAHurricane 14

Who's amber Cole?

systems7 2

It's not r

Id sneak onto his facebook and post pictures of his most embarrasing night time posses... And dont tell me guys dont do that to girls cause we know it aint true...

Ive never posed at night time? I can't speak for other guys but I definitely don't.

She's the girl who got caught on camera givin a boy head by their locker at school. All over YouTube

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Yeah, then OP's childhood dream of being in films will be fulfilled

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

Ask yourself...would naked pictures of yourself on the Internet make you happy?

When you have a boyfriend I hope he jumps out at you while you naked ad shoves a camera in your face. I'll say, "Be happy"

12- maybe... If the reviews were positive. Or if it got a lot of likes on Facebook. Or if someone retweeted it.

13FTW 9

I wouldn't be happy if some +1 it though. No one uses that google+ shit.

slushpup9696 12

Guys, she might have been being sarcastic.

Even if she was I think it's true. I surely don't expect OP to be happy, but at least a bit flattered. :)

Finally, at least some people can take a joke.

2, I think you're may be the potential whore 123 is talking about for the videos.

have more confidence! pose for the camera

Don't have sex for like a month, that'll fix it.

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i think breaking the camera would be more effective

DKjazz 20

Don't take it out on the poor helpless camera. Cameras don't film people. People film people.

That's cruel and unusual punishment. I plead the 8th!

Make it two months so the message really sinks in

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remz89 3

N who is to say she doesn't want it either. Seesh u guys make it seem us women are okay with not having sex for weeks

jova2020 2

That only worked before the greatest invention of all time. Internet porn.

76- I was assuming that since it would have been the woman's course of action she would have been okay with and ready for no sex.

chickenwalrus 14

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if porn is the answer to no sex, why do men still bother trying to get laid then?

Bbhd05 0

#3 or it may get you dumped

That's so mean! do the same back to him to teach him a lesson!

Or OP could just dump his sorry ass, take the ring, and make some money off it on e-bay

I dont think her friends will want to rate her fiancév

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She can get flattery without a NAKED pic of herself up on fb for everyone to see…

imcutefml 0

42 ur name is epic

Dude i love grell

saIty 17

Later he'll get so desperate, he'll photoshop your face on a pornstar's body.

Thats horrible. Rating people based on how they compare to rediculous images on tv and in magazines is disgusting. The value of a person is not based on how skinny you are or how big you tits are and if he's really into that than he doesnt deserve you no matter what you look like

puppytaco64 8


DontModMeDammit 10

Who said anything about comparing OP to actresses and models, you can judge someone on natural beauty, there is nothing wrong with that..Not saying that OP's fiancé is not creepy.

puppytaco64 8


Gloritank 8


And even if the fml did mention the aforementioned comparison, there is still a lot to be said for positive physical traits.

Translation: I'm not very attractive therefore I am offended when people rate women on attractiveness

Well what about 'rating people' based on their spelling and grammar? If that was the case then 'underdose' fails miserably and doesn't have much cred in my book otherwise as a result.

You're a crazy person. They're dumb guys comparing girlfriends. Immature, but completely harmless. There's no reason to go all women's lib on Lighten up.

marpay 11

154- it's only "harmless" till her boss sees the picture and fires her. Or it prevents her from getting a future job. It's a terrible thing to do. And there are hundreds of reasons why it's a bad idea.

Big talk for someone with a pic like yours... lol!!

marpay 11

Can you see my face? For me my body is how I make money, so I don't worry about it. But for professionals it could cause distress and other bad things.

Ricky23J 0

^ if yu make money with your body then how much :P

marpay 11

198- haha not like that. I'm not a prostitute. I do nude modeling.

What's even more pathetic is her fiancé is still trying to impress his high school friends.

no matter whether she's being compared to other people or not, no one else has the right to rate her or expect her to let herself be rated. who are her fiancé's friends to judge her? she's a person, not a fancy car or a new watch.

That's actually hot :)

Ricky23J 0

199 touché. But judging by the silhouette I would pay top dollar :P lmao

You kinda deserve it for going out with someone like that.

usnwife 18

They aren't just going out, they're engaged! But I agree, sounds like there had to be previous behavior that could have warned OP...

tweetypie 18

People change.

So you engage someone that acts immature in the hopes that they'll mature by the time you marry? Or do you mean he magically became LESS mature after committing himself to her?

There is a truth to it. When people get engaged they get really comfortable with each other. And when they get comfortable, more often than not, they also get stupid.

puppytaco64 8

This is when you start eating fatty foods and THEN let him video tape u

Puppytaco u sound like a fucking 12 year old

puppytaco64 8

14 actually

An immature 14 year old freshman I knew it

puppytaco64 8

I'm a freshman? Never knew that

leogirl95 12

What a great guy. He's definitely a keeper.