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Today, the only reason I work 12-hour shifts and close at midnight every Saturday is because my boss doesn't like the fact that I have a boyfriend. FML
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He owns the business or I would have already!! I know this because I only started closing this late after he found out I have a boyfriend.

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Those feminists doe... (In the case that your boss is female)

orbit 22

Sounds like op is raking in some cash too though

lexiieeex3 32

Those feminists doe... (In the case that OP's boss is female)

lexiieeex3 32

If it's a dude then he's just a jealous self-righteous prick and OP needs to quit.

Bosses are mostly assholes, just stick up for yourself.

It's definitely unreasonable and creepy actually that OP's boss is jealous enough to do this. Doesn't sound safe to me but maybe I'm over analyzing and OP's boss is just being stupid.

Creepy yes, but more apparent that her boss either has the hots for her (which is sick) or has some conservative delusional mentality where he sees her as his daughter and wishes that she remain single and focused. The latter of which I doubt.

I'd have to agree. OP's boss has no right to interfere with her personal life, even if it's jealousy.

sounds like your boss is a little jealous.

A little more than "a little". Hopefully OP gets some nice overtime though.

Not likely. Many jobs that have 12 hour shifts don't give OT for that shift. Their OT comes from any hours worked past 40 hours in a week. So he can work her 12 hours on Saturday nights and not pay her OT as long as she only works 28 hours the rest of the week.

nitrog100 21

Actually, by law, any shift over 8 hours (after subtracting breaks and lunch) must pay overtime.

Jealous idiot.. If it's possible, I'd search for another job

or he thinks it will make her not focus on her work

Trying to see the brighter side-- If OP works 12 hour shifts then most likely they only work 3 out of the 7 days to get 36/40 hours per week(unless they're allowed some mad overtime?) Personally I'd rather have more days off to do what I want, include seeing my BF. Hopefully they don't work opposite schedules.

Doesn't matter. Being her boss doesn't give him any rights over her personal life.

You should definetely search for another job. This is just douchy behaviour and you shouldn't put up with it any longer than necesarry.

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It's such a cliché, but please don't take shit like this from your boss.. This is ridiculous and you deserve a better employer.

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I'd start looking for a new job. That's just messed up.

Could be a promotion in your future if you play your cards right.

Tell him you two have broken up, you might get less unreasonable hours. Or just tell him to grow up, but that might get you fired.

Why should op lie? The boss should just get a bit more reasonable

The lack of gender on this is making me think maybe OP is male. And OPs boss doesn't like that.

Does your boss happen to be a male and jealous??? That sounds like a really dumb reason to put you on 12hr shifts.

Ianamis 6

The gender of OP is not defined we don't know if he/she is male or female. You're assuming a lot here. For all we know he could be male and his boss a women. Assumptions don't get you anywhere.

She didn't assume Op's boss was a male, she asked. Hence the questions marks. And let's be honest, in every FML we assume at least a little. For instance right now we're all assuming that the Op is correct in thinking their boss gives them more hours and closing times because Op has a boyfriend. When in reality, it could just be that the boss likes and trusts Op more than their other employees and trusts that everything will be extremely clean and in perfect shape when Op closes.

Either way, OP still doesn't deserve to be put on 12hr shifts for his/her sexual perferances or having a boyfriend.

Plus, after googling, the assumed percentage of LGBT people are between 1.2%-5.6% of the adult population in the U.S. So even if assumed that Op is a girl, the chances of that being correct are over 50-50%. We all assume at least a bit of an FML story.