By TatooFAIL - 06/10/2009 14:38 - United States

Today, I found out that the phrase I got tattooed on my lower back is misspelled. FML
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Jess_Love 0

sorry but ydi... always triple check it... but i doubt the guys seeing it will care :P

Even worse when you can't spell tattoo. FAIL x2


Dude that totally sucks. Especially since it's a phrase you're definitely going to have someone notice it. Hopefully it's only misspelled at the end of a word so you can figure a way to cover it. __________________________

TRAMP STAMP ALERT!! And I'm guessing if she got a tramp stamp, then she's not planning on covering it up lol

i_got_it 0

lol.. Tramp stamp, tramp stamp... thats what you get for trying to be a ****..or trying to be sexy... or cool. Or whatever you were trying to do with that one. Thats not sexy, thats just dirty.

considering you just misspelled tattoo in your nick, OP, i have to give you a YDI and a request to go back to school right now.

You had it done in New Jersey, didn't you?

brilliantbarbie 0

actually Im thinking that misspelling tattoo was rather witty as OP was in fact talking about a misspelled tattoo

It would be witty if it was intentional... but misspelling "tatoo" in their name is pretty subtle. The OP probably just fails.

Jess_Love 0

sorry but ydi... always triple check it... but i doubt the guys seeing it will care :P

I agree, totally YDI. Anyway, how hard is it to spell 'tramp'?

cackle 0

Dont even know she is a lady.

Sun_Kissed18 25

I agree, if I ever got words permanently inscribed on my body, I would quadruple check EVERYTHING, spelling, if it makes sense, how it would look. Guess you didn't plan it well, did you?


When people are looking at your lower back, they won't care that irbid misspelled........ They will only notice your tramp stamp and what it implies ;-)

tramp stap. tramp stap gone wrong..... now ur just a tramp.... who can't spell... WELL DONE!!!!

But you just proved that you can't spell "stamp". WELL DONE!! :D __________________________

v1kt4r 13

that makes 2 people who cant spell, what are the odds you're also a tramp???

lem0n_fml 0

You clearly can't spell either, moron.

You either, just look at your name.. "lem0n"

franfran_fml 0

Oh be nice. First off, you don't even know it's a tramp stamp.All the OP said was that it was on her/his lower back. Second off, there is simply no need to call her a tramp that can't spell, especially since you misspelled the word "stamp". So who's the tramp now? WELL DONE!

Link5794 18

A tattoo on the lower back is called a tramp stamp.

fdeg4161 13

I had to go both ways on this one. The OP should have double checked for spelling errors, but then again it sucks because now they'd have to get it removed/hide it because the artist was an idiot. Also, the OP never stated if they designed the tattoo art personally.

well maybe she spelled it out and he was just copying it the way she had it, OR maybe she was stupid and went late at night when the poor tattoo artist was tired. still all could have been prevented if she just checked more closely.

token_blackguy 18

yet another reason why back tattoos are stupid and cliche

brilliantbarbie 0

Ummm for this particular instance there is a valid point about the location of the tattoo... you can see your arm being tattooed but you cant see somebody misspelling something on your lower back now can you? I havent been to too many tattoo parlors where theres mirrors that show you your body from all angles... Fact of the matter is not many people get lower back tattoos so they can see them themselves... its like the other fml about lower back tattoos....they're called tramp stamps, and everyone who gets one knows it, and accepts that knowledge after going through with it. They can be agitated that the stereotype is there, but that didn't stop them from getting one. IDK why everyone assumes that the OP saw the tattoo and couldn't tell that it was misspelled, its on her lower back... maybe she should have had someone there to check it out for her...after all, she got the tattoo for other people to see now didnt she? Right... so she can cover it up or show it off as she so pleases? I find it hard to believe that anyone gets lower back tattoos with the intention of self enjoyment...its for the enjoyment of the people behind her.

I have a tattoo on my back. I can't see it unless I have a mirror. But I got it for my enjoyment. I live in England, which means it's pretty damn cold which means I'm normally wearing a shirt anyways, so no one really knows I even have it. I got it purely for my enjoyment.

snickerz01 0

holy shiz, that was the longest three comments ive ever seen

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Your dates are going to laugh so hard when they see the arrow pointed at your asshole that says: INSERT PENS HERE

OMG plex. Bear my children. Seriously. :D

And yet another one that can't spell!

Lol spelling fail ROXZ!!!!!!!!! PIZZA!!!!!!

Haha, no, but I'd go straight for you, plex. You're special ;-)

Oh, Lonely_Lez, I am so honored. I have always felt that I might have sent some girls to your team, so if we can have you back (for a little while at least), I may be more well-liked by our team. I'll keep 'em warm for you until we get the chance to make it happen. ;)

Haha, well I can't imagine anyone wanting to switch sides to get -away- from you. :P I'll be waiting ;)

greenltrn2003 0

Plex is a genious...and you SCORED! this is just proof that being a smartass has its benefits

Oh yeah. lookie there. GOD I'M FANTASTIC!

Even worse when you can't spell tattoo. FAIL x2

The OP. Her user name is "tatooFAIL". But maybe that's an intentional play on words based on the situation.

lem0n_fml 0

I'd say so, Toxi, considering she spelt it correctly in the FML. And just as a precaution, I better not see even one little bitch tell me that it's "spelled" and not "spelt." So to save us all some time and comments, both are correct. :)

Haha. Yeah, but the FML staff adjust ALL FMLs to be published for correct grammar, spelling, etc. It may have been submitted with improper spelling and fixed.


Yeah, Dora, you're right. I couldn't see you as being a tramp...

they dont adjust spelling and grammar. have you never seen FML's with incorrect spelling? there's loads of them...

YES, THEY DO. Ask the FML staff right now. Ask them! TRUST me on this. All but a couple staff members are French, so they may not notice a slight spelling or grammar error until it is pointed out. But I am 1,000% sure they adjust it before publishing to the site, and I'm pretty sure they know how to spell "tattoo".

Well, if that were the case, wouldn't be so much of an FML. Innuendo ftw.

Yeah, I modded this down just for the irony.

Intoxicunt is right. Sometimes they even change the spelling after the FML has been published. Because sometimes there are comments pointing out a spelling error in the FML and then a bunch of people commenting on those comments saying "There is no spelling error you moron" because the FML staff corrected the error. ;)

both ARE correct. it's like, learnt and learned. Learnt is english, learned is american. Spelled is american, spelt is english.

When you get a tattoo.. check, check and ******* CHECK to see if you've spelt something wrong.