By Anonymous - 23/02/2013 17:25 - Latvia - Aluksne

Today, two days before I'm due to fly out to Russia on my first vacation, I caught my extremely over-protective mother trying to force the family dog to eat my passport. FML
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Joke's on her, you'll have it back a few hours later ;)

poodle_juice 17

I've heard of "the dog ate my homework.".. But, "the dog ate my passport" is taking it to a whole new level.


Yes, I also thought this FML was quite linguistic and thought provoking.

wlddog 14

Its the word play she used 37. Its like she knew how to bend my mind around her finger and open up a new reality to me.

Joke's on her, you'll have it back a few hours later ;)

oj101 33

Customs officer: Where's your passport? OP: My dog ate it. Customs officer: I used that as a lame excuse for homework when I was 10 -__- OP: But it's true. I brought along the decomposed form in a doggy bag. Look! Lets reconstruct it! Customs officer: I'd rather not. Just go through the gate. Remember, in Soviet Russia, poop is passport.

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57 you're an idiot.

No, she is not. I would be afraid in a country like that, but the internet may have spoiled me on this one.

it certainly did

Now that's pretty messed up lol

crackmore278 13

Poor dog! Why not burn it and spare destroying the little pup?

The dog eating it can easily be explained away as an accident.

The passport will still travel plenty, I'm's hard to digest why your mom would do that

poodle_juice 17

I've heard of "the dog ate my homework.".. But, "the dog ate my passport" is taking it to a whole new level.

Says poodle juice.

BFM is some BIG shoes to fill my friend... Are you sure you're up for that profile pic?

There was a rugby player recently who couldn't go with his team abroad for a really key match as his puppy had eaten his passport. Cue loads of jokes about how he was in the doghouse nw because of it!

Who the fuck takes vacations in Russia?

I think someone needs a hug.

I've just been to Russia. And it's a shithole.

Seriously, a hug can be arranged. Just let it happen

Obviously you.

Perhaps people who have families there. Or perhaps there's something in Russia that you don't know about. Why do you care anyway?

Why do people travel to the north pole? There's always a reason from someone to go somewhere... (and that being said, Denmark doesn't stand out as the most spectacular destination either)

@31 There is a big difference. Denmark is a magnificent place. Russia is horrible. But be my guest and call Denmark whatever you want. I know the truth.

Stupid "comment moderated"! I want to know what he said D:

Don't worry in Soviet Russia the dog don't eat the passport, the passport eat the dog.

23Z9TZO 18

This joke isn't overused at all

Welcome to the internet, where creativity is inversely proportional to the number of users.

Your mother sounds scary... Who does that?

Crazy ass moms do. Mine carries pepper spray by her car door and a riffle in her trunk "just in case" she says.

dontpanic_fml 32

That's not even close to the same situation 14...

Obviously Op's mom xD In reply to #10

All I was trying to say is that just because she is a mom, it doesn't make her any less crazy than the next person.

dontpanic_fml 32

Carrying firearms and pepper spray for protection ( which is not my definition of crazy) is not even on the same spectrum as forcing a poor animal to eat something they shouldn't and don't want to. All I'm saying