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Today, I found out I won't be able to go to college. Why? My sister's horse needs surgery. FML
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knibbsy 4

You must end the horse. An unfortunate accident would work.

acantha69 0

Someone else paying for their college ed wasn't even an option for 90% of the people I know. Get a loan, get a job, pay for it yourself.


ruby84 1

take student loan or work & go to college. it's best to be independant

ruby84 1

p.s. I learned that through my University experince

xesyeso 0

i agree, take a loan out. but thats pretty horrible, im sorry!

allen2020 0

i love animals more than humans

WallyTheWombat 0

hello chuchu! Student loans? Grants? Scholarships? Stop relying on your parents for everything. If for some reason you can't do any of that, get a job while you're not going to college and wait till your parents can help you out again. College isn't going anywhere.

Cupcakeshizz 0

I hope the horse feels guilty after the surgery muahaah

BananaSticker 0

Um. I think that's a plausible reason. You could always go to a community college. They're just as good but cheaper.

bugmenotmofo 34

College is a fairly overrated state-funded brainwashing institution anyhow. You can get the exact same skills you'd acquire in college without building up a ridiculous student loan debt.

Shookitup 0

well if you did good in school you could have gotten a scholarship, now just check out grants and student loans. not the end of the world, and not FML worthy.

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22, are you by chance a vegetarian? lol

a thirty cent bullet can solve that problem!

so ha! Now would be a very good time to be a nerd wouldn't it? u could thn get a ton of good scholarships

xlossofmex 0

30- You may be able to learn the skills without college, but it still isn't the magic piece of paper that helps you qualify for jobs.

aw poor horse! :( sorry OP it sucks but imagine how the horse feels!

samantha987 0

um who cares how the horse feels. yeah I said it. the kids gotta go to college!

86 - go die yourself, horses are pets which only cost money. They don't bring money in. They're like dogs, but instead of bringing your newspaper they let you sit on their back... bluhh boring. OP: did I hear someone say something about a bullet? Die horse, DIEEEE So we can eat it :D xD

shakethat 10

ydi for relying on your parents to pay for it. u can still go to college it's called get a job, apply for financial aid/ scholarships/ grants, and if u have to student loans. it's how the rest of us make it through college. nobody said u can't go just that now it's not fully funded

itsme3623 6

I agree with 99. If you apply for financial aid and say you aren't getting any help from your family, you can get quite a bundle of free money. If you didn't slack off in high school you should be able to snag some scholarships. And it's not the end of the world to have to get a job. Maybe now you can't go to college EASILY, but you can definitely still go.

Why is it that every kid thanks its the parents responsibility to pay for college? If you really wanna go to college take out loans and get a job.

take a loan out. if the horse had died so you could go to college would that make you feel better??

actually horses can bring money in fyi

ChelseaXD 0

poor horse :/ Get a scholarship or loan! geez..

put the horse down with that money.....or you kill the horse!!! it's your future vs the horse future.

psuboy 0

I'd give him surgery with a bullet

kenjiisown 1

I hope you signed up for OSAP, seeing that you are from Ontario. And if you are going to a Canadian college, and not university that would be good too, since college is cheaper than university. If you are going to university, call up the financial aid office of your school and explain your situation and hopefully they can help, though it's likely they won't. I know Wilfrid Laurier University won't help since they send out the financial aid form immediately after applying. Nor does University of Toronto or University of Waterloo, if my memory serves me correctly. Anyways, **** your life and good luck.

ChelseaXD 0

^ so the horse should die since they are too stupid to get a scholarship?! nooo.

**** the horse, this is college!!!!! Sounds like seabiscuit needs to be put down.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

93 that's bullshit they do bring money, have you ever seen horse races dipshit. an they have dog races too. so go **** yourself then do it again.

everyone, djbrooke12345 is an attention *****. she probably probably got picked on in school, works as a stripper, (the ugly one) and is a complete EMO! pay no mind to her. she's not on here for the right reasons.

well maybe once your penis gets as big as the horse theyll let your ass with the big boyz in college so pull up your huggies and wait

shoot the horse and put it's head in her bed

158 horse racing is a cruel sport where they run a horse ragged while beating it with a riding crop. There is no need for horses, dogs, cats and other domestic animals. they do nothing for the ecosystem. they are not in any food web and are basically a waste of space. but I still love 'em.

