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Today, I found out I'm allergic to condoms. Which would be great if my girlfriend wasn't allergic to birth control. FML
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There's more than one type of condom material out there

She is allergic to ALL forms of birth control?


There's more than one type of condom material out there

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It's probably the latex. Plenty of latex free available:)

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There's also various forms of birth control. No excuses, OP!

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orbit 22

#65 If they can't use birth control doesn't that mean they were meant to have a baby?

59, I'm assuming that was to 56 :) Let me translate: Or [God means] for them to have a child.

You guys are gonna be great parents!

He's allergic to condoms, regardless of type.

orbit 22

Yes 67 it was for 56...I guess there is a little dyslexia in all of us.

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......he's most likely allergic to the latex in the condom....

67/59 I probably should have stressed the 'For' a bit lol . Didn't mean it as not have a child

No #99, that's not how allergies work. He's allergic to something in the condoms, probably latex.

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Durex and Trojan make 'natural material' condoms

She is allergic to ALL forms of birth control?

I don't think OP looked into it if he only mentioned a singular type of birth control. Who knows though

Yep - there are so many forms of birth control, plus latex-free condoms for you. If she keeps making excuses, ask to accompany her to the doctor or clinic for some advice.

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It's possible for a woman to be allergic to the combination of hormones in pills, *****, rings, etc. I know 2 women who are allergic.

There are so many forms of bc, pills, rings, shots, implant, patch, IUD (copper ones don't have any hormones).

I thought OP was being sarcastic? As in she refuses to use birth control?

KeannaLove 32

#52- I wouldn't say she's refusing to use it. My guess is that she's under educated on all forms of brith control that are out there. Sadly, most people are nowadays.

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You say nowadays as if there were a time in recent history where that wasn't the case

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as long as noones allergic to the pull out method

Both op and gf must be under educated. Like it's been said, there are other condom materials. As well as non-hormonal IUDs, like the copper T shaped one. If she's allergic to copper than there's always the plastic hormonal one. Always plenty of options around.

I can't take any hormonal BC. Tried it three times: pill, mini pill and ring. Mood swings set in within two months, after four I was clinically depressed. Each and every time. Now I have a copper IUD, which works fo me. A friend of mine, who also can't take hormones tried the copper too, twice. Each time she bled horribly for two months straight until her body expelled it. Yes, there are women who can't take any form of BC. BTW for all the people pointing out that there are sooo many forms of BC: there aren't. There are basically three: hormones, copper and condoms. All the variety in hormonal BC is just a marketing scheme by the pharmaceutical companies. They are really all the same, they just enter the body in different ways.

132 - Calling it a marketing scheme sounds a little... weird. Having options for birth control is good.

You do realize that your two examples aren't supporting your statement that there are some women who can't use any form of birth control? You can't use pills but you can use the IUD, and your friend can't use the IUD but you make no mention of whether or not she was successful elsewhere. You're two separate people; you can't combine into one example. And there are many other types of birth control, like diaphragms and spermicide, but there's also a wide range of hormonal dosing in pills - each has its own potency because some women do have averse reactions to higher doses of hormones. My sister had to go through several brands of bcp before she found one that didn't make her sick. So no, it's not a "marketing scheme" which is kind of silly to think since, unless you work for Hobby Lobby, contraception is usually low to no cost (I know there are economic factors that can make this untrue, just bear with me), it's because there is no one-size-fits-all form of birth control. Everyone has different needs, hence the many different types.

He's allergic to ALL condoms? Don't put the responsibility entirely on the girl.

You do realize that hobby lobby still covers almost every type of birth control, basically everything but the morning after pill

She may not be necessarily allergic to all birth control, but many medications cannot be taken with certain birth control. There's only one that I'm allowed to use (not counting condoms), and it does give me terrible side affects. But I'm married so it's not a huge deal for us if we don't use anything thankfully.

157, you do realize that I stated that "my friend, who also can't take any hormones" also can't have the copper IUD? I do NOT combine the two of us into one example. Chemical contrazeptives and diaphragms exist, but they are potentially harmful for your body, carry a high risk of giving you infections and aren't all that save to boot. Btw, my friends hubby can use all kinds of condoms, but if he had an allergy that would leave latex-free condoms the only option, and those are expensive. Also, only because YOU don't pay for your BC it doesn't mean nobody does. Or are you under the impression that your employer bullies the pharmaheutical companies to give you the BC for free? Companies just happily cover your BC because it decreases the probability that you will fall pregnant, so they don't lose trained workforce. The pharma companies still earn cash big time, and the more perceived variety there is, the longer people will be trying for a version that doesn't have unbearable side effects for them. So, yes, that qualifies as a marketing scheme. And for the "try lots of products until you find one that your body agrees with": please do, if those bad side effects are of the severity of bloating, headaches, weight fluctuations, acne or bleeding abnormalities. I've had to battle my way out of depression three times because of my experiments with hormonal BC. I'd rather live celibate for the rest of my life than spend another year or so with no emotion at all having the bleakness of my life muting my perception of time passing. No thanks.

