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Today, I found out I'm pregnant. Yesterday, I finally came to my senses and started using birth control. FML
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And you didn't have sense enough to use ANYTHING up until now? YDI.


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Kn0wledge123 21

I don't. Everyone past the 6th grade knows the birds and the bees. If she wasn't ready to have a child, she shouldn't be having sex unprotected. She deserved this one.

93 age doesn't matter. No glove, no love

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Yeah op should have known better than just to keep hoping she wouldn't get pregnant or worse, get and STD or STI.

The worst STI is pregnancy... (if unplanned)

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Hey guys, ain't nothin a coat hangar can't fix.

158 You don't have the slightest **** what an STI is do you?

therealafroninga 10

Ain't nothing an old coat hanger can't fix. ;)

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And you didn't have sense enough to use ANYTHING up until now? YDI.

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Naomimi_fml 6

She could have been using condoms, which could still break or not work.

But read the FML. "Yesterday, I came to my senses.." as if she had been going at it before, but without protection. If you're going to have sex outside of marriage, at least be smart enough to use protection. (aimed at #5)

5, she said she "started" to use birth control, which means she wasn't before.

Any form of protection is considered birth control, including condoms, spermicides, sponges, etc. "birth control" is not limited to oral contraceptives, so based on the fml she was not using -any- form of protection. Wow.

Thanks for the pointless biology lesson 42, no one cares when she got pregnant. Just that she was stupid enough to not use protection when she clearly didn't want a pregnancy.

dominic1221 6

14- Right, because being married would make any difference whatsoever. Hail Mary, right?

since she said she started yesterday, no I doubt she took any before

50- umm yea, it would make a difference, because once you get married you're likely TRYING to have kids. I'm not being a religious zealot, I'm just saying that you most likely don't want to have kids with someone you aren't married to.

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Hey, that holier-than-thou "no sex before marriage" spiel, you actually think only married couples try for babies? Really? That's the dumbest comment I've read all week. And not to be a dick, but since you brought it up: pretty much nobody cares that you're religious. We just don't care, you're not so special that people want to persecute you, okay?

Not everyone who is married is trying to have kids. And there are some people I know who are happily in a LTR with kids but aren't married for one reason or another.

SuxForUButtmunch 2

62- Well, a lot of people use the term birth control just to refer to the oral contraceptives and pills and such. OP could have been using condoms and might be saying that she made the realization that the pill might be better to use than what she was using. Oh and there are plenty of adults who aren't married who have children for many reasons, having kids on purpose isn't strictly for those eternally bonded. Don't go around assuming things, stereotyping and calling people out like that.

I totally agree with you. Although a lot of people still have kids before marriage with guys they aren't going to stay with so the children suffer in the long run because not all men want to keep in touch with their own kids!

83, What a disgusting stereotype, both vaguely sexist and reeking of bigotry. I guess nobody told you that there's something called "divorce" that married people can do to "dump" their partners, hey? It must be dry and lonely living under that rock.

OhDearBetrayal 25

While there are great parents out there having kids outside of marriage, it doesn't mean that waiting to have kids until marriage is any less important. The reason why people believe in having kids after marriage is because marriage is a commitment. There are people out there that divorce, obviously, but there are also people out there that actually see marriage as an important milestone. Divorce statistics rates aren't exactly backing me up but that's not to demean marriage. Kids like to see their parents together because it gives them security. Again though, there are amazing parents out there that are not married also.

70- I'm not saying they TRY for babies, I'm just saying that once people are married, then they usually don't use protection. (Unless they don't want kids, but based on data it would seem most do) And I'm not trying to throw my faith out there like some fundie kid, I'm just saying that dominic's comment was rude, and makes him seem like one of those Atheists that feels the need to provoke theists for no reason and cause unnecessary flame wars. Ok? I'm not saying anybody has to do anything, I'm just saying, "if you're gonna have sex with someone you don't love/want to deal with for the rest of your life due to having a kid with them, the least you can do is use protection."

