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Today, I found out I will not be getting my class ring. The jeweler has a policy against doing engravings that contain "obscene or offensive language or phrases". What obscene phrase did I want? My initials and year. W.T.F. 2010. FML
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Yeah, just because of a class ring... I think its funny. Just call and complain? Hopefully they will understand

I had to read that twice to get your joke.

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That is funny but it's not really a big deal...I mean your life isn't ****** now that you can't get a class ring.

the ring costs around $200 where i live

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yeah the nicer ones at my school can et to be over 600$

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I got my class ring and it was over $400. But I got mine in white gold because its pretty.

OP isn't talking about the ring. OP is talking about how her initials are W.T.F. So she can't get the class ring!

Just don't get your initials on your ring?

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google your face, that's what.

What are you talking about, Janedoe? #4 did not ask a 'How' question.

I think maybe google 'class ring', it usually has the persons initials and class year engraved.

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why did you want a ring? it's a waste of money ... you wear it once then put it away for safe keeping ... which is why I didn't waste the money on one

You and OP are obviously different people. It doesn't matter what you want. OP wants a class ring, and now he can't get one.

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I got my class ring and I wear it every day. I've had it for over a year. It has a permanent spot on my hand.

Wear it once? I wear mine a lot. I made sure to get one that I would love to wear, and I do.

YDI for wanting a class ring. I bet you're one of those kids that will cherish high school as the best years of your life, huh? I mean, I had fun in high school but college is WAAAAYYY more fun.

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i agree. college is so much better.

Um...colleges have 'class rings' as well, you know. At least, I know the ones around where I'm at do.

I wanted and got a class ring. Do I think high school was awesome? Hell no. There's nothing wrong with wanting a class ring

@#7 I wear my class rings almost every day and I've had it for over 2 years.

How often do you use the decoder?? You do realize, the ring exposes you as a dork.. don't you?!??

So is using the word "dork" if you're not still in elelmentary school.

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FYL for also wasting your time replying to this "crap." good job.

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27, that's what I was thinking