190: I grew up in a horse track town and I've known lots of trainers and people in the racing business. I don't know about the riding crop thing, but I can tell you that, in my town at least, the horses are treated very, very well. Running a horse ragged is counterproductive, since it does nothing but damage the bottom-line earnings. How often and how long the horses are raced is pretty heavily regulated, too. I'm no big fan of horse racing, but TBF, it's not like greyhound racing.

jons_phucked 0

do it like they did in the god father cut the horses head off then put it in your parents bedroom whilst they sleep.

in ontario, it's not that easy to get scholarships. schools can't hand out athletic scholarships and scholarships you can get hardly pay for you're schooling, even if you are a genius. scholarships handed out in the town I'm from were worth a maximum of $1500 so no, scholarships can help, but aren't that helpful like in the US.

that sucks. pretty soon we are gonna kill all of em

im thinking a little horse V.S ***** cage match going down. the prize: your college fund

Dear OP, You'd be surprised at what common plants many animals are allergic to. I know, it sounds cruel, but this is your goddamn livelyhood we're talking about. Horse Burgers all around! But for serious: this is absurd, do not let your parents sell your future for a goddamn horse, sell the horse, or give it away if you have to, to someone who can afford to take care of it.

that is so true. All I have is a 00 scholarship which I got through a family friend and a 600 entrance scholarship. Everyone I know leaving for the States have almost fully covered scholarships or close. I have applied to more scholarships than anyone at my school.

cgyguy 0

no kidding! what is it with kids these days. they all have entitlement issues. wah mommy and daddy aren't paying for college. I'm 31 and half way through my program that in on loans for and working full time. suck it up princess ydi.

DCS_fml 0

so true but that paper sometimes gets people higher pay.

You can't just tell colleges that your parents aren't paying for college and get them to help you. To apply for the FAFSA as an independent, you have to either be married or have kids. I know this because I went through a period of time where my parents, who make $300,000 a year, decided they didn't want to help me through college. I wasn't allowed to apply as an independent and I could not get any governmental aid. If these people have horses, a super expensive pet, I doubt that they are poor enough that the OP is qualifying for any FAFSA money. In addition, with the budget cuts, merit scholarships are few and far between at state colleges. Although they are more easily accessible at private colleges, private schools have much higher tuitions. Obviously, there are people who get through college on their own. However, there is a zero percent chance that I would be able to pay for 4 years of undergrad and 6 years of graduate school without at least some parental help. Even with the half that I am paying myself, I'm having a hard time affording basic necessities like food and toilet paper. In addition, in order to apply for the grad program I'm shooting for, I need a 3.9 GPA just to APPLY, let alone to get in. I wouldn't be able to maintain that if I was working full-time to pay for school. It's near-impossible as it is. One of the most important things a parent can give their child is an education, and it is sad when parents refuse to do so for trivial reasons. This is a legitimate FML. It is possible that they can still get through college, sure, but

Let the horse die so little princess does not have to work so hard? Is that the right picture here? Eat shit and die princess.

no, you kill the horse and smear the blood through the house and put the head on your parents bed.

knibbsy 4

You must end the horse. An unfortunate accident would work.

Or you could ride it off a cliff while while wearing a parachute. or just break it's legs with a baseball bat...

Asshole! They feel that, you know. I'd like to break your legs with a baseball bat. AND your arms cause you'd be breaking all 4 of the horse's legs. Just being fair. People like you are the reason I hate about 70% of people. People like you should not exist. Yeah, I'm being harsh, but harsh things obviously don't matter to you. Hence your comment.

^yeah except when you do that to a horse no one cares but when you do it to a person you get sent to prison where someone like you gets assraped. it's just an animal

I agree with 151 but seriously, what's more important, a humans education or a damn horse? buy a new horse because you can't buy another persons life. fyl op.

hmm no one cares eh. my horse got cut badly and very deep it took a good few weeks to heal. she could have died . I cried for weeks .. horses are sometimes very expensive .. *rolls eyes* I hate ppl like you.

destinycalls 0

so true horses may not be human but they can still feel pain I wouldn't hurt a single bone in that horses body if I were you

destinycalls 0

would you like it if someone did that to you

Well frankly a horse has no soul... And even if animals are awesome, one horse's life is not as important as the betterment of humanity. And for all you know. Maybe she wants to be a vet? And save the lives of hundreds of other animals.

Exactly! Rude People who do not care about horses annoy me. They obviously don't know what a bond between a rider and a horse feels like.

If you were close with that horse you cant get him back after he dies. He deserves all of the life A human has.

Horses can be just as good of friends as humans can be. Seriously, I love my horse with all my heart and I would spend any amount of money to ensure its health. Just last year I had to put down my other horse. Do you know what that feels like? Just like a human dying to me, and to a bunch of other people.

You have no idea how much sadness a person goes through when they lose their horse. Right now, I have a large pony. He is my second horse. I had to sell my first horse because I couldn't go farther with her in competitions and I wasn't learining anything with her anymore. I knew the barn that she was going to and I was glad that she would be going to a good home but I still cried because I knew I would probably never see her again. About 3 months ago, I got a call from the barn manager saying she passed away of an infection that started in her legs. Even though I hadn't seen her for a year, I cried for hours. Nothing can match the bond between a girl and her horse. Yeah, it sucks that you can't go to college. I would be pissed off too but, you better not do anything to your sisters horse.