@203: Allergic to all forms of progestin? Your friend is very unlucky, doesn't happen that often... Also could be an allergy to some of the other ingredients used maybe... And latex-free condoms aren't more expensive than others, they are very easily obtainable and can be ordered just about anywhere on the internet. We had to use them too.

Her family has a history of blood clotting issues, so she can't take any BC containing estrogen. She has had allergic reactions to the progesteron-only pills and expelled the Mirena twice (same as the copper IUDs, only even faster), so her doctor also told her she shouldn't try the more permanent forms of progestaron BC like the Depo shots, because you can't just remove that once you show reactions.

I agree, there is no way she is allergic to coat hangers.

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I'm sorry that happened. I hope there is be another way of fulfilling both of your desires. Best of luck to both of you!

Rythem method works but don't just try it, go to a course so you get it right.

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That doesn't work for all women because some are always irregular and never balance out.

LuckBeNimble 19

4: please do NOT propagate this type of advice; people are ill-informed enough as it is.

Women can get pregnant any day of the month...

No we can't get pregnant any day of the month. There is only actually a short period of time that we are fertile. Which is normally between day 11 and 15 of our menstruation cycle. We can only get pregnant during the ovulation period when our Uterus lining thickens and an egg is released. Because the egg only stays in our uterus for so long before the egg and lining gets reabsorbed by our bodies.

Well the egg gets reabsorbed. We actually shed the extra lining which is essentially when we bleed and begin our period.

Um, no it's not between period and ovulation. The period is the beginning of the cycle, usually lasting from 4-7 days. Ovulation happens between days 11-16. Sperm can live in the ****** for up to 7 days. On any day between period and ovulation a woman can get pregnant. Also this is a very poor system to use as this is based on a 28 day cycle, which is only an average as well as they fertile period. Rhythm form of bc is very ineffective. Pulling out is actually more effective.

You can get pregnant before your period. You can get pregnant during your period. You can get pregnant after your period. You can get pregnant if you're drunk or if you're sober. Standing up, on top, bent over or laying down. On birth control, with condoms and if he pulls out. You can get pregnant even if he doesn't cum at all. You can get pregnant if you ****** or if you don't. You can get pregnant if it's your first time or your 100th time or your last time. As long as your menstrual cycle has started and he has hit puberty you can get pregnant. Your comment made no actual sense.

I didn't say between period and ovulation, I said we were fertile between days 11-15 NORMALLY in our menstrual cycle. And day 14 is actually the most fertile day. And yes even though sperm can live in us for 7 days, it still has to be in there at the right time, and 7 days is the max of how long it can live. Most times it doesn't last that long. And if you noticed my comment earlier you would have realized I said that not all women are regular. And your comment makes no sense when you said "Um, no it's not between period and ovulation" and then in your third sentence you said "On any day between period and ovulation a woman can get pregnant". And lastly, pulling out is not effective, and you shouldn't try it because men pre ejaculate which precum can also get you pregnant. Absences, Birth control and Condoms are all the best forms of not getting pregnant, you can't get pregnant if he doesn't cum at all because then there is no sperm in your body whatsoever.

I didn't respond to you I responded to OP, I'm saying pulling out is more effective than rhythm. Also if you read studies you would know that pre cum doesn't actually contain much if any sperm... It takes a lot more than a couple sperm to impregnate a woman.

Oh and you can't *actually* get pregnant on your period or any time of the month you aren't ovulating... No egg no baby, the sperm however can live for up to 7 days in there. Also infertile/sterile people.

You need to do some more research. It takes one sperm to get pregnant, two sperms or more and you are getting faternal twins etc. Unless the egg deicides to split than you have identical twins that came from 1 sperm.

@57 Let me tell you why you are wrong. It takes thousands of sperm working together to break down the membrane on the egg. At that point, 1 sperm goes into the opening. *Thousands* of sperm.