My parents are divorced, you fucktard. Ehh, arguing over the Internet. What a waste of time and battery life. Besides, it's a bf3 double xp weekend! You can go ahead and say whatever, I'm going have some fun! :D

Fair enough, and I agree with your point. Though you can see how reading "sex before marriage" in a comment can make someone get the wrong idea. You don't have to be an atheist, or even non-religious at all, to have objections to what SEEMS like a judgemental comment. Edit: Well okay, your second comment just makes you look like an asshole.

42- That is SO not true. My god, sex ED will tell you anything these days.

Shrike- lol. Well that was interesting (my first flame war!! :D) but I vote to draw this session to a close. Fair enough? *offers hand to shake*

Yeah, marriage kinda does make a difference. I'm all for couples not getting married if that's what floats their boat, but the thing about marriage is the commitment and financial stability. You're more likely to be able to support a kid if you're married. Also, marriage kind of makes it a little bit harder for the baby daddy to just bail out.

50 - yes, because then there wouldn't be a problem with getting pregnant.

Suggesting that someone wait until marriage for sex makes them judgmental?

I agree with every comment you made GC, with the exception that if you're going to present yourself as a theist (from one to another) don't come off as a jerk, nobody wants to listen to one.

115 - So does that mean an unmarried couple are not financially stable and aren't committed? Damn, I should probably marry my long term boyfriend so I can get rich and know he's not going to cheat on me.

mduffy08 8

177 - A boyfriend is completely different then a husband. Have you considered even getting married? I mean if your going to be in a commitment for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, why not get married? By the way, did you know marriage gets you benefits? : /

SenselessPattern 12

Read 50's comment objectively. To me, that last sentence was incredibly rude and had 0 relevance to "don't have sex before marriage". I'm pretty fringe theist, and even that irritated me. His comment would have been perfectly fine without that last line of intolerant bullshit.

footballer6190 12

83- don't say it's the male's fault for not always being there. My ex got pregnant by me and she left me. Do I want to be apart of my sons life HELL YES I do, but guess what she left me wont talk to me or anything and trust me it kills everyday. Stop being sexist and realize that women also cause problems.

#196 You mean "a part", "apart" means the opposite. At first I thought you were a terrible person. "Do I want to be apart of my sons life HELL YES I do" I was thinking, he seems to really want to be apart from his son's life, how awful a thing to say? Then I realized you meant "a part". Grammar is important.

181- some people don't want to get married because then the government can play a bigger role in your life. And who gives a shit. It's a piece of paper saying you love each other and you'll be faithful. If you love someone and they love you That's all that matters. I'm married but I'm all for those who don't want to for some reason or another. Don't be single minded.

I'm not saying that you can't be committed or rich while not being married. There's plenty of people to prove that's not true. BUT there also is a reason people get married (other than love). I'm just saying that if you have a child ad you are already in a committed relationship that you believe will last forever, you might as well get married. It makes things easier.

What is being a theist or atheist for that matter got anything to do with the FML? Can you explain this to me?

^this would apply to my husband and I. We're not comfortable with the idea of being responsible for another human's life, so we're not having kids- even though some people expect us to. They're not the ones that have to raise the kid.

footballer6190 12

208- Yes, sorry I am extremely tired.

This might be the new biggest flop fml ever. Brace yourselves.

I don't remember the last time I saw one just so blatantly stupid; so you didn't want to get pregnant and eventually used protection, but only after going at it long enough to get pregnant. What were you expecting, sympathy, OP? Nah, you got a baby instead.

Going at it long enough? It only takes one time to get pregnant.

52- it only takes one successful sperm/egg bonding to get pregnant. That doesn't always happen.

Yeah, but that only potentially takes one time... My point is she should have used birth control from the very beginning.

57- yea, I agree. The YDI is strong in this one.

sourgirl101 28

52, I don't understand why you're getting thumbed down. It does only take one time to get pregnant. My mother-in-law became pregnant with my husband the very first time she ever had sex. Need less to say, that day she became a single parent. Birth control is key and being picky about the guys you have sex with is also important because birth control can fail.