Ok seriously. All you assholes that say "they're just animals" are stupid. What makes animals inferior? Only the human state of mind. I own 2 cats and I used to own a horse and I cried my eyes out when my horse had to be put down. Op can get a job or do student loans, there is no time limit on starting college but there is a time limit on that horse's life without that surgery.

heythisisme02 9

**** you. Horses have more of a soul than you do

heythisisme02 9

Exactly. She can go to college whenever but that horse only has ONE chance at life. If she did anything to that horse and made the horse die, well then OP would be a bitch. Cause all horses deserve to live and if the horse needs surgery than good for her mom for paying for it!( or whoever is paying for it) I'm sorry that you can't go to college OP but you have many chances to go but that horse has one chance at life. And that would be mean of you to take that chance away.

Lots of people have horses apparently... **** the horse, just put a bullet in it's head and have some good ass meat!

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Wow #4, that's really the stupidest thing I've heard in my life. You'd choose horses over a good education ? That's a clear indication of someone who needs to prioritize. OP, that sucks. Try and apply for financial aid or get a part-time job.

FFML_314 11

Do you know what good things horses bring to this planet? You should probably stick to the college route if you don't. I'm so appalled at your obvious lack of concern for this poor horse! I am the resident horse whisperer. I have no care for human life, only horses. Shame on you.

Omg I can't even argue with someone like this, it's really beneath me =P

lexielovesyou 0

hahah! omg. that made me lol[: haha a horse whisper?? :| .... hahaah!

FFML_314 11

Banz, you fail for not seeing the OBVIOUS sarcasm in both of my posts.

ruby84 1

phew! I almost fell for that.. yeah I almost beleived it too cuz there's so much shit in this world that it's realistic to assume that someone would actually be so dumb

Chrisskiies 0

That guy fails, miserably. Plus if Op's fam can afford to keep a horse, I really doubt Op will get any financial aid, seeing as their parents make too much $$$$.

oh wow I'm so sorry ! you actually seemed like a legitimate fanatic =P

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tell me #4 do you participate In ***********?

destinycalls 0

no were choosing life over an education

iwouldliketocomm 0

you can't put sarcasm is text dumbass

Yes in this situation the horse WOULD come first, since I'm guessing any other person would put their friends first.

You can't get a horse to cure cancer destiny.

So... Let's say that you had to save only 1 creature. Your favorite horse or one of your family members. What would you choose?

pm_rod 0

your pain and suffering just contributed to my smile...thank you...

ruby84 1

hahahha I actually admire your honesty & style

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anonymous100000 17

you know, there is such a tjing as scholarships, grants, and loans...

Wait, you complain you can't go to college because you need a surgery? That's odd.

don't you just LOVE irresponsible parents?? just remember when your parents are older, and you have the $$ from being a responsible adult, (because you will find another way to pay) and they need a hip, or a place to live..etc.. you can remind them of that stupid animal that was more important then your education! Good luck to you! I'm sure you will do well in college, don't give up!

OP. you can go to college. Take out a loan. Or just get a job and take a break from school for awhile until your parents can support you for college. Or just don't go to college. IMO **** college. School sucks lol. win the lottery and it's gg

see you begging on the corner in 5 years (or serving me subway) but seriously college is important

Yes college is important but so are animals, in this particular situation a horse.

finish school when you get older... animals deserve to live

um not when the animal's put before family

I agree, and technically when u say 'it's not when they put it before u' or w.e dude, it's a horses 'LIFE' over an education, and honestly I think life kinda wins

Are you missing the part where it's a HORSE, and not a human life? Have fun making $8/hr for the rest of your life while the HORSE gets to live for another (however long they live, plus how old it already is). Definitely not worth it, let the horse die

oh stop. you don't know the horse. I own several horses and ride for a big show barn. my youngest horse (5yo) has already won over 38,000 dollars. I know this sounds really snobby and like I only care about how much money it makes, but that's not what I mean. I love each of my horses and I would do anything for them.

It's not good that a horse has to die but I think your priorities are a little off if you think a horses life is worth going on to be a failure for the rest of your life

267-Anything? You would really be willing to sacrifice someone else's future for an animal that lives for oh... about half the amount of a human life? That's pretty dang low. Not to mention, selfish.

Ok they won't be a failure, go get a job and pay for your own damn education. That's what I'm doing because some of our parents can't pay for it for us. Just because your parents can't pay doesn't mean you can't go

Found the vegans. Oh no I ate meat! I'm worse than hitler! Noooooooooooooo!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#149 that was really rude. The only reason OP is bitching is because her parents won't pay for her college. She can get a job and make money and put herself through college; she'll probably take it more seriously that way. But the horse doesn't deserve to die. I'd put my horse through expensive surgery if it were reasonable (if he/she was still young and would have a good quality of life afterwards, etc). The horse doesn't deserve to die and is part of their family.

Really let the horse die! You really have no heart

acantha69 0

Someone else paying for their college ed wasn't even an option for 90% of the people I know. Get a loan, get a job, pay for it yourself.

jswizzle_ 6

I have a horse. it means everything to me. trust me, your parents are doing a good thing :)

Thank you fellow horse person for siding with the horse :)