By Anonymous - 17/01/2012 06:13 - Canada

Today, I broke my wrist when I got into a disagreement with a horse. FML
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Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Oh youu thought you would win a fight withh an 1000 pound horse??

This situation could've been avoided if OP hadn't been horsing around


Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Oh youu thought you would win a fight withh an 1000 pound horse??

better than getting kicked in the head i'd say

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

True. But really, who picks a fight withh a horse? Lol

This situation could've been avoided if OP hadn't been horsing around

I see what you did there. I too used to pick fights with horses, then I took an arrow to the knee.

You know, you're supposed to break the horse, not let the horse break you.

I'm on a horse. *whis-* *horse starts punching the crap out of me*

Unless OP is referring to sarah jessica parker. /snicker.

Maybe you should learn how to crack a whip, not your wrist... Ps^^ Sarah Jessica Parker looks nothing like a horse...argument invalid!

cookie_3008 4

I guess that's what you get for horsing around. No? Anybody? Ahh, forget it. haha

desireev 17

I'm just wondering... What's up with all the double letters?

I've gotten into a fight with my horse. And won.

saturnsonic 3

it's took an arrow in the knee! can anyone get that meme right?

ImFrackinBored 13

Just end the arrow to the knee crap now >_>

CadillacPimpen 6

Like they say you can't beat a dead horse but a living horse can beat you.

Yup OP deserved it for disagreeing with a horse.

somerandomdude19 2

Ahh yes... In soviet russia, horse rides you :P

I personally hate horses, one of them bit my girlfriend with it's buck teeth and I punched it in the head.

Ooooh PETA's gonna burn your house down

KingOfAmazing 9

Is this a Woodysgamertag reference? If so, bravo.

Torva_fml 16

No.... dumb-asses who **** with horse be crazy.

mikeeg 0

How do they deserve it? Horses are indeed awesome, but anyone who owns them or is around them knows that "disagreements" are inevitable, as are injuries.

mikeeg 0

I'm sorry if I offended you, I can honestly say that I had no clue people got into arguments with horses...

puppypuncher 5

13- You can get in a disagreement with a horse the same way you can a dog. If the horse does something that bothers you or it misbehaves it's possible you could scold it or become angry. That could be considered an "argument" if the horse gets angry at you in return.

puppypuncher 5

God forbid someone comments on something in the comment section. People give their point of view on a topic and you two act like children.

Oh sorry, I forgot that logical and informative answers are not wanted. We are stating the facts, for ****'s sake. Horses are living creatures with minds of their own. OP didn't explain how this disagreement came about. The horse could've bit or kicked her, or did something that was no fault of OP's

mikeeg 0

105- I am a child, good call. 106- no-one wants to hear your ******* horse facts. This is fml not google. The comments are a joke. Shut up and stop commenting. It's a joke. Remember that...joke.

105- you're right, FML is the best place to be mature, my bad. Tell us more about horses and completely ignore the joke, lady.

110- There was no joke there... He simply stated that horses are awesome. Quit bitching at people for giving their opinions because not many people give a shit about what you're saying either...

The only way I could see OP breaking their wrist is a) they were lying on the floor and the horse stepped on it, which in that case they would deserve it, or b) OP was walking the horse, and was holding the leadshank wrong and the horse tried to run off and pull OP with them, which is far more likely.

108- you're 15 according to your profile. Not qualifying as a legal adult does not give you a free pass to act like a 10 year old. God forbid someone actually comment maturely and with logic instead of saying "lol ydi horses are awesome." There was no joke. You all just have the mental level of a 5th grader, and can't accept that not everything is OP's fault just because she didn't ride off into the sunset on a rainbow unicorn.

puppypuncher 5

There's a difference between being playfully immature and acting like a bratty child, 110. I did nothing more than state that it's possible to get into a disagreement with an animal. I wasn't close to spouting out facts about horses, so you've no reason to complain.

mikeeg 0

115- I never said "lol". But go ahead and add words to my mouth if that pleases you. Second of all, your profile seems to show you like horses. Why you're being annoying? I don't know. Most of all, who are you to say that what I wrote wasn't a joke? I don't know the whole story so I can't make an accurate assumption and neither can you. I never directly blamed OP. JOKING around, I said that she deserves it because horses are awesome. Now if we knew the whole story, it's different.

124, with the addition of "lol" and lack of grammar, I was not directly quoting you. Yes, good job at reading my profile. I own and work with horses. What does that have to do with anything, other than me knowing more to be able to infer about the situation? You said "YDI" which would be a form of blame. Telling someone they deserve a broken wrist because horses are awesome would be directly blaming them.

puppypuncher 5

124-Let me break down the fuckness of that comment. 1. She added lol because it wasn't a quote. She was mocking how silly the comment sounded. 2. Her knowing about horses only gives her the upper hand. There was no reason to add that. 3. Your comment wasn't funny in the least. It's easy to be confused with not being a joke. 4. Even if the comment was an obvious joke, you have no right to act like such an imbecile when steviesnm and I were bringing up a point respectably.

131- go play with your horses, I'm bored of you already.

Mikeeg, I got what you were saying, as did others who thumbed your comment up, more than these last comments between all of us. Stevie, you're the exact type of girl I avoid being friends with; boring. You're trying to be informative with BASIC facts that anyone with common sense could understand.

Boofgall, if they were basic facts, why are there so many dumb ***** who can't get it through their heads that more than likely, OP did not deserve it, and especially not just because "horses are awesome".

puppypuncher 5

Waaa. Stevie's not the type of person you wish to be friends with. Get your mind out of middle school. She wasn't trying to be informative or cocky about anything. She was bringing up why she disagreed with Mikeeg saying OP deserved it. That's it. There is absolutely no reason for you to tell her to shut up for that.

136- Because everyone LIVES for your acceptance and to entertain you.

138- none of those dumb ***** commented on this comment, stupid.

KiddNYC1O 20

143- Moo, bitch, get out the way.

143, Sorry, did I not make myself clear enough? You're one of those dumb *****.

TheVirtuoso 5

I've heard of intense foreplay, but holy shit.

xXxIracebethxXx 14
TheVirtuoso 5

*snare roll* badum bum! I'm pretty sure I saw that film in the adult section of HBO... Scandinavians sure love their animals...

jarednt39 5

This sounds like one of those shows in Mexico (40 year old virgin reference)

I hope you die in flames. Have a nice day.

Buttsexpirate 9

*neeeeigh* "Bitch you be trippin. Now you get the hooves!" that's how I imagine the horse in this situation.

For some reason, i instantly thought of mister ed,

So now we know: don't get into any religious, political or scientific debates with equines. They find their views of Rick Perry and Christianity ******* seriously.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Never underestimate a horse's strength.

Or the length of its ______. Wonder what he was doing with his wrist in the first place

This is why you don't argue with horses...

..Yeah, I hear they're known for breaking wrists. >.>