By ouch - 15/08/2010 04:39 - United States

Today, I was volunteering at a nursing home. As a volunteer, I'm not supposed to accept any money or gifts from any of the residents. However, one elderly woman kept insisting I take her gold watch. After politely refusing for the fifth time, she decided to chuck it at my face. FML
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LOL! sorry that was my grandma.

was this your first Golden Shower?


LOL! sorry that was my grandma.

what a lovely lady [:

You need to keep your grandma on a leash.

now you have grills(;

My mom works in the same job field. It's hard, I know. Just hang in there, OP. Volunteering, I'm sure, has its ups too. :D

anger issues :D but maybe the watch held a secret message :O

that gold watch should pay off ur hospital bill lol

oh old's great to know we'll one day be just like that...

How come all the girls look like hookers and all the guys look like douche bags on this site?

Hey, at least you got a gold watch. Worth it.

51, I prefer prostitute! OK?

i beleave the proper term is an escort.

lol! you're allowed to accept donations just not gifts for community service :)

I look like neither. I look like a giraffe. YOU look like a silhouette, #51.

51-- I am nothing close to a hooker.. shut up. Op- atleast you have a watch now.. :D

Rofl xD poor granny maybe she stole that watch from one of those mean nursing home workers ad needed to get rid if the evidence

lol. just tell them you'll take it when they're dead if they keep insisting.

ROFLMAO!! @ 62

well at least you can keep the watch, quit

53 what's your number lol O_O (JOKE!) 

51 why are you talking I don't even see a pic for you. quit talking or stay off fml

I'm a Happy Hooker. Crochet FTMFW. :D

73 your one of the crappy kids at schools that don't get any attention aren't you?

rofl at the douchebags and hookers getting riled at 51. Well played sir, well played.

take it and run

was this your first Golden Shower?

lmfao! EPIC WIN #2


Don't change her Depends for 2 weeks. That'll teach her.

one day you'll be an old, wrinkly man with loose bladder- let's see if you'll think diapers are funny then

I will - I'll drop trow and defecate on the floor, then make jokes about the times I spent at Hershey Park when I was young.

so did you take it after that?

Honestly, YDI for not walking away from her. If a resident is bothering you, harassing you or anything else that borderlines inappropriate, you walk away. You don't allow them to keep pestering you. You can give the nurse a call and inform her that someone is being a bit out of line. Sheesh, if you work in a nursing home, you should know how to handle this kind of situation.

i didn't even read all of it, buut ive noticed youur comments are quite interestingg...

i don't like him, because I envision that he looks just like his display picture.. sorry dude

^ lol, not this one it's quite boring, Mostly because she's in the same line of work.

1. I'm a her 2. That is me in my display picture, duh! 3. I'm not a due 4. Your username made me sound like a stuttering stanley!

nice picture..... wtf.... am i right or am i right?

It took me 6 seconds to read your comment FFML. I love all the people that say "I didn't bother to read your comment cause it's too long" when in reality it would take no more than 10 seconds to read said comment. Are people that retarded and lazy that they can't spend a quarter of a minute reading a comment?

stuttering stanely.... haaaaa i love this guy

I was referring to comment #8 FYI.

Retarded? hmm slight possibility, stupid? More than likely. Lazy, 90% of the time. Illiterate? Mos def for more than half the users on here. Does that answer your question Knibbsy?

Sort of. Everything was fine until you brought Mos Def into it. Now I'm confused and slightly angry for some odd reason.

20, you fail for not reading #1. I'm not a guy. I've been on this website for months, change my picture once and boom, everyone thinks I'm a dude. Well, I guess this won't be the last time this happens.

I meant most definatly, I was just lazy to spellbit out. Mos Def is bad ass tho, don't get me wrong.

oh woops my bad. well the biebs can confuse anyone with his/her gender regardless

Say what you want, you'll be a part of the Italian job soon if you keep up this Mos Def business.

No that's too far. Lol. I keep the jobs local, easier to hide, and already know the location. But seriously he's a "sick-ass" poet and rapper.

Everyone in this string of replies now owes me one cookie. I thank you in advance.

By saying that, you owe me 13. I only accept chips ahoy.

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Cookies, obvious by what I stated earlier saying I only accept chips ahoy. Oh and everytime you say someone owes you cookies, you owe me 13 more.

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everybody on this thread made my day. so for that unlimited chips ahoy and pizza for everyone! tiny print:(only valid where permitted, 10 maximum per person per day, only available in all 50 states, other exclusions may apply)

F your life, OP? More like F this moment of time. She threw a golden watch at you for not accepting the gift. Take the watch and pawn it, imo. Problem solved.

lol.She hated either the watch or you. :o

file an assault charge on the dried up old cunt

You should sell the watch and use the money to pick up a hobby instead of waisting your time helping old people.