Actually a woman can't get pregnant during any day of the month. During ovulation, the egg is released from the ovary, down the fallopian tube, and into the uterus. The egg only lives 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary, and typically only one egg is released per menstrual cycle. This means that a few days after ovulation until about a week before her next ovulation (sperm can live about a week in the uterus), she cannot get pregnant. Using this method is difficult to adhere to rigorously enough to prevent pregnancy and sometimes cycle lengths can change or 2 eggs can be released which are the main reasons it is not advised as a primary birth control method.

You actually CAN get pregnant on your period. It's rare, but it can happen. After the egg drops and is fertile, it takes approximately a week for the lining to shed and then starting the period (based off the egg being fertile at day 14). If you are irregular, you could have another egg drop while you are on your period, and hence be fertile again, and if you dont get pregnant, the lining sheds, resulting in either a two week period, or two periods that finish and start within a few days of each other. So it is possible, just highly rare.

This is the third most idiotic thread and absolutely the first for containing so many misinformed "I have to be right" morons, that I have ever read. Way to go guys; Enjoy your babies!

If you have already shed the lining then there would be nothing for the blastocyst to implant into.

missd420 16

Technically, that's not true, but with the combination of fluctuation in cycles and that sperm live for a few days in the body, there is no one day that we can't get pregnant, because it's all too up in the air.

Can I just say that people really are pretty misinformed about this stuff. I'm taking a college human sexuality class right now and there are a lot of myths out there about ovulation cycles. From what I've been studying, it seems candicorn's comment is the most spot on. Hopefully people won't read the original comment and start charting their cycle as a form of birth control.

xbaconator9000x 16

Not sure why this comment has so many down votes...

Actually, Women can get pregnant any-day of the month, and lets not forget that sperm can survive 2-3 days in the ******, which will eventually led to the fertilization of the ovum.

Rythem method is effective if you do it right. There are courses you can take that teach you how to do it properly, I would not advise trying it without taking a course. It is very popular among Catholics as we are forbidden to use birth control and don't always want to start a family straight after marriage. If you only have sex on the "safe days" you won't get pregnant, this method requires will power because you need to be abstinent for most of the month. The reason it fails a lot of the time is because people don't stick to the safe days or try to figure out the safe days for them selfs.

Strange but true pregnancy fact, a woman in England had twins with two different fathers. Yes this is possible.

jthmtwin 16

No kidding. Day 2 after my period ended I had sex for the first time in months (with condom) then month and a half later turns out I got pregnant.

Twins with different fathers is super rare and requires certain circumstances. The mother has to ovulate twice and have sex with two different men within a 24-48 hour period. My anatomy professor talked about a couple cases in our genetics section. Any longer than 48 hours the first embryo will have gotten too large for the body to accept the second or it will be absorbed for nutrients. She also brought up that cats can have litters of kittens with a different father for each kitten, and they can be conceived at any time during the time the mother is in heat.

Hahah #133, "forbidden"? I've been on the Pill since I turned 15 because my mother talked me into getting it and we're both Catholic. My granny even agreed and she's very religious...Also, me and my boyfriend use condoms too. So, speak for yourself and don't say it's "all Catholics" that do that bullshit 'rhythm method', I wouldn't even dare it

@153 Then you aren't a practicing, read "real", Catholic.

PattonGilette2 18

I was thinking the same thing. A Catholic that is having premarital underage intercourse? Not very Christian.

woman.. Learn more about your own body! it's called nfp and if you do it right -a combination of temperature, cervix position and fluids- it's as save as the pill ... there are even apps for that! just keep in mind it's not protecting you from STDs...

Honestly cannot stop laughing at the fact that people are arguing about this right now. People argue about anything and everything now a days !

@167&171: By that logic, NOBODY is a real Christian. Not even the hardcore fanatics follow all the rules 100%. You'd come very close to being Amish are something.

Well then i guess you're f#&ked...uhh...not literally of course...

I was gonna say, actually they're not ******. That's the problem. :P

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Yea, they aren't good for you, they get rid of the good bacteria in your large intestine and dry things out.

You know what they say in prison... Shit on my dick or blood on my knife... Or is that shit on my knife or blood on my dick? I can never remember.

Shit on your dick is less concerning than shit IN your dick guys. You do not want to be the guy in the ER getting his infected urinary tract swabbed. Or the guy hospitalized because of an infection there.

If it's an allergic reaction that causes intense swelling and growth, it may not be as bad as you think.

That was pretty funny, but I couldn't help but cringe when I read this just from the thought of seeing my own little guy in that much pain.