By itsme - 8/7/2019 04:00
Today, we got a letter regarding my sister's college career and an appointment she was required to go to. This seems fitting, since she's a senior in high school, or at least she would be if she hadn't passed away a little over a year ago. FML
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By  faifai_fml  |  20

I'm so sorry. That must be really painful.
Every once in a while Facebook tells me that I should "reconnect" with people with whom I haven't spoken in a long while. This includes my dead mother. I just want to smack Facebook upside the head when that happens.

  BigSissy  |  10

Sorry for your loss 0P. Several months after my mother passed away I got an envelope in the mail addressed to my mom. We lived in the same complex and the mailman would just put her mail in my mailbox after she died. The envelope was a solicitation for her to renew a subscription to a magazine and written on the outside of the envelope said ‘ Please come back Ruth M_ _ _ _’. My sister and I were shocked at first but we agreed… We wish.

By  Cordy7  |  1

My little sister passed away a year ago too, so I feel your pain. Sorry for your loss. My parent just had to put her dog down today too, cause he was old and in pain. Another piece of her lost.