By GiWi - 18/11/2009 16:45 - Ireland

Today, I asked my boss a simple question about a problem I was having with a project I am currently doing. He replied: ''You don't worry your sweet little ass about it babe". My boss is my girlfriend's father. Nice. FML
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Haha that's funny! Maybe it's something he overheard you telling your girlfriend and thought he'd say it to you to see how you react.


I slap my sons girlfriends arse all the time and call her stuff. Im not a pervert, its called a sense of humor. You guys are retarded

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Uh....Pleb is a creeper! Slapping your child's girlfriend's ass....not ok XP

i hope when Im old I still get to smack my sons gfs backends like that.

No im not a creeper, i have a sense of humor. And yes if you grow older but keep a sense of humor, you too can slap girls backends and other stuff.

Can I also grow older and keep my ability to adhere to basic grammatical/punctuation rules? Because that would be AWESOME.

BlueberryPies, I think I love you a little bit.

Your clever witted comments are NOT funny blueberry You FAIL

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The OP is a man and his boss is also a man making this a little more awkward than some guy jokingly coming on to his son's girlfriend. I think the OP's boss was joking around but it was probably still very awkward for him. Especially since most people don't expect to hear something like that while discussing work-related matters.

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I would not appreciate it if my boyfriend's father slapped me on the ass. That is so creepy and disgusting. The only person that should be slapping my ass is my boyfriend, not his father. Again, gross.

If I had my boyfriend's father did that to me he'd get a black eye for it. That's not funny.

A 'sense of humor' doesn't excuse sexual harassment. I can guarantee you that girl complains about what a creep her boyfriend's dad is as soon as she gets out of earshot. She likely only deals with it to avoid making some sort of scene with her boyfriend's family. You're completely perverted and you need to stay away from your son's female friends.

Whoa calm down and get a sense of humour people. Besides my sons girlfriend is a lot nicer then my old women

"Because that would be AWESOME." is a sentence fragment.

I hear ya, Pleb. What else should one do if they keep on shaking that ass, right? I actually always grope them, then act shocked and say "Oops...I 've aimed for the stomach!"

Haha, that's nice. Unless he's putting in extra time as a backdoor bandit or something, he's probably just messing with your head. Get a clue. Now bugger off, thanks. =p [edit] Dammit, my bad... I forgot to cancel reply mode. >.

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You're disgusting thePleb. your sense of humour is also disgusting. Kindly go get a life and stop whining that no one else thinks your behavior is acceptable. Like seriously, what is wrong with you?

Ok ok before i get any more hate messages id just like to share with you all that i was joking and being sarcastic. NOOOOOTT!!

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For someone who is old enough to have a son with a girlfriend, You're sick. Childish. And just sad. I'd kill myself if I were your son. Or at least run away.

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First of all: #47, I find it MORE inappropriate that some guy is hitting on his son's is that any more of a joke than it is to call a guy babe? What, social pressures? You may not realize it, but you have some serious issues to deal with down the road. I f-ing hope you consider your options and don't flip your shit when you start fantasizing about your best friend's patootie. Second...OP, take a joke! Even if this guy IS gay (which you should probably figure out pretty easily) he obviously knows you aren't, you're dating his daughter! If you do realize this is a joke, then it's probably not cause for an FML. Oh--and if he is hitting on you, just start a lawsuit and you're all golden. Thank you ; )

In case it was not clear enough, THE OP IS A GUY. Would you still slap his ass and call him "babe" pleb?

Pleb, yes you are a creeper. You are a dick. You are a pervert and that is completely inappropriate and NOT a sense of goddamn humor. Okay? Okay. Gawd!! I shouldn't even hafta say this >.<

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pleb is not a creeper. He is a troll, plain and simple. Nobody would be that retarded (thinking harassing the sons probably even underage girlfriend was funny) and still be able to handle the awful FML commenting system. So now, stop feeding him.

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the pleb. you are a sick bastard. I hope she kicks your ******* ass. if that ever happened to me, I would get the **** away. you are digusting

thepleb a sense of humour is making somebody laugh and being a fun person to be around not creeping them out if you were my father and doing that to my girlfriend or anyone thats not your wife I would ******* drop you you're a ******* sick little pedo go ******* die you ******* rat, the pleb you might think it's funny but your not gonna think it funny after her and your son break up and the next day she gets you arrested for sexual harrasment.

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It's not the guy's dad, it's the girl's. People keep saying it was the guy's dad with the girl. Which is wrong. Read. Also, nowhere does it say he slapped his ass. Stop assuming

Finally someone actually read what was posted. Thank you.

If you read the fml again, you'll see that op is actually a guy and this is his GIRLFRIEND'S father, which brings it to a different level of creepy..and odd...

How’s slapping her ass funny? What’s funny about it? Also is she laughing as well?

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Why are you complaining about having a boss with a sense of humor??

Haha that's funny! Maybe it's something he overheard you telling your girlfriend and thought he'd say it to you to see how you react.

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...My dad does things like that all the time, to everyone. In fact, I think he slapped my ex's arse once... It's called a sense of humour.

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bravo to that original comeback lauralatch

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I thank you my dear followers, I am here til tuesday.

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OMG how sexual lol I would be creeped out hahahaha