118- Some people have trouble conceiving, although that doesn't mean I agree that 52 should be thumbed down. I only put "going at it long enough to get pregnant," because not everyone gets preganant on the first try and I wanted to be accurate. Hope that clears it up a little.

118- and yet when I tried to point this out in the replies to my comment I got called a religious bigot.. *facepalm*

Don't bring the flamewar here too, 124 :/ And I just noticed, 118, did you really mean that your mother in law became pregnant with your husband? or am I missing something/not thinking clearly??

Arguing that point doesn't make it accurate, the argument becomes trivial because of semantics.

It happens a lot. I have a friend who got pregnant at 16 after only having sex twice. She used a condom both times, but the second time it broke. That shows how important it is to even double up on birth control if you can. I take the pill and use condoms in case one fails. Anyways, my friend did tell her parents that she was thinking about having sex and they only told her it was a sin and not to do it. If they had put her on the pill or at least talked with her more about it, they could have postponed becoming grandparents for a while. Abstinence only education is not helpful, parents need to talk to their teens about this stuff.

127, she means her mother-in-law got pregnant and had a son who later became her husband.

Ohh, yea that was stupid on my part not to think of it that way. My bad. Thanks for the help!

sourgirl101 28

135, thank you. 137, silly! :P

Prodigy7 4

127, her mother in law=her husbands biological mom. So, her husband was conceived the first time his mother had sex.

she means her mother in law became pregnant, her baby grew up and ended up marrying the poster and thus became her husband

"My mama always said, stupid is as stupid does." ~Forrest Gump

I've heard of getting your brains ****** out of you, but never getting ****** until you come to your senses

You should have been using birth control if you didn't want a kid.

Pff, you would be shocked if you know how many people don't want children, but are too lazy/stupid to use contraception because they just don't think they'll get pregnant. And then they do and they're all: "How did that happen? FML". I feel so sorry for the children who are created that way. I mean, kids should come in a family when both parents are ready for and desperately want them. Not because their mother is stupid. I hope that OP is willing to sacrifice her next twenty years to give the kid a secure and loving home, otherwise she should better go for the abortion/adoption.

BubbleGrunge 18

165 I generally agree with your sentiment but many children grow up perfectly fine with just a single parent. Today, children need LOVE but that doesn't have to mean the nuclear family either. I get you weren't downing single parents, but they're some awesome single patents around! And some not so amazing mother/father combinations! Also, it takes two to make a baby. The mother may have been stupid enough to not use birth control, but that doesn't make her a dumb mother. Also, the babies father could have protected himself as well, so it's not just "the stupid mothers" fault.

I'm sure you'll soon be able to appreciate the irony.

That doesn't work. All it does is tear the ****** to shreds.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Yeah, even as a joke, that's not at all funny. If the OP wants an abortion, she has that option the safe and legal way.

hopsinlove17 26

Abortion isn't even that safe for the mother 27; there could be complication that arise and can cause scarring in her vaginal walls.

Ahh the home abortion kit. Effective but 19 is correct. I hear a bat works better. And 73- where did you get that 8 is a cross dresser??

Well at least now it can't get any worse.. Now you can have fun without using anything!

Kyle225 3

Why didn't you use birth control before?

There must be something wrong with OP. Especially since you're supposed to start birth control on the first day of your period. If she's pregnant today, then yesterday wasn't the first day of her period.

sourgirl101 28

What if the birth control the OP is speaking about are condoms (also a form of birth control) and not the birth control pill?

You are absolutely right. I didn't think about that...

raraisbang 12

This is absolutely a YDI. I hope you don't expect anyone to feel sorry for you.

DrizzyJ 0

You're beautiful. Felt obligated to say that. :)

#12 - I absolutely feel sorry for OP. YDI or not, she conceived when she did not want a child. Who knows what STIs and destructive substances OP and the embryo were exposed to. Luckily, there are pills to reset OP's uterus so she can delay childbearing until she is ready and willing