By Anonymous - 13/12/2014 20:21 - United States

Today, after months of saving, I went to buy the wedding ring I promised to buy my fiancée. Just seconds after I walked in, the owner asked me to leave, saying he doesn't serve "trash" like me, while pointing at the memorial tattoo on the back of my hand. FML
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eyebrowzzz 21

I would just show him the money, and say "fine. I'll just go somewhere else with this money then!" and see the horror in his face while walking triumphantly out.

A similar thing happened to my mom when she went somewhere to buy a Camaro when they first came out; she had the cash money, but didn't dress in her sunday best and was asked to leave because tbey only serve serious customers. I hate when people act like this because of how a customer looks, everyone deserves a fair chance.

I got a salesman fired because he said "like you could afford it" I'd report his ass and still take your business elsewhere

You don't want to be buying a ring from an ass like that.

I wouldn't want to buy a ring from any ass. That's just nasty.

Asses can sell rings?! Where do I sign up?

I don't think donkeys have merchant's abilities.... joke aside, you're right.

#4, I wish I could thumb your comment up 1000000000 times

Clearly you have never read the Chronicles of Narnia, the Last Battle, in which a donkey goes to the market for an Ape, and sells stuff in order to buy the Ape food, Because the Ape is a total douchenozzle

Take your business elsewhere!! He clearly does not deserve it.

I agree. He's a judgmental prick who doesn't deserves anyone's business. Hopefully he can find that one or one similar elsewhere. ?

Sounds like he's jealous of your tatoo.

There's that word again, "jealous". Do you even understand what jealousy is?

Do you know what jealousy is laden. You've commented this on many of my posts and many other people's posts. Just to be certain you understand; jealous: resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.-

#47 tattoos are an expression. just like clothes, makeup. saying that the way someone has chosen to express themselves is saying everyone would be trashy as well. that they're clothes are trashy. So, that salesman shouldn't have a job. nobody should with that.

why would you be jealous at a memorial tattoo though

myoukei 31

I'd find someone to report him to but that's just because i'm an asshole to people i think are rude, judgmental bitches. Hope you decided to take your business elsewhere...

Marcella1016 31

I'd definitely leave a negative review on Yelp - people read them and listen to complaints, especially about customer service. What a jerk...

orbit 22

Yelp is not that helpful, if you ever need to report a business report them to BBB.

It's the owner he doesn't have a boss is his company. There are other locations you can report them too though that people check for reviews.

I hope your fiancée understands and picks out a ring from somewhere else

Definitely! Though if I was his fiancée , I'd go back to that place and ask exactly what caused him to call my SO trash. Blatant rudeness is too frustrating. I mean cmon you'd think a business owner could act like an adult.

Good, you don't want to give douche bags like that your business anyway. You'll find a similar, if not, better ring at a different place.

I don't understand how this guy gets any business if he's judging Op as trash because he has 1 tattoo. Does he judge anyone that isn't wearing a suit or dress? What if someone comes in in sweats, or has a shaved head, or purple hair, or is covered in piercings? I'm surprised he has any business and that word hasn't gotten around that he's a jerk.

Chances are if it was at that store the exact ring (and if not, one super similar one) will be at another store. I'm sure if you explain it to your fiancé she wouldn't even want you to buy that ring from that douche anyway. Can't believe there are store owners like that..they should know that word of mouth can have a really strong impact.

I hope op comes back and posts the name of the store so the Fml community can collectively boycott them!